The 6 Stages of Administrative Organization

It is extremely important to know the stages of the administrative organization to be able to manage resources in the most efficient way possible and obtain the best results. The administrative organization is a set of actions carried out by a group of people with the fundamental idea of ​​achieving a common goal.

This concept not only refers to managing the economy of a company, but can also cover the economic income of a family to that of an entire nation. So any figure that earns a monetary income must have due planning if it hopes to be successful in the long term.

Origins of the administrative organization
The administration is linked to organizational aspects, whose origins can be traced back to ancient Egypt and distant Babylon.

The fact of managing has the purpose of getting the most out of economic and financial decisions, and ensuring that these are always the most appropriate depending on the case. Administration can be seen as the science of managing.

Administration, as it is known today, began to take shape in Europe in the 15th century, after the introduction of the use of Arabic numerals; this fact facilitated the way of keeping accounts.

Between the 18th and 19th centuries the Industrial Revolution had already taken place , which completely changed the labor and business landscape of the time. At this time the administration became indispensable for the management of the new industries and factories.

The British economist and philosopher Adam Smith, considered the father of modern economics, exposed the need for a hierarchy and division of labor so that it could be carried out in an optimal way.

With the arrival of industrial machinery and, therefore, a much greater production of various goods and articles, the specialization of a science that had previously been spontaneously became necessary.

Management made the process easier to achieve what, according to Smith, was the ultimate goal of mass production: the maximization of capital and land.

Stages of administrative organization
This form of organization is divided into various stages. These phases make up the main rules of the administration, so that it can be carried out correctly and the possibility of errors is minimized.

There are different interpretations; however, the six essential steps of the administrative process are as follows, in order of execution:

Logically, it should be done before starting any project. All factors that can come into play and affect the result must be taken into account. Be extremely cautious and take nothing for granted.

The objectives are drawn up and the available options and the actions to be taken are managed in order to meet those objectives. These goals should always be realistic and consistent, they should never be taken for granted or announce gains from the start.

The creation process is carried out and the necessary work structure is formed to achieve the objective, defining the activities, the work, the possible challenges, the hierarchies, the groups and the steps to follow next.

Direction Leadership involves leading and influencing the organization fully and completely. It is at this stage where you begin to see how the planned action takes shape and the objectives are already less distant, since there is order in the hierarchy and there is a plan in operation.

This stage refers to the tools that must be taken into account to guarantee that the goals set can be met.

All the factors that, directly or indirectly, have to do with the process come into play here. The idea is that the whole procedure works like a gear.

The behaviors and methods approved in planning and coordination must be carried out to the letter. Thus, the objectives are met with the greatest precision and in the shortest possible time.

This is when control comes into play and ensures that none of the parties involved go beyond the established. This avoids delays and complications on the way to achieve the objectives.

Beyond the six stages
It should be noted that the administration goes beyond the six stages outlined above.

It has some unspoken rules, such as the fact that you can never expect or take profits for sure. No matter how well planned a process is, it is not risk-free or fail-safe.

In the same way, this social and economic science contemplates various principles that complement the planning and execution stages.

Of these principles we can highlight the one that says that for specialization in an area the division of labor is required. The responsible authority must answer for those in its charge.

In addition, discipline is absolutely necessary and respect is an indispensable value to create a stable work environment.

Example of successful administrative procedures
Egyptian pyramids
Great examples of successful management can be seen throughout the history of mankind. The famous pyramids of Egypt required an extensive administrative and logistical plan that, without a doubt, required great discipline, order, coordination and control.

Constructions of Antiquity
The above also applies to all the great constructions in antiquity, such as the statue of Zeus and the Roman Colosseum.

Other examples
Monumental structures are not the only successful examples of management in history. From planning the harvest to have food in winter to knowing what inputs and in what quantity could be carried on a long voyage on the high seas, they are administrative processes.

They all manage resources available at the moment. In this way, it seeks to get the most out of it and minimize the risk of error. Otherwise, in these cases, the result would have been a famine or a tragedy when running out of fresh water in the middle of the ocean.

And it is that administrative science has existed since time immemorial. Perhaps not with a proper name, but as something intrinsic to the social nature of the human being.

This indicates that to coexist in a civilized way, people require resources and organization, and the ability to make use of them in the appropriate and most optimal way.

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