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Personal credit

In today's society where competition is very high Many people compete to create profits for themselves. Whether it is hard work Or extra careers to create income and stability for yourself But forgot to see that they do not have the funds to be able to make their dreams come true.

The solution for those who are looking to give an opportunity for themselves, so jump to the loan. At present, requesting a loan is easy. And the approval period is somewhat faster than in the past. If the documents are complete, clear records can be confirmed for sure But if the history is not good Defaulted Guarantee that it will not pass.

The credit currently is diverse. Depending on the financial institution will determine the types of loans. In most cases, the credit types of each institution are similar but different at different criteria. Which the credit that the financial institution provides to the person requesting the loan is that person, it is called "personal credit"

Personal credit That there are 2 main types of financial institutions
Personal credit Is a service that financial institutions have developed to meet the convenience of borrowers' spending The amount of money to be received from the financial institution depends on the ability to pay by installments, which the financial institution will consider the amount of the credit line. Consideration is based on salary. Home of occupation And the credit history of the applicant mainly Because personal credit is unsecured loan Financial institutions charge higher interest rates than collateralized loans, such as housing loans. Or hire a car To compensate for the increased risk However, the Bank of Thailand has controlled interest rates.

Credit card used to pay for goods instead of cash. Which is a credit card that can be used to buy or pay for goods and services at malls around the world, the loan will have a interest-free period of approximately 40-55 days from the date of use to the actual payment due date. Or services that can be paid by credit card (Minimum payment) 10% from actual spending As for outstanding balances, interest will be charged at a fixed rate (up to 20%). A credit card is like a card that is ready to give you and punish you. If using a credit card with care and lack of discipline, which will certainly risk the credit card debt. Which credit card holders Must be disciplined and know that every payment can be used to pay back on the due date.

In addition to the credit card, payment can be made for products. Can also withdraw emergency cash By paying a special fee via credit card Will have a higher interest rate than using credit cards to pay for goods and services using credit cards The interest rate will be calculated from the date of cash withdrawal via credit card. By calculating daily And to press cash from credit cards It is something that should not be done. Because the interest rate is as high as 28% per year and the interest will increase every day

All of the above There are two types of personal credit, which are personal loans in the form of loans. And a credit card that is used to pay for goods and services in lieu of cash.

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