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8 Alarms When Finances Are in Trouble

8 warning signs that should not be ignored
For life safety Including the property as well So we devised a method to protect ourselves. And observe what is crawling in Observing it will allow us to predict what will happen.
The same is the financial factor. There is often a hunch or warning to the investor first. This will guide the way the money is directed in a way.

So if you don't want to face financial problems, keep an eye on the financial alarms, here are 8 key guidelines to help you move in the right direction. And minimize the risk of money management as follows.

1. unknown origin What comes in, how to get out, what part is spent
Income-Expense Accounts are there to help remember and help you make a lot of decisions if you don't write them down because they don't matter. In the future, you will be difficult to cope with financial problems Because I don't know at all What do you pay for each month? This accounting income and expenditure It is an important part of how you see money through the letters you write down. And it will allow you to plan your finances properly.

2. Not enough money to pay debts, pay late
If you've had the ability to pay off debt before But suddenly, there was a financial crisis. Causing the debt to be paid late than it should be Or stop paying, stubborn This is a sign that finances are in big trouble. And soon you will have to face the subsequent interest and fines. So if you do not want these problems. You should manage your own finances well. Pay the debt on time And there should be an emergency reserve as collateral in case you face financial difficulties.

3. The amount of debt belly soaring through the ceiling every time
This warning sign indicates the serious dangers of taking debt. The problem that will follow is the debt that is too great to pay. However, try not to get extravagant. Or create too much debt Because of course it will adversely affect you later. Consider carefully before spending. If so, don't build debt from the beginning, it's better.

4. Spin money from credit card to pay off debt
End this month's debt for a new debt. Or create new debt to pay off old debts Keep going Of course, you will never get out of this vicious circle. If you do not solve the problem correctly. Starting before thinking of using a credit card Must check the availability of reimbursement first. Because of withdrawing money from a cash card to pay off credit card debt Will make the interest grow beyond the ability to pay.

5. Pull out the savings to spend
That had been beautifully planned To save money without withdrawing it But in the end, there are things to use When did you start spending this money out? That is already one of the financial alarms. Must hurry to manage the money again And always remind yourself that savings should never be used.

6. Began to borrow other people's money to use
If you start experiencing symptoms that someone faces you, borrow money. I can realize that Your financial situation is getting dire.

7. Get irritated when people talk about money!
When someone asks about money Then you start to have a tantrum like being ignited. It means that financial problems have already begun to happen to you. Until you get upset when you are asked about money like this.

8.Staying on a fasted meal Eat just enough food to sustain life
If you even buy a subsistence essential like food, you must think and think again. Fear not enough money until the end of the month Need to fast on certain meals, such as dinner fasting? This is one of the signs that your problem has arisen. And if not hurry to fix it, it may go into a critical level.

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