Video: Plane makes emergency landing on highway

 A Florida man who aspires to become a commercial airline pilot showed off his emergency skills when he landed a single-engine plane on a four-lane North Carolina road, avoiding cars and power lines.

The incident happened a few days ago. Vincent Fraser was flying the aircraft when the engine suddenly began to lose power as he looked over the land he had bought near a lake. His father-in-law was with him on the flight.

"There was nowhere for me to land, so ... I think I told him I love him and I'm sorry I put him in that situation," Fraser told The Associated Press. His father-in-law replied that he loved and to do his best.

He was heading towards a river when he saw a highway below the aircraft. A GoPro video released by the sheriff's office showed the plane flying over cars before landing on the road, with the vehicles scrambling to avoid the collision.

Fraser, a former Marine who is currently a flight attendant, said he began to have second thoughts about his piloting goals afterward. But the successful landing, along with family and community support, strengthened his resolve.

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