How to Save on Food

How to Save on Food

The most significant expense for families, after the house, is certainly food. Saving money on supermarket purchases, however, is possible, and a lot.

First of all, it is important to choose well where to shop, and which products to buy: in discount stores you can find excellent products, even branded ones, and at very competitive prices, but also in shopping centers and normal supermarkets, just paying a little attention to the relationship between quality and price, you can shorten the receipt without giving up anything.

Another element not to be neglected to save on food and avoid waste is the control of the expiry date of the product you are buying: in addition to having a better taste, in fact, and to keep its nutritional characteristics unaltered, a food far from the deadline recommended for consumption, it does not risk being "forgotten" in the fridge only to discover when it is opened, with disappointment, that it can no longer be eaten.

As for fresh products, which in any case would be ruined within a couple of days, it is an excellent idea to use the freezer: from bread to vegetables, from meat to cooked foods, it is possible to keep the food until the time of consumption without deteriorating or changing its flavor. The microwave oven is very convenient for quick defrosting, but we recommend that you take out what you intend to eat a few hours in advance and let it defrost naturally at room temperature.

Finally, how to behave when something is left over? Almost never at dinner you want to finish what is left in the fridge from lunch, so you forget it and often dishes that are still good are thrown away.

There are, however, some excellent recipes for using leftovers to create new and delicious dishes: did you know, for example, that with spaghetti already cooked and seasoned you can prepare a delicious pasta omelette, or that by blending meat left in a pan, even chicken , and adding a few simple ingredients you get some delicious meatballs?

Many recipes and advice can be found on the internet, but the best dishes are the ones you create with your imagination, depending on what the refrigerator at home offers you every day. In short, saving on food is not that difficult and can also become very tasty.

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