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What Does It Mean to Dream of Dolphins

Dream interpretation about Dolphins

Dolphins are extremely intelligent, loyal and faithful animals. In addition, they have many striking characteristics, such as being playful and taking very patient care of their young. If you have swam with dolphins or recently saw a movie of these animals, it may be that at night you dream about them.

If you have never been in contact with one of these mammals, dreaming about them is strange and causes a lot of curiosity to know what that means. The good thing is that what does it mean to dream of dolphins is one of the dreams that augurs the best, since it symbolizes emotional intelligence and positive aptitude for different life situations.

In this article, we will explain what it means to dream of dolphins. Here we will talk about the meaning according to the site and the way in which the dolphin appears and even indicates if they are attacking you.

Meaning of dreaming of dolphins in the sea
We will start by telling you what it means to dream of dolphins in the sea. In this case, the dolphins appear in their natural habitat, which means that you are in a moment of your life in which you feel satisfied with what you have achieved. Your self-esteem is very high and that is good. You like to go after the pursuit of wisdom, which makes many people trust you, especially for the wise advice you can give in the worst moments.

It is a very reassuring dream and reveals that you are going to prosper in everything that you have proposed because discipline and perseverance are your fundamental pillars. Keep cultivating your empathic and wise personality , as that way you will achieve all your goals.

Along with that, there are other meanings associated with dreaming about dolphins that will depend on the context of the episode. Let's see them:

Several dolphins appear in the sea : this symbolizes tranquility and peace in your environment. You are surrounded by people who love you and who take care of you. In other words, this episode reflects collaboration and mutual solidarity.
You dream like a dolphin in the sea : express that you are a dreamy, energetic and dynamic person who strives to get what he wants, without hurting others. You are always looking for new things to experience. Therefore, many opportunities will arise, both at work and personal level.
There is a dolphin near a boat in the sea : if in the dream you see a dolphin near a boat, be careful. These types of episodes are associated with possible setbacks, but with patience and wisdom you will be able to solve them quickly.
You are riding on the back of a dolphin: it represents a certain insecurity that you have to make a certain decision. As we already said, dolphins are very intelligent and if in your dream you see yourself riding on their back, it is a clear indication that they are showing you the right path. Say yes to that new project. Put your doubts aside and take charge of that new goal.

Meaning of dreaming about dead dolphins
Dreaming of dead dolphins unfortunately does not have a good meaning. Rather, it is associated with loss, sadness, and suffering. It is likely that a family member or loved one is currently going through a moment of pain or an illness and that makes you sad. It may also be that your relationship is in conflict or on the verge of an imminent breakup.

On the other hand, this dream represents a feeling of emptiness due to the absence of some very important person in your life. It is not necessarily related to death directly, but to estrangement and the pain of missing someone you love who left your side.

What does it mean to dream of dolphins in a pool
According to experts in the interpretation of dreams, the meaning of dreaming of dolphins in a pool will depend on the size of the pool. Thus, if in the episode the mammals were in a large and crystalline pool, it is related to calm, patience and spiritual renewal. It reflects that you are ascending in terms of your emotional balance and that you analyze in detail each of the steps you are going to take.

On the other hand, if the dolphins were in a small pool, the meaning changes drastically. In that case, it means that you feel repressed. You are not showing yourself as you are to other people, since you feel very shy and that must be resolved. The best thing is that you regain your self-esteem and show yourself as you really are. Once you do this, you will feel more freedom, calm and tranquility.

What does it mean to dream of dolphins that attack you
If you dreamed of dolphins attacking you, then it is possible that some people close to you are about to betray you. It may be that in your work environment a colleague wants to take advantage of your effort to keep the merits of your work. It is important that you be alert, since the dream warns you in time so that you take the necessary measures and do not fall by surprise.

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