10 Stress Relieving Herbs to Help You Relax

10 Stress Relieving Herbs to Help You Relax

Relieve stress easily with something close to you
Do not want to be immersed in the tension, try to turn to Stress-relieving herbs that can be found close to each other because these herbs have properties to help reduce stress. Relieve anxiety Some of them can also help with insomnia.

1. Bergamot
Bergamot is both a herb and vegetable garden that can be found in the market or in some homes. The bergamot contains essential substances that smell fresh. Also known as citrus essential oils. Has refreshing properties to help increase the feeling of rejuvenation. And has properties to help reduce depression

2. Lemongrass
Thai herbal remedies that are often found in food such as lemongrass are also classified as herbal remedies for stress relief.The lemongrass scent is known for its soothing, headache-relieving properties. Even if you drink a cold lemongrass juice, it will feel very refreshing.

3. Cassia
The study found that In the young leaves and flower buds of cassia contains a type of stress reliever called Anhydro Baracol This substance has a sedative and sedative effect, similar to the effects of a mild sleeping pill, thus helping with insomnia.

4. Thai chums
Thai Chum Hed is an herb that has sedative effects. Helps relieve stress and sleep better. It can also help with headache as well. You can roast 1-3 tablespoons (5-15 grams) of Thai chives seeds. Then take 1 handful of roasted seeds and brew it for tea. (Add half a liter of water) and drink it as a tea to relieve stress.

5. Bumblebee
Patchouli leaves can be extracted essential oils that have properties that help reduce headache, relax, prevent insects and detoxify insect bites. More importantly, we can also easily find Borneol in the form of Borneol.

6. Betel
Betel leaf tea gives a slightly spicy flavor. It has properties that stimulate arousal, brighten the eyes and feel fresh Ready to solve stress By taking dried leaves or vines to roasted or baked, use 1 handful to brew with 1 liter of hot water. Drink as a tea to relieve stress.

The pungent scent of pepper has the properties to stimulate the sensation of freshness to the body as well. In addition, the spicy flavor from the pepper is very effective at relieving the tension by roasting about 1 pinch of dried peppercorns. Then put in a kettle, add 1 liter of hot water, just this will have pepper tea to drink to reduce stress.

8. Phthalai Jai
Phthalai Jai herbs also have properties that help relieve headache. And can help relieve stress Using 1 large handful of dried and phra thalai, sliced ​​and boiled with 1 liter of water, then filtered for drinking water to drink as paniculata tea.

9. Bael
Fragrant bael juice is not good, it can only quench your thirst and cool the heat. But essential oil from Bael also helps relieve tension. Refreshing Help solve the heat in the wind, quench the toxic heat in the body And help to appetite.

10. Gotu Kola
Although many people do not like the smell of Gotu Kola because it smells green. But substances in Gotu Kola have an effect to help relax the brain. Help quench the hot poison in the body. And has a mild sedative effect too, so when we drink Centella Asiatica, it feels refreshed and relaxed at the same.

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