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Top 10 Curse of the World

10. Hope Diamond
It is the largest blue diamond in the world. It weighs 45.52 carats by a French merchant John Baptist Travinier stole it from the Hindu deity (forehead) of a Hindu temple in an Indian temple around 160 AD. This contemporary diamond has a curse attached to it, that is, whoever steals or possesses the Hope Diamond. Every person will suffer disaster! And is true by the curse Since Louis the 14th who bought this diamond From Mr. Travinier He and the royal family were constantly under threat from the French Revolution, including Henry Philip Hope (owner of the diamond), Pierre Cartier (the famous jeweler we know). Good) etc. are all faced with unfortunate Until the last possessor is the basket of Sir Harry Winston has given Lady nobility One borrows a diamond necklace of Hope. Wear to evening party Two months later Her little one was mysteriously dead. Her husband goes insane and eventually gets divorced, heirs Lwinston gives Diamond Hope to the Smith Institute. US Sonian Be a conservationist instead.

9.The Bone Temple of Evora, Portugal The temple was built in the 15th century.
By Franciscan monks That is unearthly strange The walls inside this temple are made up of only 5,000 human bones. Not enough, there are two corpses hanging on one side of the wall! The legend states that A long time ago there was a woman who was adherent to Catholics but was infuriated by her husband's son. She helped each other beat until death. Before her death, she had cursed both of his souls into hell, even on the ground. Would not accept his body for a long time, both men died Townspeople trying to dig His grave But where they dug down, they found only rocks. When they were exhausted, they brought up the two corpses. To hang with The walls of the temple. For the monks to use During meditation Is considered a very magical curse.

8. Shakespeare's Macbeth
This drama contains scenes involving witches and Black magic curse It is said that the real witches at that time were angry that Shakespeare brought their secrets to reveal. Therefore, the curse of the drama has been lost - if anyone was acting, especially the drama that played Macbeth, the curse happened since the very first time it was shown. By an actor named Halber Ridge, who plays Lady Em Fell hurt that night And died backstage And since then, for almost 400 years, the drama has always had a paranormal happened to the actors, such as there were accidents, casualties, some suicide. And the most frightening thing is that in 1947, an actor named Harold Torman played the role of Macbeth. During that duel His opponent forgot to put on the blade of the sword, when Macbeth was stabbed and knocked down in the middle of the stage, the audience applauded the role, but backstage. They were all so shocked that he was actually stabbed. Torman died three weeks later.

7. The Curse of Alistair Crawley, the Wizard of Loch Ness, Scotland, 1899
Crawley lived in a solitary house. In the south of the lake famous for the mythical creatures, it is said that he feeds on magic and feeds 115 spirit spirits. Many neighbors are distant. Until it was terrified before death, Crawley left the curse at the top of a mountain, which is known as "Devil's Chimney" and Crawley used to get lost at this summit. Which made him upset Therefore cursed that when this peak crumbled And evil things will also be released. Devil's chimney "has stood for thousands of years. But then, in April 2001, the peak was about 70 meters high, it collapsed into the sea. This caused the people who believed in the legacy to be shocked together. By now, hell must have covered the land!

6.The voodoo curse of New Orleans, us
The voodoo witch, named Marie Laveau, lived in the 1800s, with her neighbors rumored to be able to curse both people and animals. Using the black magic of voodoo Even today, there are still Organized a guided tour to see her house. Including the request for her to help curse anyone, called Bloody Marie Tour, however, the applicant must do the following: starting from knocking three times on Marie's coffin. Then turn her body 3 times counterclockwise, and she spilled rum over the tomb three times and uttered her name aloud. Then tell me your purpose (How to let her impart your enemy to woe, how) I do not believe it, go on a tour to prove it.

5. The curse of Tutankhamun, Egypt
This story we must have heard each other before. So please pass In a nutshell, both Howard Carter, Lord Carnavon, and this Pharaoh's grave disturber were all pre-emptied. All right

4. The Crow of the Castle, London (Tower of London)
This castle fortress Well known As being used as a prison and Executing important persons Many of England's in the courtyard of this castle will raise 6 crows because of the curse for more than 900 years that if the number of crows reduce when. When there will be disaster upon London and the end of the Royal Family of England! This story has long been documented. In the reign of King Charles II around the 17th century as well, it is not a metaphysical story at all. And make everyone, whether they are guards Or the king is taken seriously, for example, if one crow dies Must immediately report to the Queen And had to procure a new crow To replace immediately Which every crow will have a name for And if death, it will be ceremonially buried. There will be crows to be raised for reserve all the time. If any one falls ill Must hurry to check If you die from a contagious disease (such as bird flu) and in the morning, the crow is completely dead. It is believed that the whole royal family will disappear as well.

3. The lead curse of Greece in 1979
An excavation of an archaeological site named Agora, Athens, revealed a thin sheet of lead. With the inscriptions of the ancient language which are cursed appearing This lead, known as Katares, is placed in a coffin before it is buried. Lead is believed to quickly sink the curse into the abyss with the souls of the dead. So that the Lord can read the curse and inspire it. In addition, depositing or dropping the curse sheet into the water is another way. Because water can communicate To those whom we want to curse More than 100 sheets of the catares found were identified by Sulis Minorva, the Roman goddess of hydrology.

2. The death cycle curse of the President of the United States.
This is another very famous paranormal, that is, any US President elected in the year 0 that ends in 0 will die on duty. The legend states that The curse is Tekumze, the chief of the Indians. The strait of the white people came to take over the land. He was cursed before being killed in 1813. The first presidential victim was William Henry Harrison, who was elected in 1840 next to The curse is always true, be it • Lyn-Colne (1860) • Garfield (1880) • McKinley (1900) • Harding (1920) • Roos. Welt (1940) Kennedy (1960).

1.The curse in the garden of Eden
It was the very beginning of the curse. Since God created the world over there With the story appearing in the Bible that God first summoned Adam-a man. Then he gouged Adam's rib and turned it into Eve. And send them both in the garden of Eden Ready to say that you can eat anything Except the fruit from the tree Knowledge or apple But a bad snake It instigated Eve to put the apple in. Not alone is not enough. Eve also persuaded Adam to die. When it is against the command of the Lord It's a matter.

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