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What Does It Mean to Dream of Gold

Dream interpretation about Gold

Gold is one of the most valuable elements on earth. Its brilliance and beauty have made it the subject of numerous battles throughout history, since for man this precious metal is a sign of wealth and power. Dreaming of gold is often related to positivity, prosperity and luck, although it also has to do with ambition, and, in this case, it is advisable to be careful.

In this article, we will give you all the information you need so that you can correctly interpret what it means to dream of gold. Its meaning varies depending on whether you dreamed of stolen gold, buried, with coins or with gold jewelry, since for psychoanalysis each dream episode is unique. Its particular meaning will depend on all the elements present in the dream and even on how the dreamer felt.

Meaning of dreaming about stolen gold
Stealing is wrong in real life. That is why dreaming of stolen gold has a negative meaning, since it is related to bad situations that will come to you. It may be a sign that you haven't been acting in good faith lately. This is likely to cause problems in your closest circle, be it work or personal. It is convenient that you rectify those incorrect actions that can bring you bad consequences in the long or short term. In this article, we tell you what the consequences of workplace harassment are.

For a more accurate interpretation of your dream, it is important to pay attention to other details, since the context and the elements present in the dream help to find a more precise meaning. Consequently, there may be other interpretations of dreaming about stolen gold, such as the following:

It is from you that your gold is stolen : this means that you must be more alert to everything that happens around you. Perhaps you are missing out on valuable opportunities that are not going to happen again.
You see a friend stealing gold : your dream is interpreted as the presence of someone who wants to make you fall into temptation or trouble. Open your eyes wide and do not allow third parties to end up involved in unnecessary inconvenience.
You find stolen gold : this type of dream has to do with some financial need. At this time it is likely that you need to get out of debt and you are thinking a lot about all the alternatives to pay it off. The best thing is that you calm down and analyze the situation clearly. Perhaps the solution is simpler than you think.

Meaning of dreaming about buried gold
Dreaming of buried gold symbolizes the desire for a new beginning and the desire to move towards something better in life. You are a fighter and you don't give up easily. It is possible that sometimes you feel that you cannot take it anymore, but within you you have enough courage to get up and continue. That says a lot about your will, only that sometimes you need to increase your confidence more. In this article, you will see how to be confident in yourself.

Although on the other hand, dreaming of buried gold can be interpreted as the need that your subconscious has to save an emotion or a feeling. It may be something that causes you embarrassment or an action that you fear will come to light. Many times talking to someone you trust helps you feel better and can see things from another point of view.

Basically, in this type of dreams if you are the one who buries the gold, it is associated with insecurities and some aspects of your life that you want to hide. Now, if in the dream you are digging up the gold, the meaning changes drastically, because it is related to the desire to emerge, to prosper and to succeed.

What does it mean to dream of gold jewelry
Did you dream of gold jewelry and you don't know what that episode meant to you? Dreaming of gold jewelry has an excellent meaning, since it indicates that you are on the right track to achieve success. This episode gives you the assurance that you will get to where you have proposed, because your effort has been very fruitful and there will be nothing to stop you. Congratulations.

The meaning of dreaming of gold jewelry has to do directly with abundance. If you have been planning a business, this is a good time to do it. Also, in love this dream indicates the presence of someone truly interested in you and who has good feelings. To identify it, discover the signs that someone likes you.

What does it mean to dream of gold coins
If you dreamed of gold coins, it means that there is a possibility that you will take a boat trip or go very soon near the sea. Also, this type of dreams is associated with the announcement of profit and prosperity in your life. Good news is about to arrive about an investment, business or job proposal that will be very positive for your economy.

But if you lost a gold coin in the dream, it is an omen to indicate that you have more caution , since you can make a mistake that will make you lose money or even a good friendship. The positive thing about this dream is that it is warning you in advance, so that you act cautiously and do what is best for your well-being.

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