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Factors That Make Your Finances Worse

You may be someone who has studied enough finance and investing. Learned how to bring riches And financial freedom, but still unable to take action There are still some behaviors that will destroy your stability in the future.

Let's see what are some of the key factors. That is undermining your financial system To keep getting worse

1. Still living a life of luxury And addicted to socializing as a soul
Life style Suranaree never lacked This is really a property vandalizing complainer. If you take the money that is spent on useless eating of happiness and also destroy your own health each month, let's sit and count. Will find that a lot of money is gone, right? Therefore, if you can refrain Will definitely bring you a better quality of life.

2. Spend more than your position
The secret of wealth that the Chinese often teach their children. And practice regularly, that is Eating below your position or spending less than your income. Some people still like to do what they want in a real Thai way. Want to eat good stuff, use things or expensive clothes Stick to luxury, stick to brands, pay more for what you want In order to be accepted by society Hold the motto that how much you pay I'll find a new one. Behavior of money use like this. Lead to debt And future financial instability.

3. Lack of good financial planning
Even though we know Financial stability is achieved through good planning. Is to know how much to use their own money that they earn How much to use Is there any way to increase your income? And plan your expenses both daily And monthly out in parts such as eating expenses, travel expenses, phone bills, house rentals, general expenses, water, electricity, medical expenses, savings, etc., but many people still lack planning. Making me unaware of my own limits When extravagant spending hurts the necessary expenses. When this is not enough, you have to borrow money in the future to create debt and leave you with no savings to secure your future.

4. Other expenses before giving yourself
90% of people tend to use the money they have, they don't use them, they borrow because they lack planning to use them. If there is a good plan then You will know immediately When income comes in First of all, you should pay for yourself. Or save first Because if not saving first Just think of the rest and save. May not be left with money to save Even if you have a lot of income I think that I do not spend much. But believe it, human nature has all the passion all around. Getting the rest to collect can be difficult. And it cannot be assessed at all whether the money saved all your life will be enough to ensure the security of life and family or not.

5. Defer the debt
Liabilities, once they arise, are another burden that you have to bear. Many people defer When the time comes, he won't pay. Some would pay more interest. In exchange for payment not on time For the reason that he could not make some money to use Or want to use the money for something else first It is these behaviors that are unknowingly damaging to financial security. Because the deferment did not pay the debt When I have the first time It tends to have the next time it becomes a tacitly habit.

6. Lack of seeking knowledge on investment
When working, there is already some savings Some people are starting to look for ways to invest to grow the money they have in their hands. That's good But it is also a risk if there is no caution. Analyze them thoroughly first. That is often seen Investing in stocks Who buy shares according to their popularity Or buy as someone you know said Which this type of investment does not come from self-critical thinking What will be the results of the investment? No one can tell you, but if the investment goes wrong It is no different from putting your own money to be deposited with others.

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