22 Benefits Of Royal Jelly

22 Benefits Of Royal Jelly

- Royal Jelly is an important food for bees. Because it helps to accelerate growth As a result, the queen bee will be bigger and prettier than other bees, and it also helps the queen bee live 20 times more than that of worker bees! It also allows the queen bee to lay about 2,500 eggs per day to reproduce until the end of life. Royal jelly is produced from worker bees, excreted from the hypopharynx and salivary glands on the head of worker bees.

Benefits Of Royal Jelly
- The amount of royal jelly produced per hive is very small, with one nest able to produce only 2-3 grams of royal jelly per day and the physical characteristics of royal jelly are actually a thick liquid. Pale yellow, creamy, pungent smell, sour taste And quite a bit spicy The storage method should be stored at room temperature or cool temperature about 3-8 degrees, and for the main ingredients in royal jelly, water, sugar, protein, fat, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, various biomolecules. Which is considered very useful.

- Royal Jelly in the form of a supplement Available commercially as capsules and softgels. The amount of royal jelly is about 1,000 mg. For the recommended daily intake of about 300-500 mg. And in urgent cases to eat 1,000 mg per day. People who are allergic to bee products such as honey, bees wax should not. Eat because it will cause allergic reactions as well.

The benefits of royal jelly
1. It is a miraculous Ayurvedic drug with anti-oxidants that help to slow down aging and keep healthy.
2. Royal Jelly is a very complete source of nutrients. And humans need to eat it as well
3. Contributes to the radiance of the skin. Helps reduce the problem of acne, blemishes, freckles.
4. It helps in treating colds and asthma.
5. Help with appetite.
6. It helps in the growth of the brain and body.
7. Helps to strengthen collagen and slow down the aging process.
8. Reduces cholesterol in the arteries and eliminates residual fat in the liver.
9. It can help reduce blood pressure and dilation of blood vessels.
10. Help lower blood sugar levels.
11. Helps to build red blood cells to be healthy.
12. Helps to heal wounds to heal faster.
13. Help prevent the occurrence of diseases related to the digestive tract.
14. Makes the body able to absorb nutrients and have oxygen to serve different parts of the body better.
15. Helps calcium to be absorbed better Has an effect to help prevent osteoporosis. Increase bone mineral density.
16. Helps maintain healthy hair.
17. It helps relieve stress and help combat stress.
18. Helps resist radioactive substances and help inhibit the progression of cancer cells in the body.
19. Patients with metastatic cancer When eating royal jelly can help reduce the inflammation of the tumor.
20. Helps resist the growth of bacteria and many different drug-resistant bacteria.
21. Helps resist the growth of fungi around the skin well.
22. Stimulate and strengthen the work and balance of female hormones.

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