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EU: Turkey to respect sovereignty and territorial integrity of Member States

 Turkish provocation seems to be a major issue at the upcoming Madrid Summit. "To clarify its position," Emanuel Macron asked Turkey.

The European Council expresses its concern over Turkey's provocative stance and statements through its draft conclusions ahead of the Summit.

"The European Council has expressed its deep concern over the repeated recent actions and statements by Turkey. Turkey must respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all EU Member States.

Recalling its previous conclusions and its declaration of 25 March 2021, the European Council expects Turkey to fully respect international law, to de-escalate tensions in the interests of regional stability in the Eastern Mediterranean and to promote good neighborly relations. way ", he states, as APE-MPE writes.

At the same time, regarding the accession process of the Western Balkans, the draft states that "the European Union expresses its full and unequivocal commitment to the prospect of the Western Balkans joining the EU and calls for the acceleration of the accession process" and states that the European The Commission, the High Representative and the Council to further promote the gradual integration between the European Union and the region already during the enlargement process itself in a reversible and meritocratic way.

With regard to Ukraine, it is stressed that the adoption of the sixth package of EU sanctions further intensifies the pressure on Russia to end its war against Ukraine, but also that in terms of sanctions work will continue, with a view to strengthening their implementation and avoiding encroachment.

All countries are also called upon to comply with EU sanctions, especially the candidate countries.

Finally, the draft conclusions of the Summit state that Russia, Belarus and all those responsible for war crimes and other more serious crimes will be held accountable for their actions, in accordance with international law.

Macron: "Turkey to clarify its position"

The President of France Emanuel Macron, who, in view of the summit in Madrid, met today in Paris with the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg, discussed with him the issue of the European defense strategy in the framework of the Atlantic Alliance, Relevant statement from the Presidency of the French Republic that Turkey should clarify its position on the issue.

President Macron reiterated his country's support for Finland and Sweden's demands for membership in the Atlantic Alliance, stressing that these are countries with significant defense capabilities that will help strengthen the stability and security of the Euro-Atlantic area.

He also reiterated France 's readiness to guarantee the security of the two countries until their accession to the Alliance. During the meeting, the Ukrainian issue was also discussed, where the need was noted for the continuation of close cooperation between the NATO allies.

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