85 Benefits Of Snow Lotus

4 types of snow lotus
1. Snow Lotus Cream
Snow lotus cream that is a product from China called " Zhonghua Fu Ba " or at home, we are often referred to simply as " Snow Lotus Herb ", a cream containing natural extracts such as ginseng, musk wiping, Aloe vera, camphor, pearl powder, which are quite expensive.

Zhonghua Fu Ba, Snow Lotus Cream

For snow lotus cream With properties used as a treatment for burns and scalds rather than as a skin care cream It is used as a topical drug and must not be eaten. Which the texture of the cream is white The fragrance feels fresh and slightly cool. For choosing the snow lotus, it should look good too. By choosing to buy from a reputable store Because the snow lotus cream in the market has a fake too, so be careful, the market price is about a thousand baht or more.

The benefits of snow lotus (Snow Lotus Cream)
1. Apply to cure blisters, burns, scalds the exhaust pipe.
2. Snow lotus cream used to treat allergic rashes Red swelling on the skin.
3. Snow lotus cream used to treat fresh and purulent wounds.
4. Snow lotus cream help cure ringworm.
5. Snow lotus cream used to treat Hong Kong feet disease.
6. Snow lotus cream used to treat various skin diseases such as chickenpox.
7. Snow lotus cream used to treat herpes.
8. Snow lotus cream apply to areas affected by insect bites.
9. Snow lotus cream helps to nourish the skin, adjust the skin condition, help make the skin radiant.
10. Used to treat acne scars, acne treatment, acne scars to quickly collapse. (But some people use it and acne).

2. Snow lotus flower
Kefir is a flower or plant (Saussurea or Snow Lotus) at the Asteraceae ( Asteraceae or Compositae ), often referred to as the snow a thousand years or snow thousand years , and a plant that grows at high altitudes. The flowers are white or light green.

Snow lotus flower, Benefits Of Snow Lotus

Will germinate only in the mountainous areas with cold temperatures. Or the plateau with snow covered Or in areas above sea level 3,000 - 4,000 meters like Altai Mountains, Kunlun Mountains, Xinjiang Plateau, etc., which takes more than 3 years to harvest flowers. And in general, only 5% of the seeds of the Snow Lotus will grow until flowering.

Snow lotus properties (That is a flower or a plant)
1. Used as a maintenance and treatment of various types of diseases because of the effect of cold medicine.
2. Properties of the Snow Lotus help balance the body.
3. Snow lotus flower help nourish the heart.
4. Snow lotus flower help cure fever.
5. Snow lotus flower help to detoxify the body.
6. Snow lotus flower help relieve menstrual pain.
7. Snow lotus flower help maintain blood.
8. Snow lotus flower helps to nourish the kidneys.
9. Snow lotus flower help relieve arthritis symptoms.
10. It is processed into a product that is both 100% pure and as a form to be mixed with other drugs.

3. Fruit snow lotus
Kefir is a fruit that many people call " snow fresh " or " effect snow " or " Hawbaw snow " or " root snow " or " Snow Lotus China " that in China it is called. " Xu Lian Guo, whose English name is Yacon (Fruit of the Lord), has the scientific name Smallanthus sonchifolius (Poepp.) H. Rob. It is classified as a sunflower family like the first. This snow lotus is a native plant that originated in South America, it is actually not a fruit. But we mistakenly think that it is a fruit. Because it is popular to be eaten fresh enough.

Fruit snow lotus, Benefits Of Snow Lotus

It is shaped like a sweet potato head with a thin peel, sweet taste like water chestnut mixed with yam. Juicy, pear-like and crispy, this low-calorie fruit. Suitable for people who want to lose weight or are losing weight as well. Rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, etc., and snow lotus root. Properties can also be used as an herbal remedy to treat various symptoms.

Snow lotus benefits (That is a fruit or plant)
1. Brought to eat fresh Giving a sweet and refreshing taste.
2. Is a food that helps maintain health Add to the delightful beauty.
3. Contribute to preventing acne and blemishes on the face.
4. Help cure diabetes.
5. Reduces blood sugar, fat, cholesterol levels.
6. Help treat high blood pressure.
7. Help prevent the occurrence of cancer.
8. Helps protect from toxins from pollution and carcinogens.
9. Helps blood vessels to weaken.
10. Helps to nourish the heart and blood vessels.
11. Helps regulate blood fluids.
12. Help relieve the heat in.
13. Helps the digestive system to function normally.
14. Help digestion Prevents constipation and diarrhea.
15. Helps the urinary tract function better.
16. Prevents the formation of gallstones.
17. Help the liver excrete toxins in the body.
18. Cure inflammation.
19. The leaves of the snow lotus have antioxidant properties.
20. It is cooked, boiled on pork bones, or stewed. Help digestion and drain the stomach well.
21. It is processed into various products such as beverages, tea, canned food.

4. Tibetan Snow Lotus
Tibetan snow lotus or kefir (Kefir) we commonly call " snow Tibet " or " fermented Snow Lotus ", which is a fermented milk kefir itself was small, consisting of yeast microbes. Saccharomyces exiguus and Lactic acid bacteria, which coexist in an dependence and bond with a slime-like substance, form a cauliflower-like shape. Are white to light yellow As small as a grain of rice It has a faint smell of yeast (beer-like), which grows by culturing different types of food, each producing kefir of different sizes and characteristics. Popularly raised in milk such as cow's milk, goat's milk, sheep's milk, etc.

Tibetan Snow Lotus, fermented Snow Lotus, Kiefer Snow Lotus

Things to know, read first, very important!
- The Tibetan snow lotus, or kefir, is in the same family as mushrooms and yeast.
- Kiefer Snow Lotus Contains bacteria and yeast that live together with a positive relationship.
- Kefir yogurt differs from regular yogurt in that the leavening agent is used for fermentation. By fermenting plain yogurt, leavening is used. Lactobacillus Instead, Kefir uses a lumpy, flexible, cauliflower-like leaven called Kefir grain.
- The history of Kiefer snow lotus comes from a master in Poland. Which while working in India and Tibet He was suffering from liver cancer. A monk from Tibet brought a snow lotus to eat to cure his illness. After 18 months, his illness disappeared. And before going back So he asked for the snow lotus from the statue Next, the snow lotus was introduced to Europe and Asia.
- Kefir cultivation in each type of food Will give the kiefer a different appearance.
The milk that can be used to make yogurt, kefir, comes from milk from animals such as goat, sheep, cow, etc., milk that comes from legumes such as soybeans, red beans, nuts, almonds, coconut milk, etc. Rice crops such as rice, barley, and milk derived from small grain crops such as hemp, pumpkin, sesame, etc.
- The most popular types of milk are cow's milk, goat's milk and soy milk.
- The best type of milk used to make kefir is goat's milk. Because it is easier to digest than cow's milk And found less allergic reactions than cow's milk.
- Besides milk, other beverages can be used to make kefir instead of milk. But such beverages must contain sugar, which is a diet of kefir, such as kefir made from various fruit juices or nectar, we will call it "Water kefir", which may take time. More than a week of adaptation to Kiefer is another option for vegetarians.
- Which kefir is better? They both have the same health benefits, but the difference is that milk kefirs have almost twice the number of microbes than liquid kefir. - The kefir viscosity is the indication of the growth of the snow lotus. The more viscous the better.
- If the number of Kefir Snow Lotus continues to decrease, then some of the Snow Lotuses are dead.
- If you keep growing Kefir and the seeds are getting smaller, don't be surprised. Because it is the nature of it already Which may have many sizes Depending on the environment.

- And if keeping Kefir until it is too big Can it be cut into sections or not? Cutting the kefir destroys its structure. But if you want to divide it, you should gently pull it apart by hand to preserve its original structure to be in the best condition.
- Improper feeding of kefir, such as overfilling or in a bad environment. Abnormal temperatures can cause the liquid kefir to appear swollen, swollen and not as elastic as usual. It means that it is not happy or that it is dying. Therefore should pay attention to raising as well.
- Did you know that kefir is more useful than yogurt! Because there are 41 types of microbes, while yogurt has only 4!
- The resulting milk will have a sour taste. Which will have medicinal properties Bring it to drink every day before going to bed for 20 days and take a break for another 10 days and so on, but some say you can eat every day.
- Snow lotus doesn't need to be washed with water every day. When the milk and yogurt are removed. Can continue to pour new milk Because the chlorine in the water will destroy the growth of the snow lotus. But the container must be washed thoroughly as well.
- For some people who have started eating for the first time and have a stomach upset. Don't be shocked to think that I'm definitely allergic to Snow Lotus! In fact, the Snow Lotus is driving toxins in the body. But for those who start eating it is recommended that you reduce the amount of eating at the beginning less than usual. And then gradually adjust it to be better.
- For some people who eat and have constipation. Because eating too much can cause intestinal imbalance.
- Yogurt Bua Snow when applied to mask Sometimes there may be a slight itch, but don't panic. Because it is normal The skin that area may be acne, sores, acne, or skin that is dry and peeling. Snow Lotus will help kill bacteria and help heal the skin to heal.
- Pay attention to raising the snow lotus well. Will make the body healthy.
- It is believed that if raising the Snow Lotus until it grows well or there is more than it needs To distribute to relatives and friends.
- It is believed that selling snow lotus is prohibited. (Which the authors consider irrelevant Because foreign countries sell each other normally).

How to feed the snow lotus (Kefir)
1. After receiving the snow lotus (Will come in the condition that is immersed in milk) by about 2.5 tablespoons of snow lotus can make 1 glass.
2. The pre-filter looks like yogurt. It has a sour taste and smell, but not bad. (It does not smell like bad milk, spoiled milk) and not harmful to the body. And if you see a bubble, don't panic, because that's normal.
3. After that, take a lot of secondary by separating the milk from the snow lotus. The equipment used for the strainer is a plastic colander or a fish spoon colander, and it doesn't have to be too big, a good 4.5 '' diameter, but not metal or iron. To prevent rust and reduce the chance of lead contamination (And forbid the snow lotus not touch the metal that contains silver is strictly prohibited Because it destroys certain structures of bacteria in kefir).
4. Drink the filtered milk ( instant drinking will benefit the most But if you want to keep it for a later drink, then refrigerate. Which can only be stored for 2-3 days).
5. Next, clean the snow lotus by letting the water flow through it clean. Chlorine-free distilled water would be great. (Good cleaning Will help the health of the drinker as well).
6. Put the cleaned snow lotus into a clean plastic glass or container.
7. Tibetan Snow LotusAdd about 8 ounces of milk ( but if received during the first week, the amount may be low. Milk should be put just enough to cover it up. Do not put all the boxes. In order for the snow lotus to adapt to the new environment first ).
8. Take a thin cloth to cover the lid to prevent flies and whiteflies from catching the egg or pod. Then leave it at room temperature for about one day ( do not refrigerate, because it will slow down the growth of the snow lotus. Snow Lotus likes hot and humid weather. And will grow well in normal temperature).
9. After that, find a container for water, try a glass of milk again. To prevent ants.
10. Then bring a lot of secondary to drink milk like new (Keep doing this).
11. If you are away from home for a few days or want to stop using it temporarily Then put milk just enough to flood the snow lotus Then soak in the refrigerator, ordinary compartment.
12. If you want to stop using or not stay at home for more than 4-5 days, wash the snow lotus thoroughly. Let it dry, do not add milk, and put it in the freezer. (To stop the growth) When it comes back to use again, rinse it with water to heal. Let it warm to the temperature before adding milk.

Snow lotus Properties (Kiefer)
1. Helps to nourish the skin to shine bright.
2. Contains anti-oxidants Helps to slow down aging and reduce wrinkles.
3. It is a natural medicine that does not have any side effects on the body.
4. Helps to strengthen the immune system in the body.
5. Help balance the body The pH is normal.
6. Help nourish the body Relieve fatigue.
7. Help repair the wear and tear of various cells in the body.
8. It nourishes the nervous system and brain.
9. Reduces stress Treat depression Make good mood.
10. Help make sleep more comfortable.
11. Helps prevent cancer and spread of cancer cells.
12. Contributes to inhibiting tumor growth.
13. Help increase the amount of white blood cells in the body.
14. Help nourish the heart Prevent and treat heart-related diseases such as ischemic heart disease, etc.
15. It lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood. Inhibits the production of cholesterol in the body.
16. Help in the metabolism of nutrients such as sugar.
17. Help control body weight.
18. Helps treat lactose intolerance.
19. Helps to nourish and strengthen bones and teeth.
20. Helps normalize blood pressure Help treat high blood pressure.
21. Help reduce fever.
22. Help treat allergies.
23. Helps treat metabolic syndrome (metabolic syndrome).
24. Help treat tuberculosis.
25. Help treat lung disease.
26. Help heal stomach ulcers Duodenum And nourish the intestines.
27. Helps the digestive system to function normally and better. Better intestinal peristalsis.
28. It reduces stomach acid.
29. Help prevent infections in the digestive tract.
30. It is suitable for infants or patients with digestive problems.
31. Help solve the problem of menstrual symptoms that are not normal.
32. Helps nourish the liver, kidneys and cure hepatitis.
33. Help treat diseases of the gallbladder Gallstones Help dissolve kidney stones.
34. Help heal scald ulcers.
35. Used topically to treat various skin diseases such as fungus on the skin, ringworm, etc.
36. Drinking kefir helps AIDS and cancer patients get better. (The research results are not clear).
37. Helps reduce symptoms of allergic reaction to different types of drugs or serums.
38. Helps maintain drug toxins in the body.
39. Used to feed babies born prematurely Helping children stay healthy.
40. Helps strengthen the intestinal bacteria function of babies.
41. Help prevent and treat pancreatitis in children, pneumonia, bronchitis in children over 2 years old.
42. There are various substances such as vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, bio. Tin, vitamin D, vitamin K, etc.
43. Snow Lotus Yogurt Apply the face mask and leave it for 30 minutes (or until it dries) to help whiten the face, heal acne, scars, acne and help smooth the skin.
44. Kefir fermented milk helps to stay full for a long time.
45. Lotus Snow treats acne by being used as an ingredient in cosmetics that help in the treatment of acne. Tighten pores Make your face firm and youthful.

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