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Top 11 Murders That Have Never Been Solved

Top 11 Murders That Have Never Been Solved

Whether they are minors or not , serial killers and other Sunday murderers usually end up getting caught and scolded very, very loudly by the courts. Except the smart ones who, like our friend Hannibal Lecter , end up having happy days in the Bahamas. For some, it's still a century and a half that we look for them and we can't find them.

Mary Jane Kelly known as Ginger
Considered the fifth and last victim of the sympathetic Jack the Ripper, this Irish prostitute was found dead in her London home on November 9, 1888. She had been slaughtered, disembowelled, her breasts had been cut at the base and one of them, along with her uterus and kidneys, were hidden under her head. The skin of her thighs and abdomen had been carefully placed on the nightstand. Like the other four assassinations attributed to the notorious serial killer, it was never elucidated. Even today, we still don't know who Jack the Ripper was and there are close to twenty potential suspects.

Laetitia Toureaux
On May 16, 1937 at 6:27 pm, six people board a metro train at Porte Dorée station. A young woman seems to be sleeping under her white hat, she is alone in the wagon. At the first shock, his body collapses in a pool of blood. One of the passengers, a doctor, noticed that a Laguiole knife had been stuck a few seconds earlier in the lower part of his neck. The murderer managed to leave the train between the two stations. Despite international media coverage, the murderer has never been found. It was later discovered that Laetitia Toureaux was a spy in her spare time, without knowing if that was what had cost her her life.

Elizabeth Ann Short alias the Black Dahlia
The body of Elizabeth Ann Short, 22, was found in a wasteland in Los Angeles on January 15, 1947. Cut in two at the level of the pelvis, the young woman emptied of her blood . The nickname of the Black Dahlia quickly appeared in the newspapers, because, according to the theories, the flower she wore in her hair or the black clothes she was wearing when her body was found. More than fifty people confessed to being his murderer, but each time the statements did not match the police report. Beautiful and dark, the black Dahlia inspired a novel by James Ellroy and a film by Brian De Palma.

The Zodiac Killer
Accused of five murders and suspected of 37 to 200 others, the Zodiac Killer operated in California in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The serial killer is named after letters he sent to the local press and which contained four almost indecipherable cryptograms. He signed them with a symbol resembling a Celtic cross or the sight of a sniper rifle. Despite numerous potential suspects and the testimonies of some of his victims who had managed to escape, the Zodiac Killer was never unmasked. It mainly preyed on couples in cars who had stopped in isolated places like a cliff or a lake shore.

The Lindbergh baby
Son of famous aviator Charles Lindbergh, Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr., 20 months old, was kidnapped on the morning of March 1, 1932 from his parents' home in New Jersey while they were both present in the house. When he went to see his son's disappearance in his room, Charles Lindbergh found a letter, full of spelling mistakes, demanding a ransom of $ 50,000. There were two interconnected circles (colored red and blue) at the bottom of the post, with a hole made in the middle of the red circle and two more holes outside the circles. Despite the payment of the ransom, the baby's body was found two months after his abduction, on May 12, 1932, not far from his home. A German immigrant, Bruno Hauptmann, was charged with the crime and sentenced to death. He proclaimed his innocence until at the end and it was later found out that much evidence against him had been fabricated. The real murderer of baby Lindbergh is undoubtedly dead a beautiful death.

The Chevaline slaughter
It is a cyclist who discovers, on September 5, 2012 on the heights of Lake Annecy, what he first believes to be a car accident. Very quickly he realizes that he is the first witness to a bloody crime. Indeed, in the car whose engine is still running: a whole family massacred by gunshot. A little further on, a cyclist is bathed in his blood, probably already dead. We quickly learn that it is the Al-Hilli family, English of Iraqi origin. The father, mother, grandmother and their two daughters aged 7 and 4 were on vacation in the area. The cyclist is a collateral victim of the shooting. With the exception of the two little girls, one of whom was found eight hours later prostrate under her mother's legs, the whole family succumbed to her injuries.

JonBenét Ramsey
mini-miss having won several beauty pageants, 6-year-old JonBenét Ramsey goes missing on Christmas Day 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. His body was found eight hours later, on December 26, 1996, in the basement of his family home. She was strangled, beaten and raped. A time accused, the parents were finally cleared by the police. Despite a vague lead that was ultimately never followed up in 2006, we still do not know who tortured and murdered this little girl a few meters from her family and the police.

Georgi Ivanov Markov
On September 11, 1978, in the midst of the Cold War, the Bulgarian writer and dissident Georgi Markov died in London for no visible reason. At the autopsy, a small steel capsule two millimeters in diameter containing ricin was found in his leg. The poison was injected into him while he was waiting for the bus on Waterloo Bridge: a passer-by jostled him and stung him with his umbrella without paying attention. A death worthy of a spy film and which at the time had caused much ink to flow. For many, this assassination is linked to Markov's political commitments.

Black Doodler
The Doodler is a serial killer who acted in San Francisco from January 1974 to September 1975. Obviously slightly homophobic, he preyed on young gay boys whom he flirted with in bars before bringing them back to his bed. and stab them to death. He thus killed fourteen boys and injured three others. The few victims who survived have always refused to testify, preferring not to expose their homosexuality in broad daylight. The Doodler was therefore never unmasked.

Bible John
Haven't had your dose of creepy? Bible John should satisfy you! Scottish serial killer having acted between 68 and 69, this young man had the strange habit of strangling his victims with their stockings, after having raped them. He also chose girls having their period, as evidenced by tampons or sanitary napkins always found at the scene of the crime, arranged close to the body. Known to the sister of one of his three victims with whom he had shared a taxi, he has never been identified.

Le petit Grégory
On October 16, 1984, the body of Grégory Villemin, four years old, was found in Vologne, feet and points linked. Thirty years after the events, we still do not know who killed little Grégory. A time accused, the cousin of Grégory's father, Bernard Laroche, was finally cleared by the courts but shot dead by the father of the little boy who was apparently somewhat recovered. Since then, the affair has floundered in semolina, in particular a victim of the shortcomings of the judicial police.

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