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Putin: "We will hit new targets if the US sends longer-range missiles to Ukraine"

 Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned of escalation if the United States sends HIMARS precision missile systems to Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin today warned the West that his country would hit new targets if the United States began supplying Ukraine with longer-range missiles, TASS reported.

" If such missiles are given to Kiev, " we will hit targets we have not yet hit , "Putin said in an interview with state television network Rossiya-1.

The Russian president did not specify what goals he was referring to.

Ukraine is seeking to acquire multiple missile launchers (MLRS) such as the M270 and M142 HIMARS to strike troops and stockpiles at the rear of Russian forces, according to Reuters.

The president ofUS Joe Biden has announced his plan to provide Ukraine with HIMARS missile systems after receiving assurances from Kiev that it would not use them to hit targets inside Russia .

Although Russian officials have warned that the US decision to supply Ukraine with advanced missile systems could exacerbate the conflict , Putin said the moves would not bring about fundamental changes on the battlefield.

"We understand that the provision of (advanced missile systems) by the United States and some other countries is intended to compensate for the losses of this military equipment. ," the Russian president said.

"It's not something new," he said. "Essentially nothing changes."

Spain sends anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine

Spain will offer to Ukraine anti-aircraft missiles and Leopard armor , increasing its military assistance to the country, according to government sources quoted by the newspaper El Pais.

At the same time Madrid will offer crucial training to the Ukrainian army in handling these armors. The training will take place in Latvia, where the Spanish army has deployed 500 members as part of its enhanced NATO presence.

A second phase of training could take place in Spain, the same sources said.

El Pais noted that the Spanish Ministry of Defense finalizes the delivery to Kyiv of Shorad Aspide anti-aircraft missiles, which the Spanish army has replaced with a more advanced system.

So far, Madrid has provided Kyiv with ammunition, personal protective equipment and small arms.

Sources told the Spanish newspaper that the proposal for increased aid to Ukraine was made by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to the Ukrainian president when they met on April 21, but clarified that the process was delayed due to its complexity.

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