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US: Mexican scientist convicted of Russian espionage

 A prominent Mexican scientist sat on the bench of a US court on Tuesday. Imprisonment for espionage.

A prominent Mexican scientist was sentenced by a US court on Tuesday to four years in prison for espionage on behalf of Russia.

Hector Cabrera Fuentes, 37, pleaded guilty in February. He was accused of acting on behalf of a foreign government without notifying US authorities.

"I have deep regrets and regrets for what I did and I apologize to the United States," he said at the time.

"Everyone makes mistakes in their lives and that was my big mistake," added the well-known biochemist.

Hector Cabrera Fuentes, who lived in Singapore, was arrested in 2020 in Miami for spying on behalf of Moscow, "a source of the American government," according to a statement released by the US Department of Justice at the time.

A Russian official recruited the Mexican scientist in 2019, according to briefs.

He was serving a sentence of up to ten years in prison.

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