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Top 9 Reasons to Watch Mindhunter the Best Serial Killer Series

Top 9 Reasons to Watch Mindhunter the Best Serial Killer Series

If there's a reason to watch right now, it's Mindhunter. The season was recently released on Netflix, so we take the opportunity to do a little family top to convince you to cancel all your weekend plans to comat in front of this gem.

1. It is produced by David Fincher and Charlize Theron
David is the guy who made Seven, Fight Club, Alien 3 The Game, Zodiac, The Social Network, Gone Girl and a few other works. So in terms of thriller, he knows the guy.

Charlize is Monster, Mad Max, Prometheus, Hancock and an Oscar for Best Actress, so she probably has a lot of money to produce this series.

2. It is taken from a true story
Before 1977, profiling did not exist. The FBI would catch and lock up the criminals and end of story. But Agent John E. Douglas thought "what if we could anticipate all of this by learning how murderers work?" "," And why not start by interviewing the worst, the repeat offenders? ". Thus was born the term a program within the FBI, which will then create the profilers, and 120 seasons of Criminal Minds.

3. Season 2 is even better than Season 1
Sometimes (often), after a good first part, seasons 2 fall apart or manage to match the 1 moderately. Not with Mindhunter. If season 1 presents the characters and the concept of profiling, season 2 gets to the heart of the matter with a first real deal that lets see all the aspects (political, technical, human, etc.) of an investigation. And it's taking.

4. We meet real serial killers
Okay, we already did a top on the scariest serial killers, but there are so many. In Mindhunter we get to know Ed Kemper, Charles Manson, Richard Speck, BTK or Wayne Williams.

5. The plots of the main characters are worth seeing
If clearly Agent Ford no longer has a personal life in season 2, this is not the case with Agent Bill Tench and psychologist Wendy Carr. And discovering the impact that this research and investigation work has on their lives gives a whole new importance to the various surveys.

6. We are totally taken by the stories of criminals
This series is well written, and so are the dialogues. And frankly, when Ed Kemper tells you about what he did with his darling little mum, you are completely taken to the guts. It's crazy how drawn we are to creepy stories.

7. The scene with Charles Manson is worth it
A scene, a speech, and it's good I'm convinced. Now I really want to go and commit murders in Hollywood.

8. Thanks to this series, you will be able to become a perfect recidivist murderer.
Yes because in fact, we rarely speak of "serial killers". Back then, people still used the term “repeat murderer”. It takes a long time to say, it's boring, and suddenly we can not play the joke of The City of Fear.

9. This is the first series with Emmanuel Macron in the lead role
And seeing our President play like a pro in front of the camera a role that is not so obvious, it's nice. France remains great.

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