Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis

Everyone who lives in the palace has a secret. Bong Hwan is a chef who works in the modern-day palace. He was so gifted that he could even tell the physical and mental state of others. Just by noticing what they chose as a side dish, however, he was placed in Kim So Young's body. Queen of the Joseon Era and meet with King Cheoljong A two-faced king with many secrets. At first, they had a hard time trying to understand each other. The two show how fake marriages turn them into companions in times of need after enduring confrontation with truth and misunderstandings.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 01
Bong Hwan is a successful young chef. But instead he made himself in trouble. After accidentally falling into a swimming pool while being chased by the police. He woke up in the Joseon era with a woman's body. and the body that he was attached to was the property that the queen could lose. Bong Hwan must find a way back.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 02
Bong Hwan's life in the body of Queen Consort Soyong began in earnest. The Royal Palace's austerity made Bong Hwan tired. But he happened to meet her in a dream. The problem was that she was Jo Hwa Jin. A woman whom King Chul has fallen in love with. At the same time, the Royal Millennial and Kim Jwageun sense that Soyong has something strange.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 03
Soyong escapes danger with the help of her cousin Byung In. Cheoljong learns of the Kim family's movements in protecting Soyong and slowly begins to doubt her. As Soyong thinks about modern food and decides to make it herself in the royal kitchen. She was determined to win the hearts of the millennial monks with food.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 04
Soyong gets angry when she learns that Cheoljong was the one who tried to kill her. Cheoljong also assumed that Soyong was plotting her revenge because Hwa Jin's inner lady, Oh Wol, disappeared after that.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 05
To help Hwa Jin Soyong reveals the truth about the lake incident in front of everyone. The Royal Millennial was furious that Soyong had come to destroy her plan to overthrow the Jo family. Meanwhile, Cheoljong felt pity for Soyong when she learned that she had jumped into the lake herself.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 06
Cheoljong helps Soyong, who has jumped into the water to return to the present. Cheoljong started to look at Soyoung differently. and trying to start over with her. Meanwhile, Soyong is so desperate that he can't go back to his present even though he has jumped into the lake. Soyong tries every possible way to get in touch with the spirit inside Bong Hwan's body.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 07
After the invention of the food delivery system in the Joseon Dynasty So Yong is inspired in a new life, but she suddenly transmigrates back to present-day Bong Hwan. and found himself in a vegetable state And when Bong Hwan's soul leaves Soyong's body, Soyong collapses, causing the entire palace to go into chaos.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 08
When Bong Hwan wakes up in Soyong's body again. He brought back even more memories of the real Soyong. He feels bad for the loss of his present-day true self. Meanwhile, Hwa Jin feels insecure because Cheoljong visits Soyong at home. Hwa Jin hurries after Cheoljong to stop him from meeting Soyong.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 09
Soyong wants to go back to the royal palace, but Cheoljong suggests staying another day because he is still looking for the secret account book. Cheoljong disguised himself into the streets and Soyong followed. Meanwhile, the Millennial Monk urges herself to retaliate against the Millennial Monarch after being insulted.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 10
Cheoljong returned to the palace without a secret account book. He wondered who took it first. On the side of Soyong, after returning, he tried to be a perfect wife to please the royal thousand years. and also began to appoint royal concubines to examine the Han family as well.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 11
Cheoljong appears in Soyong's dream. causing Soyong to be confused by his feelings. Thinking it might be a side effect of going back and forth in time, he decides to focus on appointing a concubine to find his true self. But someone was trying to destroy this event behind his back.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 12
Soyong saw a man who looked like Chief Han like a sheep. and saw him doing something sneaky around the royal kitchen When Soyong learns how hard Cheol Jong puts in the party. At the same time, Kim Jwa Geun suddenly spreads a news in front of everyone to intimidate Cheoljong.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 13
Cheoljong was seriously injured in the explosion and lost consciousness. Once again, Kim Jwa Geun threatens So Yong to follow his advice. So Yong then jumps into the lake to regain more memories. Meanwhile, Kim Jwa Geun believes that So Yong is no longer on his side because he learns that So Yong helped Cho. talk about the party.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 14
Soyong is drunk and misunderstands Cheoljong as Hongyeon. Soyong starts to hide from Cheoljong when she learns that they slept together last night. Cheoljong is upset that the mean So Yong refuses to meet him. Meanwhile, someone comes to Cheoljong and tells them that Soyoung is in danger.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 15
Cheoljong helps Damhyang for Soyong. Soyong learns the truth about her father's account book. So between Soyong and Cheoljong became a strong friendship. Because they both want revenge on those who tried to overthrow them. Meanwhile, Cheoljong remembers something about the incident at the well.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 16
After Cheol Jong tells So Yong about the future Joseon he dreams of. So Yong decides to help fulfill his dream by applying knowledge from the present. Byung In is upset as Cheoljong and Soyong grow closer every day. Meanwhile, Hwa Jin decides to tell the truth about the incident at the well with Cheoljong.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 17
Everyone in the palace, including Cheoljong, was delighted with his wife's pregnancy. But Soyong herself doesn't want to believe that she's pregnant. and not happy Cheoljong was surprised by So Yong's attitude and tried to comfort her. At the same time, fierce rumors about the queen's pregnancy began to spread.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 18
Cheoljong leaves the palace to protect Soyong. Soyong is worried because he leaves without saying anything. Meanwhile, the royal millennial gets his regent's position back as soon as Cheoljong is gone. and had Kim Jwa Geun come back to help work again. Byung In tries to convince Soyong to return to reconciliation with the Kim family. But Soyong refused his advice.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 19
Soyong flees the palace to find Cheoljong. Byung-in pursues Soyong and tries to kill Soyong on the edge of a cliff. Meanwhile, the palace is in turmoil preparing for the coronation. But someone spread the news in the streets that the King is still alive.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama Synopsis Episode 20
Cheoljong and Soyong plan to return safely to the palace. While the Royal Millennium and Kim Jwageun strictly restricted entry. However, Bong Hwan's soul suddenly left Soyong's body as she was in danger. Will they be able to stop Kim Jwa Geun before the coronation begins?

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