Italy: Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigns

 In a government crisis in Italy after Mario Draghi's decision to resign as prime minister. "The relationship of trust that is the basis of government action no longer exists," he said.

Political crisis in Italy, with the Prime Minister of the country, Mario Draghi announcing that he will submit his resignation.

After his meeting with the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the Italian Prime Minister Mario Daghi convened a cabinet and announced to its members his decision to resign.

In more detail, in an official announcement by the Italian government, the statement of the Italian Prime Minister is reproduced, which emphasizes:

"I want to announce to you that tonight I am going to submit my resignation to the president of the Republic. Today's votes in the parliament are a very important event from a political point of view. The relationship of trust that forms the basis of government action no longer exists. The majority of national unity which supported this government from the first day of its creation is no more.

During these days, I made the maximum effort to continue the common course, trying to satisfy the requests made to me by the political forces. But it is clear from the political debate and from today's vote in Parliament that this effort was not enough."

Draghi recalled that he would continue as prime minister "only if there was a prospect of implementing the government program for which he had received the initial vote of confidence."

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