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Macron sermon on Wednesday night

 Macron will address the French nation tonight, in his first public statement on the result of the parliamentary elections and the loss of the absolute majority in the National Assembly.

The President of France Emanuel Macron will address the nation on Wednesday (22/06) at 20.00, local time (21.00 Greek time), as announced by his office.

Macron and the parties that support him lost the absolute majority in the National Assembly, in Sunday's elections and are trying to find allies to implement the agenda of the government's reforms.

The French president has so far not publicly commented on the result of the second round of parliamentary elections.

Revelation Le Pen: "I accepted a proposal from Macron for a government of national unity"

In the temptation of cooperation (and) with the extreme right, it seems that Emanuel Macron wants to give up.

According to what was revealed by the leader of the far right in France, Marie Le Pen, the French president addressed her with an invitation to form a government of national unity, since after the recent parliamentary elections, she does not have the absolute majority.

The deputies of the "National Coalition", that is, the Le Pen party, come to the Presidential Palace for talks in order to impose at least some of their terms.

For the time being, Lepen's intentions have not been clarified, however, the contacts in the context of the investigations continue in order to solve the impasse and the country to have a stable government.

However, if Macron does not secure broader alliances, Macron will be forced to govern on a case-by-case basis, depending on the legislation that will be put to a vote.

However, in the event of a government alliance with Le Pen, the French president will be completely exposed to criticism, especially from the progressive voters who supported him in the presidential election precisely so that Le Pen would not be at the Champs Elysees.

Macron's intention to seek a solution in a government of national unity was also confirmed by the secretary of the Communist Party, Fabien Roussell, who had a meeting with the French president on Tuesday.

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