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Ukraine: Russian army causes "utter disaster" in Lisichansk

 The last 24 hours have been difficult for the Ukrainian forces in Lisichansk, where, according to its governor, the Russians are wreaking havoc.

The Russian military is causing "utter disaster" in Lisichansk, the neighboring city of Sheverodonetsk in Donbass in eastern Ukraine, said Luhansk regional governor Sergei Haidai.

"Fighting is taking place in the Sheverodonetsk industrial zone and it is causing utter destruction in Lysitshansk," Haidai told the Telegram, stressing that "the last 24 hours have been difficult" for Ukrainian forces.

According to him, "the blows continue on the (three) already damaged bridges that connect Sheverodonetsk with Lysitshansk", cutting off the first, a city of about 100,000 inhabitants, from the remaining territories under the control of Kiev.

"The Russians want to conquer the Luhansk region as a whole," which they already control almost completely, "before (Sunday) June 26," he said.

"But they will not succeed in five days", the APE-MPE characteristically states.

Sergei Haidai also referred to last night, saying it was like "calm before the storm", waiting for new blows of the Russian artillery during the day.

The governor finally noted that "a corpse and a wounded man" were found this morning, without elaborating further.

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