Administrative Management: Functions and Processes

 The administrative management is the set of forms, actions and mechanisms that allow the use of a company's financial human resources and materials in order to achieve the proposed objective . It is based on four fundamental principles; the order is the first, according to each worker must occupy the position for which he is trained.

Lack of order leads to less efficient work and incorrect use of resources. The second principle is discipline; within the administrative management discipline is an important aspect, since the norms and rules must be fulfilled and respected by all.

The third principle is unity of command. The employee must know to whom he reports his work and from whom he will receive orders, to avoid erroneous messages that harm the quality of work. Finally, fostering and valuing initiative in staff is crucial to motivating; This will have a positive impact on the work environment and the achievement of goals.

Administrative management is essential for the organization, since it forms the basis on which the group's own tasks will be carried out, also forming a network aimed at meeting business objectives.

Carrying out management processes

The management processes must be carried out properly so that effective performance is carried out in each of the administrative functions.

These should include planning, organization, direction and control, all revolving based on the fulfillment of the objectives.


It refers to the selection, training, placement and remuneration of personnel. The achievement of the objectives of the organization depends on being able to have the appropriate personnel, which is why the interest in meeting the needs of the employees must be maintained and, at the same time, be loyal to the organization.

Safeguarding of assets

The assets of an organization must be protected against misuse, loss or damage caused by theft, fire or any other means.

For this reason, it is necessary to maintain an adequate record for each type of asset, holding the staff responsible for its correct use and safeguarding.

Public relations

One of the important functions of administrative management is the establishment and maintenance of various lines of communication between the organization and its related public (clients, shareholders, employees, suppliers, consumers).

Establish work sequences

For a stable and uninterrupted performance of administrative work, defined routine systems and procedures should be developed. This is motivated by the nature of interdependence and interrelation between the specific tasks of each department.

Purchase of fixed assets

In each department there is a need for adequate fixed assets to have an efficient and economic performance of the work carried out there. Therefore, a standard procedure must be followed in the selection and purchase of each type of fixed asset required.

An important aspect is to carry out a detection and evaluation of the real need for the asset, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses that affect the finances of the company.

Shape design and control

Since administrative work has particular characteristics, the forms used must be designed in order to provide the required information in an adequate manner.

It is the duty of the administration to design these forms and try to standardize their use, in order to reduce costs.

Purchase of stationery and office supplies

These articles must cover the needs of the users, since they will affect the systematic and rapid execution of the work that is done.

Therefore, it is important to ensure the standardization, selection and purchase of these inputs, as well as their distribution to other departments, when necessary.

Administrative management processes


Planning is the cornerstone of this process, since the subsequent actions to follow will be derived from this. To carry out an efficient process it is necessary to consider the following:

- Have clear objectives.

- Study the environment under which the work will be carried out.

- Identify and assign the tasks that will help to achieve the objectives.

- Carry out a comprehensive plan of achievements, where the creative elements that help to carry out the work effectively are highlighted.

- Determine the policies, methods and procedures required for the performance of the work.

- Create alert systems that allow anticipating actions against future problems.

- Constantly update the plans, considering the results of the controls exercised over them.


To be successful, all human, financial and material resources that are related to the work to be done must be coordinated.

This implies the establishment of a set of rules and task assignments that must be strictly followed by the people involved. Some of these activities are:

- Divide the work considering the units of operation.

- Group tasks by job positions.

- Structure the operating units with criteria of manageability and affinity of the work.

- Select personnel who have the skills required for a certain job.

- Establish adjustments in the activities carried out, based on the results of their control.

Direction or execution

To comply with the planned and organized strategies, it is necessary to take the actions that initiate and give them continuity.

Among these measures are those of directing the activity and promoting the development of the employee in the workplace and personal, so that this motivation is translated into the efficient achievement of the objective. These strategies can be:

- Guide and encourage the group to achieve the objective.

- Establish direct, open and transparent communication with each of those involved, directly or indirectly, at work.

- Develop the potential of each member.

- Create incentives for employees who stand out in certain pre-established criteria, such as creativity, speed of completion, among others.

- Establish constant evaluation mechanisms of the execution process, in order to rectify actions if required.


It is important to implement strategies to verify that what is planned, organized and executed is progressing satisfactorily and effectively towards the achievement of the objective.

This will make it possible to make decisions to replace activities or reorient the process, allowing it to be optimized. These could be some of the actions to follow:

- Establish comparisons of the results with the general plans of the company.

- Evaluate the product of the work, based on its performance standards.

- Make public the means to be used in the measurements.

- Communicate the suggestions to the responsible personnel, in order to correct the actions that are necessary.

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