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How to choose a credit card that best suits your needs

How much cash do you have right now and how much you have with credit card?
If you actually survey each other People shop with at least two pieces of credit cards. Credit card debt Or good financial management Will result in financial liquidity accordingly.

At present, the credit business That credit card There is a lot of competition, whether it is propaganda. Allowing customers to become members Easily debtor By pulling out the attractiveness of that credit card in order to attract people to Feeling worthwhile when spending with credit cards, such as giving discounts, free gifts when shopping as specified. Or organize a credit card promotion Collect points for rewards Or to win big prizes, etc.

In order to obtain credit card customers, each bank will try to find ways to attract customers to use the service. Convenient loan, loan or credit card. Without having to hold cash in hand, of course, this is the marketing plan laid out To persuade customers to be interested in participating And to expand the customer base more and more.

As for how to choose which card to be a member Today, we would like to offer you a way to choose a credit card that suits your lifestyle, which are separated into the following points.

1.Explore your needs What kind of credit card you want
First try asking yourself I like to do things like eating out. It is wise to choose a card that offers a restaurant discount promotion. Or there are many participating restaurants If we are a shop It is wise to choose a credit card that offers promotions with the department store. Even if you choose to be a department store that we go to Shopping on a regular basis, it will be even better. In addition, you will have to look at whether the given amount is met as desired or not. However, the credit card limit should not be too high. Because it makes you spend fluently Increase your chances of being in debt.

2. The privilege is important
Always think before purchasing a credit card, what kind of benefits are appropriate for you, such as that credit card. There are other benefits. That match our preferences Give a rebate discount from the spending amount There are many promotions to choose from. Twice the reward points Or you can use the accumulated points to buy products Or can exchange various rewards.

3. Should choose a credit card with no annual fee
Choose a credit card that doesn't charge an annual fee. With no minimum spending amount that will be waived In order to not add more debt to yourself.

4. Limit
You must be sure The credit limit on the card is comfortable enough. And of course, do not use it until you forget to see How much are we capable of repayments? That is to say, even if the credit limit is high, it should not be fully spent. Because he might not be able to find money to pay off debt Then you will face the most brutal overdue interest ever.

5. Should choose a card with SMS alert service when spending
Choose to be a card with sms service to alert you when spending because sms will let us know how much money has been spent. And how much is the amount In order to prevent the problem of swiping the card in excess of the stated amount of goods or services It is also a security in case of loss of cards. Because when you receive an SMS notification, you will know immediately that someone brought your card to purchase.

6. Should use a credit card only when the usage is not charged
In the payment of goods or services Should inquire first that Stores that accept payment for such products or services Is there a fee for the card swipe? Some places charge a fee. Some places charge a fee when their spending is lower than the specified amount. And some places charge a fee regardless of how much they spend To avoid fees that could happen if not checked first.

Believe that everyone will have some principles in choosing a credit card. Hopefully it will be helpful to choose a credit card that meets our needs and desires. But do not forget that if you use it until you do not think about the debt that will follow, it will have negative consequences later.

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