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The 5 benefits of hiring an online personal trainer

 New generations take their physical health very seriously, spending time and money to stay in shape. How can we meet your needs in times of COVID? ...

Working with a personal fitness trainer used to mean hitting the gym, a lot of money, and trying to make the most of a few 45-minute sessions a week. But now, thanks to technology, online personal trainers have become increasingly common, accessible and affordable.

What are the benefits of an online personal trainer?

In general, working with a personal trainer allows you to have a totally personalized fitness program, and the same is the case when working with a remote personal trainer. In fact, there are many ways that working with someone remotely is even better than face-to-face.

1. Accessibility - In addition to being more affordable than a gym session, an online personal trainer gives you the freedom to access your personalized plan wherever you are. The trainer can create workouts for you to do anywhere with minimal equipment and even schedule activities like running or cycling. And coupled with a health and fitness plan designed for you.

2. Flexible communication : Unlike normal gym sessions, where you only have access to your trainer during your hour-long appointment, many digital fitness apps allow you to stay in touch with your trainer on a regular basis. Having a flexible schedule and communication option is key to achieving long-term success with your health and fitness goals.

3. Progress Tracking - Since many online personal training platforms are connected to apps, you can easily track your fitness plan and progress in one place.

4. Planning : with this type of organization in which everything is in one place, workouts can be better traced and planned, since you know what is coming weeks in advance (generally, there is an established program with one or two weeks in advance). This allows the client to look ahead and ask any questions about the workouts they may have in their schedule. The coach can also recommend workouts to do on the days when you are not working with him (many of which can be found in the apps), which will help keep you motivated.

5. Responsibility : having someone to respond to, whether online or in person, will always make it more likely that you will turn up.

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