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Top 10 Scary Police Discoveries

The motto of the police forces is usually protect and serve. The thing is though, sometimes that involves investigating the darkest parts of human society - the strange buildings and disturbing people that you hear stories about.

10. The Disturbance
This one comes from a 19 year old fresh police recruit who was called to a domestic dispute by concerned neighbors. When they got to the house and opened the door, a swarm of rats poured out of the house. The lights and TV were on but nobody was home. They looked everywhere but couldnt find anyone. After waiting for a while for the owners to return, they left. A few minutes later they got another call from neighbors saying there was arguing coming from the house again. This time they brought the dog squad but again - the house was empty. It got even stranger when they found the toilet had just been flushed seconds before and the kettle was boiling. What do you guys think? Slippery suspects or the supernatural?

9. Twisted Mind
User Jaws76 is a Police Officer who told Reddit that years ago he was called to a body dumped in the stairway of a public housing building. As they arrived, they propped open the door with the doormat. A nice young guy gave them a hand until they secured the scene. The victim was in a shocking state, multiple slashes and stab marks all over his body and covered in burns. The strange thing was - his clothes were perfectly clean. The medical team said his body was drained of blood and there were no signs of decomposition - it was a real mystery. Months later, an arrest was made. The suspect was the nice guy who had helped them when they arrived. Turns out he and his girlfriend were -friends-with the victim when they began arguing one night. They beat him unconscious, tied him to a chair and tortured him for 2 days. When he died, they drained his body in the bath, changed his clothes and threw him down the stairs. The murderer then had the audacity to help the officers who arrived at the scene.

8. The Monster
User Ultimatespacewizard told Reddit a story that comes from his girlfriends Grandad who used to be a detective. When he was new on the job, he got called to an apartment because a so called -monster-was trying to get in. The caller said they heard a gunshot and then a while later and banging on their door. They opened the door to see what they called a monster standing there and trying to get in - they slammed the door and called the police. By the time the officers got there, this had happened to other apartments too. When the detective arrived, he found the -monster- stumbling around the building. It turned out it was actually a guy who had tried to kill himself with a shotgun to the head. He got the angle wrong though and blew off his mouth and nose but was still alive. He stumbled around to the other apartments in shock, trying to get help, but everyone was so scared they kept closing the door.

7. The Scarecrow
The story goes that police were called to the house of an old couple who said there was a man standing in their backyard. The officers showed up and split into 2 groups, each heading down one side of the house. As they approached him in the dark, they ordered him to get down on the ground and put his hands behind his on the ground. He didnt move. It turns out that a few hours before, a suspect had robbed a nearby store and as he fled, he ran through that backyard. He tried to get over the fence but slipped and fell all the way down, right onto a fence post - impaling him. He couldnt lift himself up and his own weight pulled him down. The pole entered his groin and reached his shoulder. The story was grimly referred to as the -Scarecrow- incident.

6. Writing On The Wall
Reddit user CopWithoutVest told a story about the time he and his partner were called to check on the welfare of a person. The ex boyfriend of a woman had called and said he was concerned about her after receiving texts from her saying that she wished it never ended and that she couldnt go on any longer without him. They got to her place but there was no answer. They called the number the guy had given them but although they could hear the phone ringing inside, she didnt pick up. They heard some slurred speech from the other side of the door and finally it unlocked but didnt open. When they stepped inside, they found her standing in the dark, naked, wet, and swaying in one spot - her hands were bleeding. An ambulance came and took her away. The creepiest was yet to come though. None of the lights would turn on - instead they found candles in the bedroom and bathroom - on the walls there were bible scriptures written in her blood. The bath was filled with brown water - a mixture of water and blood. They concluded she had been sitting in the cold there for hours and don't know how she survived.

5. The Werewolf
This one come from Reddit user PunMan42 who said he used to work in a small town in Ohio called Celleryville. He said one night his daughter was in her bedroom and drew back the curtains to look out of the window. To her horror, standing outside, was what she believed to be a werewolf - staring right back at her. She screamed and ran to her Dad who didnt really believe her. As a police officer hes seen a lot of strange things but a werewolf? He saw the fear in her eyes though and walked around the perimeter of the house with a pistol and flashlight - he found nothing. A week later he and his co worker were called to investigate a case of a peeping tom - some guy was staring in at peoples windows at night. When they caught him - he was wearing a werewolf costume. He was dressing up in it so that people would never believe the witnesses and he could return to watch them again.

4. The Cult
Reddit user Caleb23 said they were called to a graveyard to find a cult of people who were digging up bodies and doing, in his own words -freaky religious crap- with them … luckily, when they got there, they hadnt started digging yet. Instead, they were wearing strange outfits and chanting. He said the sight disturbed him more than any suicide or vehicle accident before or after. He went to go and arrest them but his Field Training Officer told him not to. The young cop was confused but his boss said if you arrest them, they get the arrest report and they know your name - you don't want those people to know your name.

3. Christmas Eve
This story was posted online by a guy who said his Grandad was an Irish police officer who started his career in Minneapolis in the mid 1950s. He always told interesting stories about his long career but this Christmas Eve one was the scariest by far. He said that one night he got a call to a house on Christmas Eve to a house that had 6 bodies in it. When he got there, he found he was the first on the scene. He walked in with his gun draw and went room to room. In each room he found the bodies of the family of 6 - all dead but with no signs of struggle - it looked like they had all just fallen asleep - one minute they were alive and the next they were dead. Eventually he went upstairs to the bathroom. There in the bath was the teenage girl of the family, dead and with a single, lonely tear rolling down her cheek. He had to leave when investigators showed up and said he never found out what happened. What do you guys think it was? Do we even want to know? That would haunt me.

2. The Voice
Reddit user Seej said they were once called to check on an elderly lady in her home. When they got there and there was no answer, they climbed through a window at the back of the house. As they climb through, they hear a loud television on in the next room and can tell its the news. They called -Police, does anyone need help?!- … then they hear an old raspy voice reply -Heeeere- .. they rush down the hall to the next room and find the woman lying face down in the dining room. The officer asked -Maam, did you fall? Where are you hurt?- but when they touch her hand, its ice cold - she had been dead for days. When the officers arrived they checked the house but found nobody else there. The officer swore they heard the voice and knew it wasnt from the TV.

1. Mother of Demon
Reddit user Spartan337 said they were once called out after reports of a suspicious person outside a nearby house. When they got there, the guy said a woman was standing on his driveway with a child sized doll with horns and covered in blood. He said he asked her what she wanted and she said -It needs food- … then she started screaming and ran straight at him. He slammed the door and thats when he called the police. The officer found blood and claw marks on the door from her fingernails. He was searching the area when he got another call saying the woman had returned but was round the back this time.

Its dark but he finds her with his flashlight - shes crouched on the floor with her evil looking doll. She didnt respond to the officer, she only whispered at her doll. Her clothes were in rags, she had no shoes, she just kept turning her head to the side and growling in between the whispers. When the officers tried to move her she went berserk and started attacking them, they had to knock her out and drag her to hospital where she tested positive for PCP and other opiates.

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