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Retirement Investment Plan Longevity Simple

For anyone who is in retirement or close to retirement, the next thing to worry about is Income after retirement itself. Those who serve in the government will receive a pension, which is enough to support the stomach during the old age without difficulty. But what about the people who receive the gratuity or the lump sum? It is very problematic. Because if the money runs out At this age Going to work like a young person It seems to be something difficult. And living each day that requires expenses The money received after retirement. May seem like a lot But in fact, it is not enough for a comfortable life after retirement at all.

Investment after retirement It is a solution that will help you earn enough income for your living. But what kind of investment is it that will give you enough returns to make a living? And has a low noise Conclude, for anyone who is about to enter retirement age, consider it.

1. Bank deposit
It is considered the easiest and most people after retirement. Choose to invest this way. Because the bank deposit This will allow us to get an annual interest which is at 0.5 - 3% per annum. Of course, this method has almost no risk in investing. Because the principal that we have invested is still intact And each year also receives interest in return But in this way I must say that the deposit yields less. And suitable for those who have big money Or someone who receives a high amount of compensation To do this, you first need to figure out and calculate your daily expenses. Then calculate the interest that will be received from the deposit that it is enough to pay for it or not.

2. Mutual fund purchases
Mutual funds are another form of investment that is suitable for retirees. The noise is considered low. And give higher returns Currently, most mutual funds yield between 2.5 to 4% per annum, perhaps not different from deposit interest. But the difference of just 1%, if the large investment is considered to provide a return that is quite high than the interest on the deposit.

3, Investing in stocks
The stock market is another option that people after retirement can invest in. But this type of investment has a relatively high risk. And a wide variety of securities to choose from Able to invest in both short and long term. The differences are as follows

4. Short term
High yield There is a lot of fluctuation in the market. And can make profits up to 200%, but vice versa You may be able to lose completely. Which this type of risk is considered very high with retirement age who are not in the age to generate income

5. Long term
Will focus on long-term investment, looking for a company with a high base and business stability. Of course, sometimes the market may fluctuate, causing the prices of these stocks to drop somewhat. But the growth of the business and investor confidence will bring prices back to their feet, which can be time consuming and more focused on dividends than stock trading.

However, investing in stocks after retirement Can do both types at the same time, maybe split the money into 2 parts and choose to invest in both Of course, the main thing that affects investing in stocks is Market data and analysis Which after retirement It is believed that many people have enough time to research the data and can profit from trading in both the short and long term. But it must be warned that investing in stocks is risky. High returns always come with high risks.

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