Britain: Sunak first and in the second vote for Johnson's successor

 The former British Chancellor of the Exchequer is considered one of the favorites for the final pair of contenders for the Conservative leadership, with Penny Mordant close behind.

Rishi Sunak also came first on Thursday (14/07) in the second round of the electoral contest, within the parliamentary group of the British Conservatives, for the selection of the new leader of the party. He collected 101 votes. The bookies favorite and former Chancellor of the Exchequer has managed to increase his strength and has now significantly increased his chances of being one of the two final contenders for the Conservative leadership.

Second came the favorite of the opinion polls, former Minister of Defense and current Deputy Minister of Trade Policy, Penny Mordant, with 83 votes, increasing her chances of going to the second phase of the electoral process.

On Tuesday, the favorite of the Conservative right wing, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, ended up with 64 votes. In fourth place was the young and not well-known to the general public Deputy Minister of Local Government, Faith and Communities, Kemi Beidenock, with 49 votes. And in fifth the head of the foreign affairs committee of the House of Commons, Tom Tugenhat, with 32.

On Monday, the electoral process will continue within the parliamentary group of the Conservatives. Every member of the party's 358, once again, by secret ballot, will have the right to vote for a candidate. Whoever of them comes last leaves the succession race. The same process will be repeated as many times as necessary so that by July 21 at the latest, when the parliament closes for the summer vacation, there are only two candidates left.

They will immediately start their election campaign by addressing the approximately 160,000 members of their party who will choose the next leader of the Conservatives, who will also be the new prime minister of the country, by postal vote. The winner will be announced when Parliament opens after the summer recess on September 5.

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