Outstanding Events in Afghanistan

Outstanding Events in Afghanistan

2021: August 15
After 20 years of war, with the Taliban taking over Kabul, with practically no resistance following the flight of President Ghani and the abandonment of Western international troops, Afghanistan becomes an Islamic State. (Less than a year ago)

2004: October 9
In Afghanistan, the first presidential elections are held after the fall of the Taliban regime with a very high turnout and without major logistical or security problems. Confirming the forecasts, Hamid Karzai, who has been acting president of the Afghan transitional administration since December 2001, proclaims himself the winner with more than 55% of the votes. Among strong security measures, he will take office on December 7 in the capital, Kabul, in an act that will be attended by 150 international leaders announcing, a few days later, the formation of a new government. (17 years ago)

2001: December 7
The Taliban regime relinquishes its stronghold of Kandahar, marking the beginning of the end of the 61-day war in Afghanistan, after Taliban fighters have laid down their weapons after weeks of bombardment by US planes. Karzai, the head of Afghanistan's new interim administration, has helped ensure the surrender of the hardliners in this Taliban stronghold. (19 years ago)

2001: November 13
In response to the bloody terrorist attacks of September 11 in New York, Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, whose Taliban regime has provided support and refuge to Al Qaeda, is captured by the anti-Taliban forces, called the Northern Alliance, led by states. United. (20 years ago)

2001: September 11
The most barbaric and stark terrorism shakes the heart of the West. The Twin Towers of New York (USA) are reduced to rubble when they hit two previously hijacked airliners. The Pentagon is also seriously damaged by a third hijacked plane. A fourth plane crashes in Pennsylvania after its passengers mutiny against hijackers. It is the worst attack suffered by the United States in its more than two hundred years of history. The result 2,997 dead and missing. Islamist terrorism is behind the action. The answer will materialize in a war in Afghanistan. (20 years ago)

1989: February 15
Following the orders of President Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet Union withdraws its last occupation troops from neighboring Afghanistan, after staying there since 1979. More than 15,000 Soviet soldiers have lost their lives. (32 years ago)

1979: December 27
International tension heats up when Soviet Union troops break into Afghanistan, swiftly attack Hafizullah Amin's presidential palace, and execute him. In just six days 55,000 soldiers will make an appearance in the Islamic country without being prepared for a guerrilla war, with heavy weapons almost useless to fight in the mountains, thus initiating an occupation that will last until 1988 and that will cause more of 15,000 Soviet casualties, about 18,000 Afghans and about 80,000 mujahideen (within Islam, the one who makes the "holy war"). (41 years ago)

1934: September 26
Afghanistan is admitted as a member of the League of Nations. (87 years ago)

1879: May 26
In Afghanistan, the Gandamak peace treaty is signed, imposing a British semi-protectorate over Afghanistan. (142 years ago)

1842: January 6
After long years of fighting between the British army and Afghan Muslim nationalists, Afghanistan consolidates its independence by forcing British imperial forces to retreat to India. (179 years ago)

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