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What Does It Mean to Dream of Rain

Dream interpretation about Rain

Water is one of the elements that most frequently appears in dream episodes. It can be presented in different forms such as in a pool, in the sea or as rain. In real life, rain is a symbol of cleanliness, fertility and purification or even devastation and disaster. However, its meaning in dreams will depend on each of the particularities of the episode and how you have felt in it.

If you want to know what it means to dream of rain, in this article, we will explain in detail what your subconscious wanted to tell you, whether the rain was strong, abundant or if what you saw was a shower of stars. Here you will know all the answers you are looking for to understand what that dream meant to you.

Meaning of dreaming about rain at night
We will start by interpreting what it means to dream of rain at night. In this particular case, it speaks of doubts and unsolved mysteries. It means that you are at a time when it is important that you do a self-exploration of your interior to try to clarify your feelings. In addition, it is associated with nostalgia and melancholy for something or someone that you long for and that you cannot have.

Dreaming of rain at night can also be related to a blessing that is yet to come. It is likely that in your work they take into account the effort you have made and propose to start a new project, or perhaps you will start a new love relationship.

Meaning of dreaming of heavy rain
This is one of the most common dreams with rain. It symbolizes worries and anguish. If when dreaming of heavy rain you saw dark clouds and lightning, it is a clear sign that something has you nervous, but you do not dare to express it. Another of his interpretations is that you are near imminent danger. It can be in your family, at home, at work or even on a personal level, because you are neglecting some aspects that are important.

On the other hand, these types of dreams are related to your ability to face adversity with decision and determination. The water that is presented with force in the form of strong rain is a call to eliminate from your life what does not make you happy. That is, it indicates that the time has come to clean those negative charges that prevent you from moving forward. Maybe at first it hurts a little, but after the storm calm will always come.

Meaning of dreaming of abundant rain
If you have dreamed of abundant rain you should know that this dream can have several connotations:

You observe the abundant rain and you are sheltered : it is likely that you pay a lot of attention to what they say or think about you. You worry too much about what they will say and, therefore, you tend not to be authentic. Be careful because this can affect your self-esteem.
There is mud and abundant rain : it indicates that there is something in your thoughts that does not leave you alone. It may be due to some reaction or action that you committed and that was not right at all. Therefore, the rain tells you that you must find a way to amend it, or simply put it aside to continue in peace.
Plentiful rain and at the end the sun rises : this type of dream is very positive. It symbolizes that you are going through some problems, but that with discipline and perseverance you will emerge triumphant from all of them. Soon you will feel free of those worries that weigh you down.

What does it mean to dream of rain and get wet
It may happen that in the dream you not only saw the rain, but you also got soaked. In that case, it is usually related to cleanliness, fertility and even emotional purification. If you are walking in the rain, it represents your positive attitude towards changes, since you are able to adapt to them and take advantage of every opportunity.

If you are running in the rain, it is a symbol of happiness, personal satisfaction and even new sensations that you experience in love. It is the representation of good fortune and good things that will come to you. And if you are getting wet in the rain with your partner or a loved one, it represents the decision of both to undertake new important plans for the near future.

Now, if getting wet in the rain made you feel uncomfortable, it means that you are reluctant to face the necessary changes that you must make to improve your situation. You are afraid of leaving your comfort zone and that worries you. Don't be afraid to manage your reality differently. As long as you trust your abilities and are clear about what you want in life, you will overcome anything, no matter how complicated it may seem.

What does it mean to dream of a rain of stars
Seeing a shower of stars in your dreams is a sign that you are going after your goals at all costs. In your mind you are outlined with a good love, a stable job and a loving family. That is why you fight day by day. Don't be afraid to wish for success in life, because you deserve all the good things in providence.

On the other hand, if you see a meteor shower in the dream, it is associated with the fear you feel because a relationship is about to end or be extinguished.

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