17 Names of Demons and Their Meaning

17 Names of Demons and Their Meaning

Demons are beings that represent evil, vices and defects that humanity possesses, so it is possible to find a variety of these in different cultures and traditions around the world. Some of the best known names of demons are Beelzebub, Paimon, Belphegor, Leviathan, Lilith, Asmodeo or Lucifer. Demonology is the branch of theology in charge of studying and classifying demons, mainly those of Christian origin, which has allowed the understanding of these beings throughout history.

List of demon names
1. Behemoth

Behemoth In medieval demonology Behemoth (“several animals”) is the nocturnal demon of  indulgence and holds the ranks of caretaker of wine cellars, grand cupbearer of the royal household, and night watchman. He oversees the feasts of Hell and is responsible for serving the DEVIL his food and wine. He also entertains with song and music.

Also called Begimus or Bahamut, it is a beast that appears in the Bible, whose representation is an imposing and large figure. It could be an animal similar to a hippopotamus, elephant, crocodile or dinosaur.

During the Middle Ages, Behemoth was defined as one of the most powerful demons in Hell. Due to the description of its large size, it is considered to represent the presence of evil in creation.

2. Lucifer or Satan

Lucifer or Satan Lucifer, named in various religious texts, is often considered to be the font of all earthly evil.  In Christian demonology he is said to be an ARCHDEMON, one of the FALLEN ANGELS, formerly of the Order of Cherubim, once a Seraphim. He holds many ranks, including emperor, minister of justice of Hell, Prince of Darkness, Prince of Demons, PRINCE OF HELL, Prince of Pandemonium, Prince of the Power of the Air, prince of this world. The demon of pride, he commands the Infernal armies.

According to the Bible, Lucifer was the most beautiful and powerful angel in heaven, to the point that he also enjoyed the favor and esteem of God. However, by rebelling against him, both he and other angels were defeated by the Archangel Michael, for which they were exiled to hell.

Lucifer is the leader and lord of demons, he is the representation of evil, and can mutate and transform into different entities.

Other names that he receives and that are also widely known in the history are the fallen angel, Luzbel or Satan.

3. Belia

Belia Like BELAIL, Belial was said to be the very next angel created after LUCIFER. He is also accredited as being the one who persuaded LUCIFER to rebel against God, as well as being the first angel to be cast out of heaven.

It is a demon that receives different names, such as Belhor, Baalial, Beliar, Beliall and Beliel. He is known as "the lord of corruption, pride and arrogance", which is why he is also considered one of the demon princes of hell.

In the Bible, Belial was a term used synonymously with Satan. However, with the passage of time it became a separate and complementary identity from other demons such as Lucifer, Leviathan and Lilith.

4. Beelzebub

Beelzebub Originally he was known as Baal-zebub, the chief god of Ekron, a Philistine city. The priests of that city practiced divination based on the flight of flies.

Beelzebub or Beelzebub, derived from Baal Zebub, "the lord of the flies" or "master of hell", refers to one of the oldest and most powerful demons, to the point of being represented as one of the seven princes of hell.

His influence is such that Satan himself called him "the master of filth", which is why he was directly associated with the capital sin of gluttony.

During the Inquisition, it was determined that Beelzebub was the master of ceremonies at the witches' meetings, and who was in charge of imparting the Eucharist at the so-called black masses.

5. Belphegor

Belphegor The demon of discovery, international rivalry, invention, laziness, pride, riches, sloth, and vanity, Belphegor is difficult to summon. When he does appear, it will be either as a beautiful young woman or a naked and hideous demonic being with a beard, horns, a gaping mouth, and sharp nails. He grants riches and empowers with discovery and ingenious inventions. Belphegor accepts offerings of excrement.

Initially, Belphegor was a demon associated with lust and debauchery. Soon after, with studies in demonology, it was determined that among his purposes was to tempt people through laziness.

Also, writings indicate that Belphegor helps people to make ingenious discoveries or inventions, through promises of economic prosperity.

On a graphic level, the demon is represented as a tall entity, long nose, tail, long beard and with an old man's face, usually resting on his feet with long pointed fingers, or sitting in a latrine.

6. Paimon

Paimon An offering or sacrifice must be made to this demon when he is invoked; upon his arrival Paymon must be allowed to ask any question he wishes of his summoner and he must be answered honestly and directly. When summoned, Paymon appears as a crowned man with a feminine face.

A demon that is part of the Order of the Dominions and that is in charge of several legions of demons, always at the disposal and under the orders of Lucifer.

According to studies in demonology, Paimon is a god that can be invoked in order to answer the questions that are desired or to impart knowledge in sciences, arts and philosophy, as long as a sacrifice is offered. Other powers associated with this entity are the resurrection of the dead, visions and the invocation of other spirits.

On the other hand, he is depicted with an effeminate face, wearing an exquisitely decorated crown and mounted on a dromedary.

7. Agares

Agares Agares is a grand duke of the eastern region of Hell and the prime minister of LUCIFER (see DUKES OFHELL and PRIMEMINISTERS OFHELL). He is also responsible for distributing titles and prelacies. Sources vary as to whose service he falls directly under: LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE or MEPHISTO PHELES.

A demon with the appearance of an old man and mounted on a crocodile, he is in charge of 30 legions of demons that belong to the order of virtues. Agares is further characterized by his powers, including causing earthquakes, teaching other types of language, and taking pleasure in immoral and impure actions.

8. Mammon

Mammon According to medieval demonology, Mammon (“money”) is the demon of avarice. Ranked as the prince of tempters and Hell’s ambassador to England, he is described as looking wolflike (see PRINCES OF HELL). Mammon is an ARCHDEMON, a FALLEN ANGEL, formerly of the Order of Thrones.

Also called as "The son of the devil", he is characterized mainly by being the representation of greed, materialism and greed. It is said that he is indifferent between the gap between rich and poor, so he is adored by all those who are weak and obsessed with riches.

According to the Bible, Mammon is a kind of god of money, capable of weakening the will of men due to the greed that he can generate in their desires.

9. Leviathan

Leviathan Originating in ancient Hebrew lore and popularized in medieval demonology, Leviathan, the demon of envy and faith, was an aquatic, ARCH SHE-DEMON; she was also said to be a FALLEN ANGEL of the Order of Seraphim. Her name in Hebrew means “the crooked (or piercing) serpent (or dragon)” or “whale.”

It is an aquatic demon, with the appearance of a large snake or a dragon, that lives in the depths of the sea on the prowl for men and the weak of spirit. Along with Behemoth, they are the oversized and intimidating-looking ancient monsters.

It is worth mentioning that despite the fact that Leviathan is one of the princes of hell, for some authors this entity is another of the physical representations into which Satan himself can be transformed.

10. Lilith

Lilith According to Jewish folklore, LILITH, the first wife of Adam, left her husband and their children to be with the demon SAMMAEL. Together they dwelt in and near the Red Sea where Lilith became a demon herself. Every day she gave birth to one hundred demonic offspring.

According to Jewish folklore, Lilith is the name of Adam's first wife. By leaving there, she managed to become the lover of Satan, as well as other demons.

Later, she Lilith would go on to become a demon with the power to kidnap children, and also capable of becoming a succubus to seduce men.

She is generally represented in the form of a very beautiful woman, long reddish or blonde hair, with great power of seduction.

11. Astaroth
He is one of the Grand Dukes of Hell, depicted as a naked man, with dragon hands and feet, large feathered wings, and a crown on his head. Likewise, in one of his hands he holds a snake and his body rests on the back of a dog or wolf.

Its powers include inciting vanity, leading men to discover hidden treasures, mastering multiple languages, and it also has the ability to alter and manipulate the lines of the destiny of any being, be it divine or human.

On the other hand, for some authors, Astaroth is part of the so-called "infernal Trinity", which is also made up of Lucifer and Beelzebub.

12. Amun
He is another of the powerful marquises of hell, whose main power is to relate past and future situations, as well as to maintain anger and discontent among human beings. That is why he is also known as "the demon of anger."

The representations of Amun are very varied. In some he is a man with the face of an owl and the teeth of a dog, while in others he appears as a man with the head of a wolf and the tail of a snake, but always with an expression of disdain and hatred.

It should be noted that for some authors, Amun and Mammon are the same demon, although there seems to be a consensus that the second may be a variation of the Egyptian god of the same name.

13. Asmodeus
It is a demon known in different cultures and civilizations, so it is possible to meet a significant variety of names and powers. But, mainly, Asmodeus is considered to be responsible for sexual desire, lust and lasciviousness.

The figure of him is not only related in the Holy Scriptures in the Sarah and Tobias passage, but he is also referenced in Alighieri's "Divine Comedy" as the person responsible for torturing the souls of men in the second circle of hell. .

14. Sidragaso
Also known as Bitru or Sytry, he is a demon who occupies a duchy in Hell and commands a legion of incubi. As for his physical appearance, Sidragaso has the face of a leopard, the torso of a man, the legs of a goat, and the wings of a griffin.

The figure of him is related to the awakening of the sexual appetite of women through his gallantry, so that he is able to convince his victims to do what he pleases. In addition, he incites sexual pleasures between different sexes or the same.

According to Collin de Plancy's The Infernal Dictionary, Sidragasus also has the ability to transform into an attractive and sensual human.

15. Devil
It is the most common name to refer to the devil. Possibly the origin of the name is Greek (Diabolos), which comes to mean "slanderer" or "stalker". For the Bible it is about one of the Creator's angels who fell into evil.

16. Jaldabaoth
One of the sons of God, who became a fallen angel due to his envy towards the human being. Some cultural traditions consider him the greatest enemy of the Creator, as well as the most powerful evil being.

17. Samael
There are certain discrepancies as to whether Samael is a fallen angel or not. For those scholars who do believe it, they refute that the meaning of his name is "poison of God" and that he rebelled against the almighty, being a ruler of evil.

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