Unthinkable incident in Cyprus: A man kicked a woman with her baby in her arms

 Videos with scenes of incredible violence are making the rounds on the internet. The clip shows a man angrily kicking a woman in the middle of the street with her baby in her arms. He was arrested by the Cyprus authorities.

A storm of reactions has been - rightly - caused by the cowardly attack of a 43-year-old man in Cyprus against a woman.

The man in question, as seen in a video recorded by an eyewitness and making the rounds on the internet, kicks the woman in the middle of the road with incredible anger, while she was holding her infant in her arms.

In the shocking video, you can hear the screams of the woman who is being attacked, as well as other women who were present, while she is lying on the ground. The brazen attack was intervened by two men who tried to stop him.

The Attorney General of Cyprus contacted the Chief of Police who assured him that a criminal investigation is underway in relation to the incident.

The offenses being investigated against the 43-year-old Greek Cypriot are assault and actual bodily harm.

How the unthinkable incident began

According to a related post by Generation for Change Cy, the incident happened when the victim, who had bought a car from the perpetrator, informed him about problems with the vehicle.

"We were told that the woman had bought a car from the offender after she was assured that the car had no problems. However, after paying, the car developed some problems and the woman took the car to the mechanic to confirm the condition of the car , with the mechanic informing her that the car did indeed have several problems. When the woman informed the perpetrator of the car's problems, he refused to discuss possible solutions with her. He told her that he couldn't be hurt as he was in his country, and then attacked it," the post said.

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