Youth Fever for Cryptocurrencies

Within what has been the Global Money Week 2021, days ago at the College of Economists of Catalonia we had a conference with various educational centers in Barcelona in which the dean of the College, Oriol Amat, the director of the Institute for Financial Studies participated. , Josep Soler, and this server. Global Money Week is an initiative organized by the OECD with the aim of educating young people, from an early age, of the importance of financial education. So our illustrious audience were fourth year ESO and first year high school students, and to which the General Council of Economists tries to give a full and enthusiastic response.

This annual proposal aimed at our young students who are still in their training stage and are beginning to consider the approach they will give to their higher studies, aims to train them within the framework of a financial and economic culture, allowing them to have a minimum of knowledge. However, as Orio Amat pointed out, the economy has not yet been the axis of their lives. The time will come. Now the important thing is to train and gather knowledge that will shape the education of the young generations.

After our brief expositions of rigor talking about the economy, the current situation, monetary policy and other topics, we enter the undoubtedly most interesting part, the one in which the young students promote an enriching discussion. I suppose that some questions had been prepared in advance with their teachers and others would be improvised according to our explanations. The meeting, how could it be otherwise, had to be online, unlike in previous years when the kids visit the headquarters of the College of Economists, which facilitates that at the end of the session fluent dialogues can be established. Personally, I enjoy these occasions in the same way that I do several days a week with my students at the Faculty.

When the dialogue with the students began, the fashionable topic immediately jumped up and that, apparently, they are passionate about: cryptocurrencies, are in vogue in tangential financial markets, impregnated with virtuality and about which only wonders and glorious are told returns achieved in dark times like these. Therefore, it is understood that youthful fervor for the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies.

Be aware that the expensive Ferris wheel will stop and may collapse
There, the three speakers agreed: you have to walk with leaden feet, not be enchanted by those juicy profits that are aired , flee from unknown worlds and distrust little-known origins and with non-existent guarantees from financial organizations. Warren Buffet, a reference when it comes to investing, and known as the Oracle of Omaha, does not like cryptocurrencies. He claims that bitcoin is a hoax and "rat poison squared", considers cryptocurrencies as high-risk investments and not as a safe haven, worthless and predicts that this story will end badly.

What's behind cryptocurrencies? What assets protect them? What tangibility oozes behind its virtuality?

The experience is full of stock market euphoria, of unstoppable and vigorous rises in the prices of certain things and, later, of falls from the top of the precipice that lead to the purest ruin. Bitcoin is not a currency like the dollar, the euro, the yen, the Swiss franc. It does not enjoy endorsement or guarantees of any kind, nor is it a reserve. It belongs to a virtual atmosphere. Behind cryptocurrencies there is no central bank, a financial authority, a regulator, a regulation, some guidelines, some rules of prudence, some limits.Everything is based on speculative efforts that, as always, can turn out well or can end with tragic overtones. Periodic real estate crises bring unpleasant experiences. However, and if you act within logical references, tangible assets always remain. The problem is the speculative spirit, the speculative effervescence. Therefore, knowing how to invest and knowing how to finance yourself is essential. And be aware that at some point the expensive Ferris wheel will stop and perhaps collapse.

Digital money equals less freedom and more control of our lives
However, one thing is crystal clear. Virtual money is gaining positions. Big technology companies are already immersed in this groundbreaking facet. Even Tesla deals in bitcoins. And although cash cannot disappear, or at least that is what we say today and central banks assert, digital money knocks on the door. The European Central Bank is already in the process of launching the digital euro. And the Fed is treading on the same ground. And the metal of all life is disappearing from our lives.We handle less and less cash. The invisible money, which coins the invisible expense, which are those small monthly payments of a few euros that each month we are charged in our bank accounts for enjoying certain services, gains positions. The digital euro will be an investment vehicle that will have the backing and guarantee of the European Central Bank. Although obviously, more digital money equals more control of our lives, less freedom of movement and, on the contrary, more cash means that our lives and finances are less controlled.

Anyway, be that as it may, the kids seem more interested in the games and profits of cryptocurrencies than in the structure of the gross domestic product and the monetary policies of central banks. We only talk about losing money with cryptocurrencies Oriol Amat, Josep Soler and who subscribes? However, we explain the precautions with which to act when investing, especially in cryptocurrencies. And I add by way of postscript that if years ago, in those meetings with young students and high school graduates, the subsequent debate ran through football channels, today, and I refer to the facts, the world of cryptocurrencies is heading. Something is changing??

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The 5 Phases of Money Flow

Becoming "profitable" takes longer than you think. First you have to suffer a little.
Something that we have found in almost every business we work with is that it costs their owners almost twice as much and it takes them twice as long to make their businesses profitable.

The proof is in the business plans that we see when we work with our clients or when we consider a proximity investment. We had a similar revelation when we started Whitestone Partners , our consulting business. We thought that in a few months we would have enough clients to cover our expenses and pay us our salary.

However, it took us more than 2 years to earn what we did before.

These experiences made us think about the different stages of the flow of money. In fact, we've identified five money flow phases that businesses tend to go through as they grow.

Phase 1: Put your own money in the business
If you start a business from scratch, this is usually the phase where you start. Here you are not receiving money from the business, on the contrary, you are putting your own money in the company to pay operating expenses, buy capital, etc. For example, our business required us to invest in marketing and computer equipment while it did not receive capital.

We decided to make personal loans to our business to cover those expenses. We also had to pay our mortgages and other expenses. During this period we lived on our savings.

Phase 2: The business is not yet self-sufficient but does not spend money
After several months, many more than we had originally imagined, we reached the point where our business was generating enough to support itself, but still not supporting our personal expenses. We continued to pay those expenses from our savings. Unless you are rich, you will have to get through this phase quickly enough.

Staying here too long will end up draining your resources. Some entrepreneurs supplement this phase with part-time jobs or even working full-time while building their business. This strategy can help you pay off your mortgage, but you must be clear about the mindset of having one foot in your job and the other in your business. At some point you will have to commit to your thing.

Phase 3: The business already leaves some money while the owner continues to pay some expenses from his savings
After many months, our business was generating enough money to cover its own expenses and some of ours. However, we still did not have a fixed salary. What we did was repay the loans we had made to the business when we started.

You can charge your business a reasonable rate of interest. However, we will always recommend checking with your accountant when making the initial loans and when determining the return payment. At this point, they will still have to supplement their income with money from their savings. This is better, but they are not free yet. Sustainability and the ability to sleep long and deep will come to the next stage.

Phase 4: Personal and business expenses are paid out of the company's cash flow
We had a celebratory dinner when we finally managed to get a fixed salary from our business. That step took much longer than we had expected, but we realized that we survived. When you get to this stage, you are almost there. Your business is making enough money to allow you to pay your bills and support your lifestyle indefinitely.

However, if you stay at this point, unless you sell your business, you will not be creating wealth and retiring will always be a dream. You have to move to the point where your business generates a flow of capital that exceeds all expenses.

Phase 5: The Investing Stage
This is the ultimate goal. You want your business to generate so much money that it exceeds what you need to maintain your lifestyle; you want it to generate wealth for you. Sure you've been investing in your business all this time, but now you have fixed funds. Now you can choose how to put them to work.

You can choose to re-invest that money in growing your business more . And, in most cases, this is the best option. Alternatively, you can choose to diversify your investments. You can buy or start another company. You can invest in stocks or real estate. The options are almost limitless.

These are the 5 phases that entrepreneurs tend to go through as their business grows… We did it. How long it takes you to go from one phase to the next will depend on your business, the economy, and a host of other variables. In the case of our business, it took 3 years before we reached phase 5. Unfortunately, many businesses do not make it to phase 4 and fewer still make it to phase 5.

It is also possible to take a step back. For example, you may have been through phase 4 for many years, but if your business conditions change, you may find yourself using your savings again. The important thing is that you understand these 5 phases and that you have a clear plan to carry your business between each phase.

Make sure you have enough resources to survive the early stages of negative cash flow. Finally, as we said above, our experience is that starting a business takes twice as long and costs twice as much as you thought. Make sure you have adequate reserves to cover this extra.

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3 Urban Legends of Buenos Aires

3 Urban Legends of Buenos Aires

The dead end maze of Parque Chas
It is strictly forbidden to go to the block of Berna, Marseille, The Hague and Geneva streets. If someone dares to turn around, they will appear anywhere else in the Parque Chas neighborhood, except where they should.

The story goes that in 1957 a group of French explorers accepted the challenge and, after trying, they appeared in Villa Urquiza, a neighborhood located 3 kilometers away. Again, some Catalan urban planners formed two teams and walked in the opposite direction with the idea that they would meet in the middle. It was not like that: after a few long minutes, one of the groups appeared walking behind the other.

The legend was born in a story by the writer Alejandro Dolina, who talks about this characteristic neighborhood for its difficult layout of circular streets and concludes by saying: "Actually, it is advisable not to go near Parque Chas.

The curse of the College of Engineering
Not all that glitters is gold and not all monumental works have happy stories. The current Faculty of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires began to be built in 1912 under the orders of the renowned engineer Arturo Prins. Accurate and obsessive, he aimed to build the most surprising neo-Gothic building in the city.

Everything started very well until in 1938, when the first stage of construction had already been completed, work was mysteriously stopped. Some spoke that the costs had exceeded what was budgeted and others that the plans had a calculation error that, if the work continued, it would end in a collapse.

Prins died a year later and the gossip claims that he decided to commit suicide because he could not bear the mistake he made. In the 1950s, a student wanted to take up the project and put together a thesis to continue it. Not only was it not carried out, it was never received. From that moment on, no one else dared to continue the building that is on Las Heras avenue, in the Recoleta neighborhood , imposing and unfinished.

The monster of the Ecological Reserve
A mysterious creature lives in this 350-hectare green space and no one knows when it will appear again. Different stories throughout the years speak of a mammal with the size of a dog and the characteristics of a rat.

They say it is a coypu, the otter-like animal that lives on the banks of the river. He was first heard of was in 1986, days after the Reserve was inaugurated . Among so many flora and fauna, it is difficult to recognize all the species and no one dares to make a complete diagnosis. Thus was born the legend of "Reservito", which according to different testimonies, feeds on human flesh and persecutes those who walk quietly.

Youth groups have organized more than once to confront it, but they have never been successful. With no body finds or unexplained disappearances, “Reservito” did enough to appear and disappear without being documented.

17 Names of Demons and Their Meaning

Top 10 Scary Japanese Urban Legends

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Top 10 Scary British Urban Legends

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Top 10 Scary French Urban Legends

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Top 10 Scary Viking Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Russian Urban Legends Part 2

Top 10 Scary Filipino Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary French Urban Legends Part2

Top 10 Scary Korean Urban Legends Part 2

Top 10 Scary South African Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Ouija Board Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Malaysian Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Mexican Urban Legends Part 2

Top 10 Scary Californian Urban Legends

10 Creepy Urban Legends From Around the World

5 Creepiest Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary American Urban Legends

Weve done a few now and the response has been amazing - you guys seem to want to hear creepy Urban Legends from every single country around the world. If thats the case, let me know which country you want next but for now - were talking about a country you may have heard of - the United States of America. And this is the Top 10 Scary American Urban Legends.

10. The Grunch

This one comes from Louisiana. In the early days of New Orelans, there was a road called Grunch Road that went deep into the swampy woods before coming to a dead end - thats where the Grunch people lived - a strange hybrid of albinos and dwarfs - forced away from society and forced to live in their own community. As the years went by, people started to doubt the stories authenticity - but it sparked up again when people started disappearing down Grunch Road. Nearby farmers reported their animals missing or finding them dead and drained of their blood. Many locals now refused to head down Grunch road for fear of meeting the same fate.

9. Stull Cemetery

To those that know the stories, Stull Cemetery in Kansas is better known as the doorway to hell. Legend says that the devil himself chose the cemetery as his entrance from the underworld to our own. Its said that a tree once stood in the cemetery and an old tombstone inscribed with the word -Witch- … the tree was used to hang condemned witches who were put to death by the locals. The tombstone apparently marks the burial spot of Satans own child - a creature born deformed and covered in wolf hair. In modern times, the legend has continued with reports of the ground catching fire randomly. Pope John Paul the 2nd was said to divert his private plane around the cemetery because it was so tainted by evil. Whether or not you believe this all, theres plenty of videos on YouTube to checkout if youre interested.

8. Knock Knock Road

This is for all of you guys that get creeped out by Little Girl ghosts. The worst kind. Strasburg Road near Detroit has a disturbing tale of murder attached to it. Legend says a little girl was killed on the road in the 1940s. Ever since then, people have reported the same story. They stop at a traffic light and see, on the side of the road, a young girl standing - just standing and staring right at you. Whether they freeze or try to speak to her, she slowly walks forward to the car and stares at you with deep set, hollow eyes. She scans your face to try and find her killer and get her revenge, you better hope you don't look like them.

7. Char-Man

The story goes that in 1948, a wildfire swept across Ojaji California. The flames consumed a cabin where a man lived with his son. He was burned alive but his son survived - just barely though. When the authorities arrived, they found a shocking scene - the father had been flayed - his skin had been removed from his body and peeled off, his body hanging from a nearby tree. The police searched for the purportator - they heard a wheezing from a nearby bush and then suddenly, the son bolted out. The overpowering spell stunned the officers and in that moment, the boy ran into the trees and escaped into the hills. In the years since, many locals say they have seen the Char-Man in the woods, horribly disfigured by his burns and tormented by his past. Hes said to creep up on the tents of innocent campers, waiting for them to fall asleep.

6. Hells Gate Bridge

This one comes from Oxford Alabama. The story goes that in the 1950s, a young couple crashed their car off the side of the bridge and drowned. Now, some locals believe you cross the bridge at your own peril. One story is that if you drive your car out to the middle of the bridge and turn off all the lights, the couple will appear in your car, sitting behind you. When you turn around theyll be gone, leaving a wet seat behind. The other story is that if you drive over the bridge and look over your shoulder halfway through, the scenery behind you turns into a portal to hell - spouting fire and flames. Whether or not you believe this - its enough for some people to look for a different way to cross the river.

5. 100 Steps Cemetery

This is located in the town of Brazil in Indiana. Interesting name for a town - and the cemetery is even more interesting. Its been used for at least 150 years and in that time its gained quite a sinister reputation for a ghostly undertaker. The story goes that as you walk up the many steps to the top of the cemetery you must count each step. When you reach the top, you must turn towards the open field and the ghost of the cemeteries first undertaker will appear. Without saying anything, he will then reveal your own death to you in a vision. Straight away, you must proceed down the steps and count each one again. If the number is the different to the one counted on the way up - the vision was true. An added bous is that if anyone tries to cheat and climb up or down without using the steps, a ghostly hand will push them to the ground leaving a red imprint on their back for days as a mark of the devil. Definitely not a place to just got for a Sunday walk then.

4. The Goat Man of Pope Lick

This is an old Kentucky urban legend about a hideous being who roams the woods across the state. Those who have seen him describe the goat man as having dark fur, pale skin, goat legs and twisted horns. Some say he was an escaped circus freak, others say he was a farmer who tortured goats for Satan - Satan repaid him by turning him into a tortured goat himself. The Goat Man is said to hide under the rusty bridge that crosses Pope Lick Creek in Louisville. Legend says he lures people onto the train tracks and then takes pleasure in them being hit by oncoming trains. Please don't go looking for this one though guys, in 2016, a woman actually fell to her death from the bridge while looking for the Goat Man.

3. Slaughterhosue Canyon

With a name like that - you know its not gonna be a pretty story. During the 1800s Gold Rush, a family moved lived in the canyon in a wooden shack. Every day was the same, the husband would set off into the mountains to search for gold and food for his family. Then, one day he didnt come back - presumably injured or killed by animals, the mountain or other humans. His wife waited for her husband for weeks until they began to starve. Driven mad with the hunger and her childrens cries, she put on her wedding dress, picked up a knife and murdered her children, throwing them in the river and then weeping until starvation killed her too. Legend says that that if you visit the canyon today, you can still hear the Mothers painful cries.

2. The Blank Angel

This statue looks creepy as it is - an old, worn, corroded angel staring down over Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City. Her sinister appearance has helped spawn a number of different legends around her. One of them says that a pregnant woman should never walk under her lest they want to lose their unborn child. Another says that if you kiss or perhaps even touch the statue, youll be dead within 6 months. This is the kind of story that scares everyone off - whether or not you believe in curses - its just not worth even thinking about!

1. Cropsey

Many New Yorkers know the story of cropsey, the boogeyman of Staten Island. Legend says he was an escaped patient from a mental asylum who went on a murderous rampage. He had a hook for a hand which he would use to drag children back to the abandoned ruins of Seaview Hospital. Pretty creepy - but heres where it gets really scary. Many parents would tell this to their kids to scare them into being cautious about strangers even if they didnt really believe it. But then, in the 1970s, a real killer called Andre Rand really did start hunting children in a similar way. Was he using the Cropsey legend as cover? Either way, people take the legend a lot more seriously now. Wow America, you kinda creepy, you really are kinda creepy.

Source: MostAmazingTop10 Youtube Channel

Top 10 Scary Fortnite Creepypastas

Creepypastas are typically terrifying legends or images that have circulated their way around the internet. They’re the modern day scary camps fire stories told on a much larger, more accessible platform. Which makes em pretty creepy. Whether or not they’re rooted in fact or fiction is entirely up to you. These days, it seems like any big part of pop culture has their own set of creepypastas, including video game sensations the likes of Fortnite. So today, we’re taking a look at ten of the creepypastas that have popped up concerning the game with our list of the top 10 scary fort nite creepypastas. And warning, some of these are just flat out bad. What do you expect, they’re creepypastas.

10. Followed
From YouTube channel FlipLaScript, Followed is a story about a gamer who used Fortnite to help with his mental health since he got into an accident and almost died. He keeps seeing a Rabbit with a ski mask who keeps paying him a visit whenever he plays the game. The Rabbit talks to him, telling him that he will never cheat death again. He thinks that his mother keeps letting the bunny man in, but she tells him he’s seeing things. So one Friday night, he plays a solo match and notices that everyone in the pre-game lobby has the default blonde guy skin. He ignores it, thinking he’s in a server with a bunch of noobs. The match begins, he lands at tilted towers - and apparently so is everyone else on the server.

He grabs a loot chest, scores a SCAR, and then starts taking out foes. He begins to suspect that they’re all bots - they’re names are “default fort nite player #”. Every time he gets to kill, another player named Frank gets a kill too. Finally, it gets down to just him and Frank, and that's when the player realizes who Frank is - it’s the bunny man, in the game - he tries to take Frank out, and that’s when he hears the demonic voice say I dare you to kill me. He keeps missing Frank and is soon out of ammo. Before he can switch weapons, Frank appears in person, and says outlaid, I dare you to kill me. The player dies of a heart attack.

9. The Bus Driver
Another CreepyPasta from FlipLaScript, this one is called the Bus Driver, and it’s about a scary easter egg. The player heard a rumor on Reddit about the battle bus - an easter egg you can only see on Friday the 13th. At the start of the match, on that date, don’t get out of the battle bus - stay until you’re about to get kicked off, then unplug your router. Plug it back in, and do not find a new game to join, and you’ll still be on the bus. So the player tries this, and it works. Except, it’s not what they expected.

It’s not going over the map, but rather, a ‘passage of time’; events throughout history playing on the screen in front of him. Then, he sees the future. He sees world war 3 break out, there is a nuclear fallout, and he sees his family members die. Time flashes forward again, and he sees himself, trying to survive with other war survivors. A missile drops down from the sky and kills him. He’s then kicked off the bus.

8. Disappearing Teddy
The disappearing teddies are nothing new in Fortnite - they’ve freaked out a few people in the past, but generally, they’re kinda cool. But this creepypasta makes em a little weirder than most of us would like. So this player is going through the motions of a regular match when he finds a box with the name Lucy on it. Opening it, he finds a rusty key and a diary. He reads the diary - it's about a 10-year-old girl named Lucy who, in the first entry, writes that it’s her birthday, and that her father took the day off work to spend it with her, and that her mother passed away recently. The player decides to keep reading in hopes to figure out what the key is. She continues to write about how her father grows increasingly distant, and how she was forbidden to go down into his laboratory.

The last entry reads that she’s going to go down into the lab with her teddy bear. The player starts to look around the house and finds a cellar door in the backyard. The key opens it. The player notices a burlap bag on the ground with a locket that reads ‘best mom ever’. There’s also a bit torn up a teddy bear. The player continues to search the cellar, going through another door, which has claw marks along the side of the wall. The player then finds a skeleton with a pistol next to it and a camcorder. The camcorder turns on, and it starts to play and it’s the dad panicking about the mother, and hearing animalistic noises in the background. The player beings to leave the cellar when he notices that the teddy bear that was there when he entered is now gone. Creepy.

7. Last One Standing
This one tells of a kid named Bill whose parents left for the night. The babysitter hadn’t shown up yet, so he went to his room to play some Fortnite. He starts a match, and everyone on his team had the Dark Knight skin on. All of a sudden, the lights in his house shut off. Bill goes to find a flashlight, but a notification pops up on his screen from an anonymous user that reads “Why’d you do that?” Bill was confused.

He goes downstairs and locks the front door. But then he hears a knock. He opens the door, and no one is there, except there’s a letter. He reads it, and the words “don’t lock, don’t look” are written on it, repeated over and over again, with the last word on the letter being “hide.” bill freaks out and hides under his bed. He feels the air on the back of his neck. He rolls over and sees a bunch of pairs of red eyes behind him. Bill disappeared from that day onwards, and his parents never found his body.

6. The Empty Lobby
From YouTuber Big Mama Eternal, this creepypasta is about a girl named Eternal who was a stripper. She used the Battle Hound skin, and thought of it as a lucky charm - she would often get a solid amount of kills when playing with it. There’s also mention of gonhorrea, but we’ll just skip over that part. Anyway, the skin started taking a life of its own and wanted all of the stripper’s attention, and one night when she returned home at 4am and booted up the game, the lobby was entirely empty. Her character wasn’t there. Thinking it was a glitch, she restarted her system and the game, but the lobby was still empty.

So she started the game anyway, and her character wasn’t there - just a view of the pre-game lobby and other players in the game. So she shut it off again, to play again in the morning. But the game kept crashing. In her headset, she could hear growling. The next day after work, she got home and put on her headset. The growling continued. But it wasn’t just coming out of the headset - it was in her room. She opened her closet and there was Battle Hound. Two days later, she was found dead in her apartment.

5. Supply Llamas
This one is about a player who finds a llama in the game. Immediately after, he gets a message from a user named Skull Killer 369, asking if he wants to get more supply llamas. But there’s a catch - the player must agree to give Skull Killer his soul as a trade. The player doesn’t take him seriously, so he agrees. Skull Killer 369 tells him that in order to do so, he can never turn off the game. The player agrees.

From then on out, the player starts finding supply llamas in every game. During one game, he and his friend decide to reset their match, and the player restarts the game on his system. He turns his system back on and he’s already in a new match. He then finds a different kind of llama - red and black ones instead of purple and blue. He opens it, and there are no supplies - but there’s a note. He reads the note and it says “I told you and you don’t listen”.

The player turns his system off for the night. The next day, he finds more llamas, three of them. It happens again the next day. The player goes to find his dad to show him how well he’s doing, and his dad looks at him and asks what are you doing in my house? He doesn’t recognize the player at all. Everyone knew he was good at the game, but his family didn’t know who he was at all afterward. Yeah, we didn’t say all of these were perfect horror stories did we now?

4. Red Team Leader
Another creepypasta from FlipLaScript, this one is about a player who buys CuddleTeamLeader from the Fortnite shop, seeing that the skin was only available for an hour. But when he uses the skin, the color isn’t pink - its blood red in the pre-game lobby. The match starts, and the skin is back to its regular pink. But, after the player kills two people, the skin starts to turn red. The more players he kills, the darker the red becomes. Eventually, he’s one of the last 10 people in the match.

After a solid firefight, he’s one of the last two and goes after his remaining opponent. But, as he takes him out, the player goes down - which is weird since it’s a solo match. He shoots again. Nothing happens, the player is down. That’s when his controller in real life starts to move. His avatar starts to move, too. He takes out an ax called chopping block and cuts off the enemies head, decapitating him. CuddleTeam Leader removes his mask, revealing its head - one eye shot out of his head, and slits on his face, forcing a smile on his face. Then the game ends.

3. The Storm
The Storm tells the story of a terrifying storm experience during a solo match. The player is going about their business, taking out foes, when they realize the storm is about to close in on them - except, it’s no regular storm. This one is red, with mist. So the player runs, heading towards the safe zone, but can’t quite get there - he gets caught in it. As he keeps navigating his way towards the safe zone, images start appearing in the storm - horrific images, ones that shouldn’t be in the game.

His body in real life starts to itch. He starts to feel pain. He keeps running in the game, heading towards what he thinks is a launch pad. His character’s health gets to 30. His body in real life begins to break out into hives. He gets to the launch pad and flies off, with his health at 20. His vision starts to get weird. His health falls to 10, the player starts to lose feeling in his body. This is when he breaks out into the safe zone, and all of his symptoms disappear. He quits the game and hasn’t played Fortnite since.

2. We Eliminated
You In this creepypasta posted (and beautifully drawn) by Jordan Persegati, we get the tale ‘we eliminated you’ – one of the more popular Fortnite creepypastas that have made the rounds on the interwebs, initially created by 34MatthewsHD. Anyway, it’s the story of a kid who hops on Frotnite after school one day when his mother hasn’t gotten home yet. Everyone in the pre-game lobby is wearing the cuddle team leader skin. Once he gets into the match, he realizes that everyone’s username is ‘we eliminated you’.

Which is weird, because you can’t have the same name as anyone else on the PlayStation Network, so he assumed he was on a server filled with hackers. The player made it into the top 3 and watched the last remaining two duke it out, waiting for the victor to the surface so he could take them out with a shotgun. As he was waiting, he noticed there was a structure built nearby – it read ‘we eliminated you’. This freaked him out, but he still ignored it. Eventually, the two cuddle team leaders who were duking it out finished, leaving one remaining foe.

The player popped out of his hiding spot and shot his head on. But it didn’t phase his opponent. He shot him again. Nothing happened. The player assumed it was a hacker. Eventually, the hacker shot him and knocked out the player. Frustrated, he turned off his ps4, annoyed. He decided to go get some fresh air, but before he can leave his house, he gets a text. It’s from a number he didn’t recognize, and it read “get ready for your final eliminate”. But what was worse was the photo attached to the text – an image of the player’s house.

The player panics and locks himself in his bedroom. He calls the police, and while waiting, he looks out the window and spots a mysterious figure watching him, wearing the cuddle team leader mask. He hides in his closet as he hears the mysterious figure come through his back door. As he’s hiding in his closet, his phone goes off and makes a noise – panicking, he looks at the phone, and sees that he’s gotten a text from that same number saying “I know that you’re in there.”

1. The Whisperer
This one tells the story of a boy named Timmy whose parents go out of town to visit his sick aunt. Home alone, the messages his pal Mark to come over and play Fortnite. But Mark wasn’t around, so he hopped on the Playstation communities to find a partner. He finds a post by a user named BattleBus524, who wrote “I’m the best Fortnite player of all time. I can carry you. Mic needed.” Not being over great at the game, this piques Timmy’s curiosity, but he was a bit concerned since the player spelled Fortnite as Fortnight. He reaches out anyway, and the guy’s name is Drew - a 31-year-old dude who lives fairly close to where Timmy lives. They started playing together, and Drew gets killed immediately. Timmy jokes about it, and Drew got really aggressive with him. The more they played, Drew started blowing things up recklessly and compromising their matches.

Drew then started whispering “behind you” to Timmy, even though no one was behind him. So eventually, Timmy gets annoyed, makes up an excuse to leave Drew, and blocks him, and starts going on solos. A few minutes later, a random user sends him a voice message. Timmy opens it, and the voice says “You shouldn’t have done that, I recommend you don’t block me again.” Timmy ignores it. 20 minutes later, Drew sends him another message. This time, it wasn’t a voice message - it was a photo, of Timmy’s house. A second later, another message pops up from Drew - Check your front door. Timmy goes down to his front door - no one is there. He looks down, and there’s a nutcracker there with a note attached to it. The note reads It reminds me of you - Timmy’s favorite avatar to use in the game. Timmy calls the cops, and messages his friend Mark, who tells him he was right about to message him - he saw a guy in the bushes out front of Timmy’s house. He goes to hide in his parent’s closet when he remembers that he didn’t lock the back door of his house.

That’s when he hears the door creak open. Timmy panics and keeps texting Mark who tells him to be quiet and not make a sound. He hears someone moving around the house, whispering I just want to play games. 10 minutes go past, and Timmy doesn’t respond to any of Mark’s messages. Finally, Mark gets a reply, with Timmy saying that one of their neighbors knocked the guy out. Mark asks if Timmy wants to come over and spend the night at his house. The message he gets back reads “Come over. I want to play Fortnite.” TIMMY’S DEAD MARK. TIMMY IS DEAD.

Scary Indian Urban Legends

Today are continuing our world tour of Urban Legends with a highly requested country - India. India has more history than some other countries combined and as always, with history comes stories and some of them are scary. Lets take a look at the Top 10 Scary Indian Urban Legends.

10. The Muhnochwa

In 2002, the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was gripped by a panicked frenzy. People had reported seeing the Munochwa - a beast thats name roughly translates to The Face Scratcher. It would reportedly dash through the air at night like a UFO, emitting red and green beams of light. When it got close, it would slash their face with steel claws, leaving deep scratches that burnt and bled. As the panic continued, the theories began. Some said it was an angry spirit or an elemental creature. Pakistans intelligence agency even chipped in to suggest it was a chemically engineered insect. Whatever it was, people were so scared they held special ceremonies at their local temples to ward away The Face Scratcher - some believe it may return again.

9. Nale Ba

In the 90s, there were reports of a witch visiting houses in Bangalore India. She would come at night, knocking on the door and calling out to the person inside. Whats creepy is she was said use the voice of one of their relatives, especially their mothers. If they opened their door, theyd be dead within 24 hours. As panic spread, rumours of a solution did too. Some said to write -Nale Ba- on the door. That means -come tomorrow- so the witch would see the sign and return the next day. For many years after, it this became a tradition - a way of warding off evil spirits. Some say that Nale Ba has been forgotten by the younger generation, who have now put themselves at risk of the witch returning again.

8. The Wolves of Pavagada

In 1983, several girls younger than 5 went missing at night in the village of Pavagada. They were taken right under their parents noses but nobody saw who or what did it. On one occasion, villagers found a pool of blood and the clothes of the missing child. The footprints of an animal were visible and the police dogs tracked the sent back to a cave, its entrance blocked by a wall of bricks. The police claimed that man eating wolves were on the prowl. Others were confused though, why would all the targets be girls - all of them the only daughters of their parents. Why were they always taken from their sleeping parents and why were there no drag parks on the ground? One father even reported the wolf threw stones at him. This led some locals to believe the children were actually taken by a cult of black magic practitioners who were using them as human sacrifices to the Goddess Kali. To this day, the case remains a mystery.

7. The Milk Miracle

20 years ago a rumour began spreading around India that Ganesh idols everywhere were drinking milk. When people held a spoon or bowl of milk to the lips of the idols, the milk would slowly get depleted. In just a few hours, news had spread beyond India and Hundi temples in the UK, Canada and the US were reporting the same phenomenon. Hindu organisations announced that a miracle was happening. Some scientists have claimed it was caused by a mix of surface tension, the capillary effect and confirmation bias.

6. Jhalak Dikhlaja

Thats the name of a song by a popular India musician back in 2006. It dominated the music charts for weeks but among all the hype, there were some darker stories attached to it. Some people said the song was attracting the dead. In the small village of Bhalej, locals claimed that one of the lyrics was acting as a call for ghosts. They said people were becoming possessed by evil spirits after hearing the song and were going to the local priest to be cured. It was also claimed that listening to the song in the local graveyard was practically inviting possession. In the end, fear of the song grew so much that the village actually banned the song - nobody was allowed to play it. Presumably the possessions stopped - what do you guys think of that? Can a song on the radio be cursed?

5. Monkey Man

In 2001 people in Delhi claimed that an ape-like monster was roaming the streets at night. It was said to be attacking people. Description of the Monkey Man differed but it was about four ft tall, covered in thick black hair, with a metal helmet, metal claws, glowing red eyes and 3 buttons on its chest. Many people reported being scratched and some even said 2 or 3 people died when leaping from the tops of buildings or stairwells in a panic. Its been years since the event but some people still claim the monkey man is out there and could attack another day.

4. Kuldhara

Established in the 13th century, this used to be a prosperous Indian village for hundreds of years until the early 19th century when everyone disappeared. Years later, some historians said this was due to a lack of water or heavy taxes on the people - but the legend is much darker. People say that the leader of the area was attracted to a beautiful girl from the village. He sent his guards to force the villagers to hand over the girl. The villagers asked the guards to return the next morning and while they were gone, they abandoned the whole village. The village chief then cursed the abandoned village for eternity, meaning anyone who lives there will die. Those who have dared to stay overnight have reported supernatural happenings such as shadows in the night, footprints and mysterious noises.

3. Mande Burung

For many people, this is the Indian equivalent of the North American bigfoot. The Mande Burung is an ape like creature said to inhabit the subtropical forests in Northeast India. Its been described as a large, hairy bipedal hominid. The locals call him the -Man of The Jungle- and say theyve seen it for generations. More often though - they hear it - its strange calls echoing out across the rice paddies. Some say it stands 10ft tall and weighs over 600 pounds. In 2008, a gro7up of yeti hunters gave two hairs they found to a renowned British primatologist. After examining them, Ian Redmond said they most closely resembled human, chimp, gorilla or other so called -yeti hair- samples … but with or without science to back it up, the legend lives on.

2. The White Lady of Sanjay Van

In the forest of south delhi, people have reported seeing a spectral woman in a white saree. She is said to walk among the banyan trees before disappearing. Some reports say theyve seen her hanging from the trees and that this is what ended her life. One local said -she comes alive at night, when those leaves start glowing. There are many such lovely spirits here- … personally, I wouldnt use the term lovely to describe that. Shes also said to wave at you and then disappear. Thats a definite nope from me.

1. The Onion Witch

In 2005, reports of a witch visiting homes in Delhi was said to be linked to a number of deaths in the Indian capital. According to the rumours, a witch in the guise of a hungry woman rang peoples doorbell and asked for an onion. If shes given the onion, she cuts it in half and blood squirts out. The onion donor then dies instantly, a moment after realising what has happened. Some say it wasnt just 1 but rather 3 witches. Locals began applying palm prints of turmeric and henna on doors to ward off the witches and some still fear their return.

Source: MostAmazingTop10 Youtube Channel

Top 10 Scary Mexican Urban Legends

Today we continued our quest to discover scary tales from all over the world. In this Topic well be visiting a land steeped in myths and legends, some of them are modern, some of them are ancient, but all of them are feared by the people who know them. This is the Top 10 Scary Mexican Urban Legends.

10. White Death

The White Death is said to be a vengeful spirit in Mexico who hunts down anyone who knows about her existence. If its true, Im sorry to drag all of you guys in to it. Shes said to be an undead girl with cold black eyes that weep blood. She glides but never walks and stalks her victims like wild animals, chasing them back to their homes. Then, she waits until night and knocks at the door. One knock means she wants your skin, 2 for your hair, 3 for your bones, 4 for your heart, 5 for your teeth, 6 for your eyes and 7 for your soul - which she will swallow hole.

9. La Lechuza

According to legend, she was a witch who used magic to turn herself into a giant white owl. Its said that she sold her soul to the devil to become more powerful. Sometimes she appears as an owl the size of a human being, with the head of an owl and the body of an elderly woman. She is said to wait outside the house of her victims, crying out into the night until they step outside.

8. The Phantom of The Park

In the small city of Jaral Del Progreso lies a park called the Benito Juarez Park. Its built on the remains of an old, forgotten cemetery. The locals say this disturbed the spirits of the dead and unleashed a deadly curse. Every night, the benches were vandalized and nobody knew who caused the damage. The city hited a security guard to patrol the grounds. One night, around midnight, a dense fog emerged and crept out over the park. The guard heard the cries of a woman. Then, he saw her - a shadowy figure lurking near the park benches. It looked like an old woman in a long white dress. When he got closer, he saw she had no legs and was floating above the ground. Then, she attacked him. He managed to escape and told his boss the next morning. A few days later, he died of a mysterious illness. Locals have now accepted the phantom of the park - and they know a mysterious illness will fall upon anyone who sees her at midnight.

7. La Malinche

The story dates back to 1522 when the noble Aztec woman La Malinche had two sons with the Spanish conquistador Cortes. He told her he was going to return to Spain with his sons, she had a dream where one of her Gods appeared and said -If you let him take your children, one of them will return and destroy your people. The night before Cortes  departed, La Malinche escaped with the boys - Cortes’ soldiers chased them to the lake on which Mexico city now lies. Just before capturing them, she stapped the boys in their heart with a dagger and dropped their bodies into the water. She screamed out into the night, saying -Oh my children- … in the centuries since then, many Mexican families have reported seeing her ghost wandering the streets at night, grieving the loss of her children. The families lock up their kids for fear of her doing the same thing to them.

6. La Planchada

In the 1930s, a nurse known as La Planchada worked at Hospital Juarez. Her name roughly translates to The Ironed Lady. She fell for a doctor but he left her for another woman. La Planchada was distraught and fell into a deep depression. She deteriorated and eventually succumbed to an illness which killed her. Legend says that she returned to the land of the living with a hatred for all other nurses. Ever since then, she walks the corridors of hospitals at night - caring for patients while they sleep, but ready to release her anguish if she comes across another nurse.

5. The Red Car

This legend tells of a group of witches who travel the roads looking for men. Theyre also known as the carriage of the witches. The red car travels the roads at night between Mexico City and Cuernavaca. The passengers are 3 witches disguised as beautiful women. When they see a man alone by the side of the road, they pull over and try to get him inside. If the man accepts, he is usually found some time later, lying lifeless by the side of the road - battered, bruised and witch strange arcane symbols all over his body. Its thought that they are sacrificed to the devil as part of an occult ritual - and the car is red only because of the blood of the victims.

4. The Tube House

This is an abandoned mansion in Monterrey Mexico. It was built in the 1970s by a family of 3 who wanted to make a comfortable place to live for their daughter who was in a wheelchair. When the parents brought their daughter to see the home for the first time, the little girl fell off one of the ramps and went straight through a window, falling to her death. The parents were distraught and eventually put the house up fro sale. In the years since then, visitors have sworn they have seen the ghost of the little girl. They see her standing there in the same window she fell to her death from - waving and smiling, forever.

3. El Cucuy

According to legend, El Cucuy is small, hideous, hair creature with deep glowing red eyes. He has ears like a bat and a mount full of teeth as sharp as daggers. El Cucuy comes out at night to steal children away. Some say he can take the form of any dark shadow which he uses to watch children as they sleep. Once the child is asleep, El Cucuy will pounce and take them away to his lair. Children will hide in their wardrobes or under their beds. He is essentially the Mexican version of the boogeyman, or perhaps the very same person.

2. Chupacabra

This is the story of a strange beast that blurs the lines between fact and fiction. Some describe it as a vicious furry lizard like creature with bulging red eyes, fanged teeth and a long darting tongue. Its name roughly translates to Goat Sucker because of its tendency to pray on goats and other livestock. The animals it attacks are left with every ounce of blood drained out of them. What kind of creature would do this? Is it something natural or not?

1. The Severed Hands

In Mexico, some people say there exists -The Alley of the Hands- … in 1780, a priest set up in the town of Alfalfa in Mexico. He hired two boys to help look after the horses. One night, the boys returned to the house to find the priest had been murdered. They ran to get help. The police couldnt figure out who did it and began to suspect it was the two boys. After intense interrogation the boys began to blame each other. They were put on trial and found guilty - they were hung by the neck and then their hands were cut off. The hands were then hung on the wall of the alley outside the priests house as a warning to others. Ever since then, people have been afraid to walk through the Alley of the Hands. Whenever they do, they make the sign of the cross and pray. Locals say that on a cold dark night in November, you can see the skeletal hands floating above you in the alley.

Source: MostAmazingTop10 Youtube Channel

Top 10 Scary Russian Urban Legends

Russia. The biggest country on Earth. With such a big place, theres bound to be some scary stories that have emerged over the years - these are some of the best. They span across hundreds of years, Russians know them often fear them and they very rarely end well. Would you like to hear them? And this is the Top 10 Scary Russian Urban Legends.

10. The Russian Sleep Experiment

Some of you guys may have heard of this before - it became a very popular creepypasta a few years ago and for good reason. According to legend, Russian scientists in the 1940s took 5 prison inmates and locked them in an airtight chamber with a special gas inside that made them unable to sleep. They wanted to study the effects of sleep deprivation over 30 days. On day 5 - the inmates stopped talking to each other. By day 9, some of them were screaming, begging to get out. One of the others tore apart the books they were given, smeared them with their own feces and then covered the one way mirror with it which the scientists were using to observe them. The screaming stopped. By day 15, they announced over the intercom that they were coming in - a voice replied -We no longer want to be freed- … they opened up the chamber to find one of the inmates had been torn to pieces by the others.

They had also mutilated themselves almost to the point of death. The team tried to surgically reverse the damage on their brain but they resisted and couldnt be sedated - they just laughed and laughed. They demanded to be let back into the chamber which the head scientist agreed to. Appalled at what he was seeing, one of the scientists shot the head scientist and the remaining subjects. Before killing the last one he asked -What ARE you?- … the prisoner responded -Have you forgotten so easily? We are you. We are the madness that lurks within you all, begging to be free at every moment in your deepest animal mind. We are what you hide from in your beds every night. We are what you sedate into silence and paralysis when you go to the nocturnal haven where we cannot tread- … the scientist fired the gun and killed him.

9. The Legend of Brosnya

The Brosnya is said to be an ancient, mythological beast that lives within the waterways of the Andreapol District. Perhaps the closest comparison for a western audience would be the Loch Ness Monster. The Brosnya lurks below the surface there, many have heard of it - but few have seen it. They describe it as a prehistoric creature with a dragons head and long thin tail. There have been accounts of the beast going back well over a thousand years. One notable example involves a Mongol army in the 8th century that fled the area after the Brosnya attacked them - eating their soldiers and horses. Some even say its related to the Loch Ness Monster - wouldnt that be an interesting family reunion.

8. Ivan Vassili

Thats the name of a ship not a person. It was built in St Petersburg in 1897. Everything was fine for about 25 years and then, in 1903, something changed. The crew were in the Indian ocean when they felt a strange presence - almost as if an invisible entity was watching them - there was a chill in the air. One night, they saw an apparition - a human figure that stolled across the deck - its features too blurry to make out - it then disappeared behind a lifeboat. A few nights later, when the ship was docked in China, a crew member screamed out into the night - sending everyone into a crazy panic - they lost their minds and went berserk - beating each other and themselves.

It only ended when one of the crew members threw himself overboard and died. A few days later, it happened again, the crew became possessed with fighting rage and only ended with another crew members death by drowning. The crew abandoned ship at port - the new crew set sail but the same thing happened to them - 4 people died including the captain, all of them threw themselves overboard. Eventually the the crew burned the ship down, cheering at the sight as the left in smaller boats. What do you guys think of that? Can ships be so haunted they drive people to suicide?

7. The Well To Hell

This one comes from Siberia - a part of Russia thats perhaps one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. Youll rarely find people here - which is why a lot of stories have sprouted up around it. According to legend, a scientific team were drilling a hole to study samples in the Siberian permafrost. Suddenly, the drill started malfunctioning and letting off intense heat - then they heard faint noises coming from within. They scrambled to get a microphone and began feeding it down the hole so they could hear better. They realised the noises were actually human voices - coming from deep in the ground - and they were screaming out in pain. The terrified team packed up and left - convinced they had found a well to hell.

6. The Black Volga

This one comes from the height of the cold war during the 1960s and 70s. During that time, many Russians talked of a Black Volga - an expensive car usually driven by those high up in the Soviet Government. They said that this particular car would appear out of nowhere, its side mirrors were actually horns and it would steal children from the side of the road - never to be see again. Whats more, some say the car was driven by the Devil himself. For me though - the scariest part of the story is yet to come. It was said that those who doubted the stories authenticity would be dead within 24 hours. Of course, this only made the story spread even faster - do you dare doubt its authenticity? Actually you probably do.

5. Snake Lubac

Some Russians believe that occasionally, a shooting star falling to Earth may actually be a Snake-Lubac, a demonic figure that resembles a giant snake. Its often called -the fiery serpent- due to its fiery descent to Earth in a huge ball of fire. After it lands and the dust settles, the Snake-Lubac takes on human form. To be more specific, it takes on the form of a lost love that died to whomever it appears in front of. It chooses people who are desperate to see their partner one last time. The Snake Lubac then tricks the person into believing they never died - once the person is under its spell, it slowly convinces them to convince suicide - a fate which many say is unavoidable.

4. Chernobyl Black Bird

Im sure many of you guys have heard about Chernobyl - the nuclear power plant meltdown that happened in 1986, leaving a large part of the Soviet Union uninhabitable because of radiation. According to some of the locals who lived nearby - there were signs of the disaster coming. Some of them experienced nightmares, strange phone calls and encounters with a huge winged monster they called the Blackbird of Chernobyl. Apparently it looked like a twisted hybrid of bird and human with huge wings and big red eyes. Some even say they saw it over the reactors during the meltdown. Is it just some stupid story? Does this creature warn people of impending doom or perhaps even cause it?

3. UVB-76

Also known as -The Buzzer-, this is the nickname given to a shortwave radio station that broadcasts a short, monotonous buzzing noise all day, every day and has been doing t since 1973 - 45 years ago. Nobody knows why or where this creepy station is. Sometimes the buzzer signal is interrupted by a Russian voice that reads out a string of random phrases and numbers. The message usually starts with -UVB76- … when the message stops, the buzzing begins again - sometimes for years. Theories have ranged from military communication to a way to announce a nuclear war has begun.

2. The Collector

In old Russian folk lore, the collector is a strange, dark figure who kidnaps people, kills them and then puts their mummified bodies on display for his own pleasure. If that sounds too disturbing to be true then think again. Russians were shocked in 2011 to learn that there was a real life version of The Collector that had been arrested. He used to dig up corpses and dress their remains in womens clothing to display around his home. In total, he did this with an astounding 29 corpses. If theres anything worse than an urban legend - its a real one coming to life.

1. Baba Yaga

According to Russian folklore, she is a supernatural being who appears as a deformed old woman. She flies around in a giant mortar while using the pestle to steer. Deep in the Russian woods, she lives in a log cabin that moves around on a pair of chicken legs. The keyhole to her door is filled with sharp teeth, the fence outside is made with human human bones topped with skulls - she always leaves one empty for you. She is said to kidnap children and threaten to eat them - an emphasis is placed on the need for proper preparation of purity of spirit when meeting, as well as politeness. This creepy being is said to have good qualities at times, but for the many Russians who grew up hearing about her - Baba Yaga is always something to avoid - especially in the woods at night.

Source: MostAmazingTop10 Youtube Channel

Top 10 Scary Swedish Urban Legends

10. The Silver Train
This is a true ghost train story. Locals called it the Silverpilen. In Swedens capital of Stockholm, legend says that passengers waiting on the platform may see a silver train slowly pull up. You must not get on. The train is heading to an abandoned station in the middle of the woods - its passengers are the souls of the dead. People who get on will never return. The legend is also connected to the abandoned Kymlinge metro station which is said to be a ghost station. Locals say only the dead get off at Kymlinge. Some even believe The Silver Train takes people to an underground station with  no exit - it never returns to pick them up.

9. The Palace of Scheffler
Located in the capital of Stockholm, ghosts have been reported in this palace for well over 200 years. Some of the stories involve people seeing mirrors and windows shattering for no reason as well as music and songs floating down the corridor with no source in sight. One notable story involves a man called Jacob Von Balthasar Knigge - trying saying that in a hurry. He was a former owner of the palace who was allegedly a worshiper of Satan. He disseapeared one night and witnesses said he was last seen entering a black carriage being pulled by a coachman with horns and a tail. Had he sold his soul to the devil? Some people certainly think so. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the creepy goings on here. The palace is now owned by Stockholm University who use it for storage - thats probably for the best.

8. The Borgvattnet Vicarage
Borgvattnett is a small village with just 50 residents there - but apparently a lot of ghosts. Its actually said to have the highest number of ghosts per people anywhere in the country. Perhaps the most haunted spot is the old vicarage. Built in 1876, it seemed like a normal building for some 50 years. Then, locals began reporting creepy goings on. Ghosts that are not just scary, theyre also violent. Some of the ghosts have reportedly knocked people out of chairs, moved furniture around while people are sleeping or even one case of a ghost throwing babies out of a window. If that sounds like your idea of fun, you can actually book a room there for the night and breakfast is included - if you make it to morning.

7. Toftaholm Herrgard
Some Swedish people proudly claim this place as the most haunted hotel in the world. Located along the edge of Lake Vikostern, the hotel is picturesque but comes with a dark story attached to it. One night, a young man killed himself in one of the hotel rooms after he was forbidden to marry the daughter of the landowner. Hed had a secret love affair with her for months but her father, a rich baron, refused to give their blessing because he was a poor commoner. Instead, he married her off to an older man not too dissimilar from the baron himself. Heartbroken, he hanged himself from the rafters of what is now room 324. While most visitors avoid that room, that hasnt stopped them seeing the ghost of the heartbroken man. He is said to wander through the hotel at night, shutting windows and crying out into the night.

6. Gamla Stan
In 1520, the Danish King Kristian the 2nd invaded Sweden. 92 members of the Swedish royal family refused to obey the invader so, Kristian sentenced them to death. All 92 of them were either beheaded or hanged in the main square of the Old Town of Stockholm known as Gamla Stan. Some say their blood flowed across the cobblestones for months. In the red building nearby, 92 white stones came to represent the 92 swedish nobles. Now, locals believe that if a stone is removed, the ghost of one of the dead nobels will rise up and haunt the streets of Stockholm.

5. The Skogsra
In ancient Swedish folklore, the Skogsra are forest spirits. From the front they look like a beautiful woman but from the back they resemble a tree trunk. There stories of men who were entranced by these spirits without ever seeing their other form from the back. The Skogsra wear the men down over days and weeks, draining them until they were helpless - playing on their temptations, fears and fantasies. If they manage to outsmart the spirit, the men will see their true form from behind and the Skogsra will disappear forever. If they do not, they are carried off into the woods at their weakest, never to be seen again.

4. The Mylingar
These are said to be the undead corpses or ghosts of infants murdered by their mothers. They haunt the places where they were buried with cries that pierce the night air. Why do they cry? Well, they want you to give them a name - they were often said to be killed before receiving a name, now thats all they want. Theyll ask you to carry them to hallowed ground to be buried - they grow in size as you get closer. There have been stories of these undead babies asking people for other tasks on roads at night - if they don't perform the tasks, the person will often return home to find a member of their family has been killed - often in the same theme as the original request. I would go into some of the details I saw but they really are gruesome. All you need to know is that theyre Zombie Babies - not two words you want to hear together.

3. The Nyk
Also known as the Nokken or Nykkjen, this is a mysterious water creature that always crops up in Scandanavian folklore. In Swedish tradition, the Nyk lives in freshwater, lakes and deep ponds. They are shapeshifters and will often transform into a handsome young man. They then trick women into jumping in the water before drowning them. There are also other versions of the legend that involve him changing into a white horse to let children ride on his back before jumping into his bond to drown them. Some believe the only way to save yourself is to throw metal in the water, like a needle or iron cross.

2. Stockholms Royal Palace
As you might expect from a palace, this place is huge. Many of its 1400 rooms come with some of Swedens most famous ghost stories. Among them is the White Lady, her name in life was Vita Frun. She is said to appear anytime a member of Swedens royal family dies. King Oscar once wrote that she is tall, wears a long white dress with a white veil and dark cloves. She wanders the rooms and halways clutching a ring of keys which jangle and echo in the night. In 1971, Princess Eugenie saw The White Lady 3 days before the death of Queen Louise. Over half a century before, she was also said to appear as Princess Margaret lay dying. Despite not actually being dead yet, a guard saw The White Lady standing on the roof - keys in hand. Two hours later, the princess was dead.

1. Svaneholm Castle
This is another castle in southern Sweden known for its high concentration of ghosts. Perhaps the most famous is King Frederik the 2nd who his said to wander the halls at night searching for his long lost love who he never married. Then there are the 3 ladies. In previous Urban Legend videos, you may have heard me talk about a castle or house having the White Lady, the Black Lady or the Grey Lady ghost. Things like that. Well, how about all 3. Thats right, visitors to Svaneholm castle have reported 3 seperate ghost ladies - some even say they compete for each others territory. Another regular on the scene is said to be the Grey Monk who was murdered in the castle in the 1500s and now occasionally helps staff carry heavy items up the stairs from the cellars.
Source: MostAmazingTop10 Youtube Channel

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