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Top 10 Scary Australian Urban Legends Part 2

10. A Devil Among Us
This is a very famous story coming from Sydney and one that many locals know about, even if they wish they didn't. On June 9th, 1979, the Godson family were waiting at Circular Quay for a ferry to take them to Sydney's Luna Park. Out of nowhere, they were approached by a Satanic-looking figure wearing a loincloth, mask and horned headdress. The being posed for a photo with 6-year-old Damien. Tragically, it would be the last ever picture of the boy. Later that night, while they were at Luna Park, a fire broke out on the ghost train ride, killing the entire Godson family. During the investigation, police found this picture and wanted to ask the horned man some questions.

However, nobody knew who he was or where to find him and he was never seen again. This left room for a legend to grow - that the devil himself was walking on the streets of Syndey. Bringing death to whoever he touches - and always dressed in costume so that his horns don't look out of place.

9. Bodies In The Bridge
Sydney Harbor Bridge was completed in 1932 - but it didn't come without a price. Records show that 16 people died during its construction - but there were also 3 that were supposedly covered up. Legend says that those 3 workers fell from a bridge and their disappearance wasn't noticed because they were only temporary workers. Their bodies fell into the pylons of the bridge. The bosses deemed the bodies too difficult to retrieve and so they continue to build the bridge around them. This urban legend has persisted in Sydney in the decades since with many people swearing its true. They say its the reason the bridge is haunted and that they try not to cross the bridge for fear of the worker's spirits rising up and taking their revenge on the living.

8. The Crown Casino Morgue
The Crown Casino is one of the most famous in Melbourne. Looking at pictures you would think it was a luxurious party hub with no creepy stories attached to it. Me too, but we'd be wrong. You see, for many years now, people have become convinced that that below the Casino, full of gamblers and partiers, there is a morgue for human bodies. They say the last stall in every bathroom is always occupied because it's not actually a stall. Apparently, they are actually exits that lead to secret hallways which lead to a huge morgue underneath the casino. Legend says that the staff uses this system to discreetly remove suicide victims who have ended their lives due to heavy gambling losses. This grisly system is supposed to stop other gamblers from seeing the bodies and being put off the casino.

7. Westfall UFO
Most countries have their UFO stories - this one might be Australias most famous. It happened on April 6th, 1966. Yes, that is three 6s ... At 11 AM, for about 20 minutes, more than 200 students and teachers claimed they saw a UFO descend into a grass field known as The Grange. Some students described it as a grey saucer shaped craft with a slight purple hue. It was about twice the size of a family car. Others described it differently and said it was more silvery green in color. Some even said that as it sped away, the craft was chased by 5 unidentified aircraft which circled the object.

In the 50 years since, many of the witnesses have kept in touch and reaffirmed what they all saw with each other - despite their own friends and even family not believing them. At the time, a local TV station called Channel 9 said they had footage of the incident but when they went to find the film canister in the archives, it was empty. Now, witnesses believe there's been a cover-up. It's not uncommon for 1 or 2 people to see something and be mistaken, but with 200 people all seeing the same event, this story even has skeptics around the world interested.

6. The Burning Airman
If you head to Canberra in Australia, many locals are familiar with the story of the Burning Airman. Back in 1940, a Lockheed Hudson 2 bomber spiraled out of control and crashed into the forest near Canberra. There were 6 crew members on board - sadly, none of them survived the crash. That would have been the end of it but then, a few years later, locals reported some strange happenings. Many people claimed to have seen unearthly lights near the old crash site. Sometimes they'd also hear the sounds of a plane getting closer to the ground but when they went out to check, there was nothing there. Then, they saw the burning man. The first sighting of this being was by a local teenage girl.

One night, the girl ran screaming from the forest. She said she was being followed by an airman who was covered in flames. The being followed her to the edge of the forest but for some reason, it could walk no further and disappeared into the night. Since then, a number of people have reported seeing the burning man walking towards them in the woods. Does he have evil intentions? Is he simply a lost spirit trying to move on? His scary appearance may mean nobody will get close enough to find.

4. Fishers Ghost
Some say this one is actually Australias most famous Ghost story! In June 1842, an ex-convict named Frederick Fisher vanished from his farm in Campbelltown, west of Sydney. It was a mystery. The police could find not any trace of him - the house lay empty for a while and then, one day, another ex-convict arrived at the house. His name was George Worral. He claimed that Fisher had returned to England and had left the farm to him. Four months later, a friend of Fisher's named John Farley burst into the local hotel and cried out that he had just seen Fisher's ghost sitting by the river. He said he tried to get closer but his horse reared and wouldn't go any further. He said the ghost was trying to draw his attention to the river. A search party went out there and found Fishers remains buried in a shallow grave near the edge of the river where the ghost had been pointing. Suspicion turned towards Worrall who was living in Fisher's house. They arrested him whereupon he confessed to the murder of Fisher. He was tried and hung for his crime. Ever since then, Campbelltown annually celebrates the Festival of Fishers Ghost, where they remember the tale of a spirit that helped solve its own murder.

3. Picton Ghost Town
This is a town about 80km south west of Sydney that has earned quite the reputation for its links with the supernatural. It's home to the famous Redbank Range Railway Tunnel. Its steeped in history, it was used to store mustard gas tanks during World War 2 and was even a mushroom farm at one point - but that's not why were visiting it today. In 1916, a local girl called Emily Bollard was walking through the tunnel late at night when she was hit by a train and killed. Some say it was suicide, others say it was just a tragic accident, but ever since then - things haven't been the same.

In the century since then, locals have reported seeing a white figure floating in the tunnel - and she has no face. There have also been reports of lights floating above peoples heads, sudden drops in temperature, black shadows darting around and even ghostly children appearing and laughing. They say Emily is more likely to appear if there is a Psychic or Clairvoyant around - but she has been known to appear to the average person, especially if they visit alone and at night.

2. The Glowing Cross of Lismore
For this one, we're going way back to 1907, to the town of Lismore in New South Wales. 29-year-old railway worker William Steenson was on duty when he tried to stop a runaway train with his bare hands. He was run over and killed. William was buried in the cemetery and his family erected a crucifix of granite above his grave. That would have been the end of the story but then, 11 years later, something strange began to happen with the granite cross - it began to glow. One by one - the whole town came to see. William Steesons cross had a brilliant white hue coming from every inch of it.

They began to call it the -Ghost of the Hill-over the next 60 years, news of the glowing cross began to spread more across Australia. Reporters, investigators, and tourists poured in to see the glowing cross. Some said it could be radioactive, others said it was just a reflection - nobody was ever able to figure it out because, in 1986, the cross disappeared! Some say it was theft by robbers who wanted the famous object - others thought it was a coverup to hide the paranormal. Either way, the cross was replaced with a replica which never glowed at all - that was over 30 years ago, but the legend of the glowing cross is still talked about to this day.

1. The Guyra Dam Mystery
On the 8th of December 1999, an unidentified object crashed into the small town of Guyra. It completely flattered an area about 52 by 20ft across and then plunged into the water. By the time anyone could get to the site, it had already sunk beneath the mud. Immediately, rumors started spreading, some said it was a UFO, space junk, a meteorite, a NASA craft returning from Mars, frozen sewage or perhaps just a hoax. Either way, something needed to be done. The object had crashed into the towns water supply so they cut it off to stop potential contamination. Police divers recovered material from below the mud, geologists said it was just a meteorite and none of the wild theories were true that people had come up with.

However, those same people were not happy with the official explanation. They point to the witness reports of-of a large object and a mysterious 120-foot gouge in the reed beds. They also say the burn marks left in the area are not normally associated with meteorite impacts. To put it simply, they believe there was a cover-up of a real UFO crash landing in this little Australian town - and now the stories are all people have to go on.

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