12 herbs near the cure for athlete's foot

It helps relieve symptoms effectively!
Foot sores are common during floods. Which in addition to medicine We also have herbs for treating athlete's foot as an alternative.

Athlete's foot is actually not treated with drugs only. But there are also herbs nearby that have properties for treating athlete's foot. And each type of Thai herbs, the properties are not common too Because some of them have other healing properties as well, let's conclude that we can try to check what herbs to treat athlete's foot

1. Bergamot
Thai herb strong aroma like bergamot, good on rough skin. Because the skin of bergamot has the effect of eliminating the fungus on the skin It also helps get rid of bacteria on our skin. By taking the kaffir lime skin to squeeze the juice and mix it with freshly squeezed bergamot juice and then apply it as a ointment to the wound, foot bites often, it will help relieve symptoms of foot bite. In addition, the scent of bergamot gives us a refreshing feeling.

2. Garlic
Contains a substance called Ajoene, which has very good antifungal properties. The trial of the treatment of athlete's foot was found that only 1.0% of Ajoene extract had better results than the treatment of athlete's foot with a 1.0% drug cream. May cause a burning sensation around the wound in some people.

3. Galangal
We can use herbs near the example of galangal as a drug for treating bacterial and fungal skin infections. Which can be the cause of athlete's foot In addition, galangal is also effective in treating ringworm and cure hives as well. By using galangal to treat skin diseases, galangal rhizomes can be used as much as the lower thumb. And mix the brewery until well blended It is then used as a medicine for applying the foot wound several times until symptoms subside.

4. Turmeric
Curcumin has properties to cure itching. Good inhibition of germs and fungi By treating foot bites with turmeric, take turmeric root to rain with water. Or pound it with water and apply it to nourish the foot bite wound.

5. Betel leaf Betel
Leaf has been a medicinal herb since ancient times. Where betel leaves are washed clean Then pound betel leaves mixed with white wine or alcohol. Apply to cure itching, hives, or squeezing betel leaves to treat ringworm, purulent abscesses, acne, and various inflammatory wounds. Betel leaves contain essential oil called betel oil that has properties that inhibit bacteria and fungi on the skin. Moreover, the essential oil contained in betel leaves also helps to inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria on our skin separately.

6. Glutinous orange
A clinical study comparing the efficacy of skin fungal disease treatment between scaly orange peel oil and modern drug showed that Antifungal activity on orange peel skin is as effective as the antifungal drug. The oil extracted from the smooth orange peel skin can be applied directly to the skin caused by the fungus that causes athlete's foot, once a day for 1-3 weeks without any dangerous side effects

7. Mangosteen
Popular herbs used to treat athlete's foot It is often an astringent herb. Because it contains a lot of tannins Has anti-inflammatory effects and has the effect of helping to heal foot ulcers, such as dried mangosteen. That is often brought rain with water or lime water to thicken enough Then apply the foot bite wound 2-3 times a day, which will help relieve foot bite symptoms.

8. Phatalai Phalaobat is a herb that can be antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and heal wounds, which can be used in conjunction with crayon. Or if there are andrographis capsules Can unpack the capsule and use the powder of the paniculata to dissolve Apply it to the foot bite wound every day until the symptoms subside.

9. Thong Panchang leaf
Thong Panchang herb has outstanding properties which is antifungal. Because Diospyrol was found, a substance that has antifungal, ringworm treatment and anti-inflammatory skin symptoms. By using about 1 handful of goldpanchang leaves Then apply the mask or apply the area 3-4 times a day continuously every day until the wound is healed.

10. Ebony
Ebony is a Thai herb that contains Diospyrol like the golden leaf. The therapeutic properties of Ebony's foot bite are no different from the Thong Phanchaeng leaf. As for how ebony is used to treat athlete's foot can be done using fresh ebony fruit slices to get latex from fresh fruit. Then apply the rubber to the area that is immediately 1 time a day or until the symptoms of the disease subside.

11. Ban Candles
Dry leaves of the home candles have properties in treating inflammatory wounds, boils, pus, gangrene. And chronic wounds Using 10-15 grams of dried house candle leaves, boiled with water and drink every morning and evening. Or will bring fresh home candle leaves, about 1 handful, pound thoroughly Then apply the mask or apply the area 3-4 times a day continuously every day until the wound is healed as well.

12. Chives
Leaves Chives are local herbs that can be used to treat athlete's foot as well. By taking about 1 handful of chives leaves, rinse thoroughly and pound until thoroughly to mask the foot bite wound. Give the medicine from the chives leaves to treat fungal skin inflammation. And heal the eczema that is healed.

These 12 kinds of herbs can actually cure the athlete's foot. But the better way than treatment is to prevent the disease to us. As a precautionary measure, it is recommended to wear boots whenever you step through a flooded area. Or if it can't be avoided You really have to wade through flooded water, so quickly wash with soap and water. Scrub the forefoot area, highlight it and dry it. Then sprinkle the flour thoroughly as soon as possible.

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