6 collection techniques That a salary man needs to do

Today we have a collection of techniques. That is necessary for salarymen like us to leave each other.

1. Emergency money
This is the first money you should be saving. It's like the last sump that really needs to be dredged out in an emergency. In order to ensure that when the event happens that we do not expect We will not be in a difficult situation like 'On a rainy day. So you don't have to get wet. 'By the way, keep that money aside, divide a portion of your income. Try to save this money to be about 4 - 6 times the salary. Deposited into an account that we can withdraw at any time And give good interest Because if there is no event that requires money The more interest on the deposit will increase.

2. Daily spending money
This lump sum is something that we can control and determine, such as home expenses, food expenses, travel expenses, some of you may have a mortgage and a car loan, which is considered quite necessary. But if we can tighten the belt To reduce or cut something out Instead of eating out once a week Then switched to cooking food at home instead Will save again If you can reduce these You will definitely have more savings. Try to limit these expenses to no more than 35-40% of your income.

3. Capital after retirement
This money must be given special attention. If you want to have a comfortable end No need to be rich in the sky. Please just have enough to eat comfortably. No need to trouble the grandchildren Living a quiet life as the old man The future is uncertain. Therefore, this is the longest-term goal a working person can achieve. I started looking at pictures of myself retiring today. You will not have to trouble when the day comes.

4. Fund for dreams
I can believe that everyone has a dream. Dreaming of having a house Dreaming of having my own business Dream of traveling to various places Which this sum of money To make your dreams come true This sums will be more or less depending on your goals. May be divided into smaller parts, for example, to travel Which I will focus on Many years ago, I was a volunteer for nursing home cleaning around North Sydney, and I had the opportunity to talk to a grandfather. He told me that If you could turn back time Will ask for more travel Unfortunately the last time I do work Which I agree with this fact Because I believe Not only does tourism open up new horizons for oneself, but also reward life. Above all, tourism is 'Investing in my own memories' if you keep the first pile. And still have money left in each month You might as well keep them in this pile. Your dreams will come true faster.

5. Money for Security
This lump sum will be the lump sum that we only use for investing. Therefore, if the investment goes wrong and then has to lose this sum of money We must not be in trouble Because we have already set aside other money This sum may be 10% of the total money. For those who do not have time to follow the news Will choose to invest in stock mutual funds Or any gold fund By selecting a division with good historical performance Separate investments in multiple piles to diversify risks. For those who see the return on investment in real estate But didn't have enough money to buy land Investing through real estate funds is another interesting option. Because there will be professional fund managers to take care of And manage benefits for Most of the time, the rate of return is somewhat higher than the deposit interest. If you love investing Should keep studying this field of knowledge And your money will definitely grow.

6. Funds for happiness
This sum is as important as any other lump sum. Because it is the portion of money that is used to buy happiness How will this sum be collected? Very little, whatever, but convenient And if there is money left Also may use the money in this part to make merit or donate according to faith.

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