What is Tai Chi

Tai chi is a martial discipline originating in China, it is an art that invites the individual to exercise in a harmonic way combining smooth and slow movements, applying a consistent breath and achieving mental concentration, with which the participant would obtain beneficial results at the level of health, mind and spiritual. We invite you to enjoy reading this interesting article that helps you learn about this wonderful legendary art.

Tai chi is known as a martial art that is typical of the People's Republic of China, where this art is very famous and is practiced by thousands of people in that nation. As of the 21st century, it is also practiced by other people throughout the universe, this martial art is also known by the names of: táijíquán t'ai-chi-ch'üan in the Wade-Giles romanization method, in signs Simplified Chinese is expressed as 太极拳, in traditional Chinese symbols it is described as 太極拳. It is a practice where the individual combines his movements with his own being and allows him to release internal energies, feeling free from discomfort with a sense of well-being. 

The word Tai in the Chinese language means great, immense, superior, so the two words Tai chi express the phenomenal balance that an individual can achieve between body and mind. This fascinating activity is carried out by people in different places, preferably many human beings are observed practicing it in the morning with their delicate movements that can be paused, coordinated and continuous.

Nowadays it is recognized as an art that the individual must perform synchronizing the physical and the spiritual with what achieves a good quality of life, in a state of peace and harmony between body and mind, it is an activity that is beneficial for the Meditation, health and fitness help keep your body in excellent condition.


The philosophy that manages Tai Chi refers to a Taoist art that exercises the body, mind and spirit of the individual, of the Chinese culture that created it to strengthen the growth of daily life, warn and heal diseases, preserve and strengthen a healthy life.

With the practice of this art the body, the mind and the thought are merged that its slow and concentrated movements and to the rhythm of a slow and at the same time deep breathing, allows the spirit to connect, with which a fundamental state is reached for regenerate and stay healthy, and a healthy longevity. This martial art has the concept that it enjoys therapeutic privileges.

Eastern philosophy establishes that this martial art is not the practice of an intellectual exercise, on the contrary it is a technique that influences the person to improve their physical and emotional state. Tai chi includes in its philosophy of the Tao the following:

The initiation of being able to concentrate, direct appreciation, coincidence, totality, calm, balance, transition, movement and rhythm, all these sensations are experienced during the performance of the dance and that allow changing the essence that the individual has in his behavior. All these elements help those who perform this art to feel like resurrected people, with more energy, with enthusiasm to carry out different activities, as well as being more understanding and even freer.

The people who perform this tai chi technique should lead them to correct the character and become a wise man of the Tao Te Ching with the following characteristics:

Prudent, sensible and adaptable like water

Control and calm your mind when you are disturbed

Start your actions with the easy and the minimum

Sow love, sobriety and obedience

He puts himself in the position of others, understands that he should not be a weight for anyone and supports in achieving unity

Adjusts to his duties

Understand that dominance can be done without showing it, arouses love and pity, or it can also generate fear.

He knows humility as the greatest thing, he never shows that he knows something.

He is not imposing with his opinions

He is charitable, he dislikes violence and he is not false

Promotes the individual development of people

Likewise, in the representation of the philosophical and psychological aspects of Tai chi, it is also part of:

Tests must be carried out regarding the state of the individual within this discipline, which should not be tested on how he performs the dance, but on how he behaves and communicates with people. In the event that the character and attitude do not change for the better, it means that you are not doing the practice of tai chi at all well. The internal aspects such as the psychological, emotional and spiritual is what makes an individual with a good heart.

What is Tai Chi for?

This activity known as Tai chi is an art that is practiced by the vast majority of the inhabitants of the different Chinese cities. It is an art whose purpose is to provide the person with a healthy body, as well as to exercise the mind with spiritual physical exercises to achieve an optimal state of health as well as to enjoy good health and in fact enjoy quality of life. It is developed through smooth and continuous movements to receive well-being, mental calm and tranquility. When you start in this art, you must have patience and perseverance, because it is a bit complex to carry out this activity that can be carried out by men, women, young people, adults, the elderly and even children. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the mood of the person is involved in the circulatory and immune systems,

Tai chi also supports to control and combat anxiety, so there is research on the subject that confirms that tai chi can minimize stress and anxiety, increases the flexibility of the human body, activates the cardiovascular system, controls blood pressure blood, fortifies balance, increases vitality and balances emotional concerns.

In 2015, the British Journal of Sports Medicine reviewed a study on tai chi where it indicated that this practice optimizes the quality of life in patients suffering from diseases such as arthritis, breast cancer, serious respiratory problems, as well as people who once suffered a heart attack .


There are varied and numerous stories about the creation of Tai Chi, seen as a gymnastics or a martial art, as its name establishes "Great Fist", it refers to one of the most effective techniques for the defense of man both physically and mentally. .

Among the different stories there is one that relates that at the end of the Sung dynasty approximately 800 years ago, a man who made an elixir known as Zhang Sang Fen lived in the mountains of Wu Bana. Being a night when the lonely man slept, he dreamed that Xuan Wu the Black Monarch, indicated a way to fight to defend himself, and that thanks to this revelation in the dream the next day he defended himself from the attack by a number of criminals who came to bother him, and he was able to free himself by collapsing and killing these criminals. Xuan Du was a Taoist divinity who came from a pilgrimage from the mountain known as Wu Dang, which is located to the north and the pole star, it is a spectacular place where Tai Chi is usually cultivated. Due to his birth this art is respected as a divine practice.

According to other versions, this same Taoist monk was present in a combat that existed between a snake and a crane. The crane charged relentlessly with energy and precision, while the snake only delicately fled from the deadly attacks. The bird had to admit in front of an opponent that his movements were smooth and did not allow him to counterattack with resistance and speed. This particular battle inspired Zhang Sang Fen to create a martial art that his beginnings would be based on submitting with strong, energetic and at the same time soft movements, which really allowed the style to knock down an enemy even if he was the strongest and heavy.

According to historical information, they point out that the art of tai chi originated and developed in the province known as Henan, where there was a family known as Chen, this was approximately three hundred years.

The art of tai chi has several reliable stories about its creation, it was until the middle of the 16th century at that time, there was a general of traditional Chinese origin known as 戚繼光, pinyin: Qī Jìguāng, 1528−1588, who was the creator of new styles of martial arts that was based on the 32 different styles that he knew. Certainly his name is not mentioned in the art of tai chin, however, the book where all styles were captured with various techniques that today are part of the practice of tai chin.

Later, in the middle of the 17th century, in a place known in Chinese: 陳家溝 Chenjiagou, a new way of practicing boxing emerged, and according to the Chen Wangting family, it was based on the martial arts of that time. There is no information that certifies the role played by the religious of Wudang known in Chinese 王宗岳 Wang Zongyue in the formation of tai chi. What is certain is that from that moment the style developed and was transferred as a family secret from the Chen family.

Then in the mid-19th century, the Chen family first handed over this technique to an unknown man named Chén Chángxīng, 1771–1853, who accepted Yang Lu-ch'an, 1799–1872 as his disciple into the family group. . Yang Luchan later perfected the knowledge of him, which made him the founder of the Yang style. Later, in the mid-nineteenth century, the knowledge was founded, which gave rise to the different five family styles, where each of these was developed and promulgated, conserving itself within the bosom of each family that corresponded to it. The master only transferred the knowledge of his style to his descendants, which indicated that the only one who represented the tai chi style was the head of the family himself.

Between the different lineages there was an exchange of style, especially at the time of creation. Here are the five different family styles:

Xiaojia style

In Chinese 小架 pinying, which means large structure

dajia style

Want to express great structure

dalaojia style

Want to express old structure

xinjia style

expressing new structure

Continuing with the various versions on the history of ancient China and the relationship with the origins of the practice of tai chi, and as the time of its emergence, many of these have their intention linked to history, but none really has a reality. One of these indicates its origin to a religious who came from India known as Bodhidharma (Da Mo). This religious went to China when Emperor Wu of the Liang ruled, being 502 – 509 BC, and settled in Shaolin to transfer his knowledge about Buddhism. It is said that the monk Bodhidharma usually left the temple and went to the top of a mountain where he stayed for a long time in a state of chana, which means meditation, and when he was already exhausted, he stood up and began a Exercise routine.

Many of them simulating the movements and skills used by animals to defend themselves, which he observed, and developed until practice, and which became known as Shaolin Gong Fu. When the monk returned to the sacred precinct, he found that the Chinese monks were exhausted Due to the enormous fasting times they practiced, in addition to the time they gave to the art of meditation, it was when he proposed to teach them all his knowledge.

There are also more reliable historical data, which narrate that Tai Chi is known today, had its beginning about 300 years ago, at the end of the Ming monarchy and the beginning of the Quing dynasty in Chenjiagou, Henan province. Chén Wáng Tíng is indicated as the garrison chief of the Wenxian district as the founder of Tai Chi.

your symbol

The symbol of Tai Chi, has the main characteristic that appears reflected in almost all disciplines of Eastern origin such as Tai Chi, Chi Kum, Meditation, and different martial arts.

The design of this symbol means the creation of the cosmos, which begins with the "empty" where there is no wu chi, which means "nothing", continues with the process of division into two parts known as the Ying-Yang, then it transforms into three parts that represent heaven, earth and humanity, and concludes with ten thousand other things that mean everything else that also exists in the universe. Humanity is the main column that has the connection between heaven and earth.

This Tai Chi symbol has several degrees with meanings:

Ying Yang

It refers to two main forces of the cosmos, where neither works without the other, they complement each other, there is no competition, they have a perfect harmony. 

full of yin

Represents the end "death"

full of yang

Represents the beginning of "life"

Black yin, white yang

Refers to rotation, which is always moving counterclockwise.

There are some associations that point out that it is the symbol that represents Taoism, which appears in a triangle, they relate it to Christianity, Freemasonry and some other groups that are dedicated to the investigation of symbols. It is good to highlight that the triangle is represented by the number three, and is named by Lao Tse, where:

The triangle represents the first form as the strongest structure, this symbol also with its vertex upwards personifies the mountains, the stones, while its downward vertex symbolizes the cup, the cave and the heart. It is very true that Tai Chi comes from the Taoist culture, we must not fail to point out how significant Christianity represents to the Ministry of the Trinity. It is observed in the symbol of the Holy Family "Father, Mother and Son", in the three crosses of Calvary "the two thieves and the Christ", but very especially in the ideas shown of "Father, Son and Holy Spirit", who personify the three Persons of the Trinity, who symbolize unity.

The Trinity, being a more abstract representation, could also be the figure that persists the most in the mind of a Tai Chi art practitioner, due to the greatness that the TAO represents, which does not necessarily force preconceived spiritual ideas, on the contrary, it is the closest approximation. respectful of the mystery that represents life, death and the spiritual current that a human being carries.


The realization of practicing this art brings multiple benefits to people in different fields as they come to represent the body, mind and spirit, this activity can be developed by people of any age and sex. In general terms these benefits can be specified in two large groups such as the control of the energy that flows from the mind and the optimal physical conditions of the human body. 

Regarding the subject of energy control, and according to Chinese philosophy, vital energy or chi is an essential condition for a person's well-being. The reason that the energies flow in the indicated way through the meridians of the human body is the cause that indicates that you can feel in an excellent state, or else the body can suffer a disease in the event that the energy does not flow correctly.

So, it can be said that based on this belief, the permanent performance of the art of tai chi is essential to correctly channel the essential energies of the human body. By achieving this, you can be sure that the perfect harmony was achieved that combines both the physical and the mental, as well as the relationship with the other part of the cosmos, because the energy is also channeled abroad and influences it.

Leaving aside Chinese beliefs and cultures in relation to energy, what can not be doubted is the fact that when referring to tai chi as a martial art, it provides incalculable benefits on a physical, mental and spiritual level, which can be appreciated short, medium and long flat. Among these can be mentioned:

Significantly minimizes stress and anxiety levels, due to the support received with the control of breathing necessary to carry out the exercises.

Optimizes the elasticity of the muscles and other organs of the human body that helps above all to alleviate arthritis and various muscle ailments.

It stimulates the cardiovascular system, by making gentle movements and performing anaerobic exercises that also help control blood pressure.

They pacify the mind, with the support of the different deep breathing techniques.

Reduces stress and anxiety levels

correct insomnia

Soothes headaches and migraines

Increases strength in muscles

Eliminates energy order blockages that cause pain and illness

Defends the respiratory system and attacks asthma

Increases the feeling of well-being in the individual

Promotes and activates self-knowledge.


The continuous realization of the art of tai chi demonstrates in the individual that it has a great relevance in the prevention and healing of various ailments that affect the human being. There are several studies that think that an adequate and effective treatment against hypertension, gastroduodenal ulcers, heart disease, pulmonary tuberculosis and other ailments.

Therapeutic Tai Chi has its different explanations of a scientific nature that certify the therapeutic efforts that are achieved and recognized today with this technique, very particularly when the efficiency in physical preparation and health is demonstrated. Most Chinese health centers perform physical exercises such as therapy as a complement to traditional medicine treatments.

They use other types of medicinal gymnastics that they use in health centers, which seek to mobilize muscles and joints, however, tai chi requires deep and continuous breathing techniques, which can mobilize the diaphragm and the most important thing they can achieve a high concentration which significantly benefits the nervous system which helps with improving other organs of the human body.

The therapeutic exercises performed with the art of tai chi, provide great benefits such as alerting any disease, as well as lengthening life, there are many various investigations in prestigious health centers around the world, which have been interested in the techniques used by tai chi, and have done studies on the benefits that its practice brings. We are going to name some of the important and advantageous effects that they leave on the human system:

Nervous system

This refers to the one that unfolds from the base of the spine and ends in the brain, and that through the nervous system we receive communication from the outside world as well as from the internal part of the body, that through it reactions of the body are transferred to the brain and controls the movements made by the upper and lower extremities and the organic senses.

Immune system

Associated with the optimal conditions that brain functions can achieve, an improvement in the immune system and barriers to disease is visualized. White blood cells actively participate in the body's protection process, the performance of tai chi, have shown that these harmful cells increase in quantity as well as in their defensive activity. People who practice this technique have had blood tests performed and have shown results of increased production of T Lymphocytes in the Thymus gland, which is another important factor in the defense systems of the human body.

The circulatory system

The execution of this tai chi technique has also efficiently demonstrated optimum effects on the body's blood circulation, especially in regard to the limbs, brain and deep tissues of the main organs. It should be taken into account that when this exercise is performed, the Energetic System is one of the main ones that receives the effects, and as the ancient Chinese proverb says “where the energy goes, the blood goes”. Tai chi makes the energy travel and reach all the organs of the body so that the energy and blood arrive, in this way the organs are invaded with oxygen and nutrients causing the maintenance and restoration of health.

Respiratory system

With the performance of the tai chi exercise we have said that deep breathing is achieved in which the diaphragm extends and improves respiratory conditions, which protects the lungs from the damage caused by environmental pollution. Diaphragmatic breathing increases the oxygen in the bloodstream that reaches the lungs, which with the movements of the tai chi practice benefits the distribution of oxygen in the cells, which enhances the respiratory system.

The digestive system

This system known as digestive develops from the beginning of the oral cavity and ends in the intestine in the part of the rectum; and that through this the human body feeds through what we eat.

With the practice of this art, one of the most important effects in the digestive system is the increase of the salivary glands and that ends with great buccal secretion, which is of an important nature for the digestive effects and essential stomach fluids that end in the intestines, just as it balances the pH of the digestive fluids, which optimizes digestion, the assimilation of food and prevents flatulence and constipation.

The Endocrine System

The practice of this exercise known as tai chi and that through its movements and breathing, also helps and provides the endocrine system, which is in charge of the functions of regulating the functions of the organs of the human body through secretion of hormones. There are glands that secrete hormones through ducts, others execute it in the bloodstream itself, the blood that travels with the hormones to all the organs controlling their activities. There are many glands and among the main ones we can name: The pituitary and perineal glands that are located in the brain, the action of the pituitary influences the other endocrine glands such as the thyroid and the adrenal glands.


Exercising with this type of art known as tai chi that can be practiced by people of any age, due to its slow movements does not present any physical or mental contraindication, what can happen is that if the individual, due to ignorance, makes some movement of wrong way may cause you some trouble. A wrong posture can exert pressure on some of the joints as well as on some of the muscles, causing injury. In the event that the person at the end of exercising with tai chi feels some discomfort or complaint in his body, it is possible that he is not doing it correctly. The art of tai chi should not cause any pain to the person.

The expert masters who teach this art do not recommend that people should exercise with tai chi after eating food, or if they are in a state of fatigue or suffering from an infection or injury at that time. Women who are pregnant, as well as older people who have a sedentary life and who have joint ailments or osteoporosis, people with fractures or muscle sprains should go to a doctor in the medina before they practice the Tai Chi.

Practicing exercises with tai chi should be done in open environments with sufficient ventilation, it is also recommended to drink enough water because otherwise it can cause dehydration. It may happen that in some cases those who practice this art for the first time will feel pain in their body that will disappear as they exercise.

Tai chi and health

Tai chi is an ancient art that moves the body and mind, and provides healthy benefits to the human body. Many times it is said that tai chi is a meditation in movement, it is really a combination of leisurely movement where breathing, concentration and metal techniques are used until you relax, the movements can be practiced when the individual is walking, can be standing or sitting

Tai chi is a Chinese cultural technique because it is a martial art and also acts as a powerful weapon that acts to restore health. Exercising with tai chi is recommended for all human beings, because with its harmonic and smooth movements that accompanied by adequate breathing, it gives elasticity to the joints, improves the circulation of body and mental energy, dispelling blockages and reviving the body in its true balance.

Tai chi is an excellent practice to exercise, it is an activity that supports us in preserving health and regenerating some diseases. People must bear in mind that to achieve good results with the implementation of this art, one must be constant, disciplined and manage patience.

Then you can keep in mind that the main foundation of tai chi is characterized by three personal acts such as: Perseverance, discipline and patience. This art is also called "Meditation in Motion", because it is an exercise that requires little physical effort, which means that people who are not encouraged to exercise with strong displacement that exhausts them, have the facility to perform this practice with a suitable training program.

Elderly people can exercise with this art, because other types of exercise are difficult for them to perform. The fundamental principles of tai chi are based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism, which emphasizes the natural balance of everything around us, and the need to live physically and spiritually in a healthy way. According to the concept of this philosophy, everything is framed in two contrary elements, but which complement each other such as yin and yang, which are united in a society that is in permanent balance.

in fibromyalgia

Tai chi represents to be a wonderful aerobic exercise for the treatment of severe muscle pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression that is closely related to fibromyalgia. The gentle movements of the Chinese martial art such as tai chi, is found to be more efficient in improving fibromyalgia ailments than is done through stretching and other exercises. Tai chi is based on performing a series of slow movements and at the same time elegantly simulating movements of nature, which are gesticulated in a harmonized way and allow the body to breathe to the beat of its natural movements that each exercise it practices.

Fibriomalgia is an ailment that produces a great sensation of muscle pain and at the same time produces fatigue, due to the fact that there are quantities of hypersensitive points that generate these ailments in the body. But, it is confirmed that performing tai chi exercises can effectively relieve pain, it is recommended that people who suffer from this disease attend to practice tai chi exercises that will effectively improve fibromyalgia. It is important to remember that before starting any exercise you must be in a stage of warming up the muscles, which will prevent other injuries, you must also be careful to stop any type of exercise that causes pain or discomfort.

in Parkinson's

We have been describing the art of tai chi as an activity that develops through the coordination of smooth and precise movements, as well as coordinated breathing, which many experts and dedicated to the aspect of health recommend it as an effective option for the improvement of diseases, to which this discipline also acts to optimize people who suffer from the well-known Parkinson's disease, which contributes to improving their physical and mental state.

People who suffer from this disease and when performing this art of tai chi will enjoy the following benefits:

Reduce stiffness in your limbs

Helps gain physical stability

prevent falls

Relax physically and emotionally

Optimizes diaphragmatic breathing

Helps improve cognitive wear, anxiety and apathy.

Research carried out by experts in the field, affirm that the practice of tai chi provides the patient suffering from Parkinson's, enormous benefits with the continuity of sessions of this art, which provides stability of their posture, ability to walk, This minimizes the risk of falling. In addition, its exercises can be performed anywhere outdoors and at any time, and the movements can be easily learned.


This practice of tai chi contains a multiple variety and styles that are combined with movements, when an individual executes movements with this technique, they will begin to feel that their energy is balanced, which makes them feel better both physically and mentally. The person must learn how to breathe, which he must do to the rhythm of leisurely movements.

Tai chi is a very different art from other ways of exercising, because it focuses on directly working the ki, which means vital force. According to the philosophy of tai chi, lack of ki is associated with abandonment and apathy. When a person has a high ki, it is when they feel motivated to carry out different activities, they are energetic, alive and always attentive.


Tai chi is a martial art that comes from China and its techniques are based on self-defense and also provide great health benefits to the human body.

Within the movements of tai chi is the basic one that is the initiating pose known as horse position. The person to execute this pose must stand with the shoulders thrown forward, to the beat with the arms that are in front with the palms of the hands facing down.

This position that begins with the tai chi exercise is executed by raising the hands to the front in a smooth and slow manner, and when they are lowered, the knees are discreetly bent, care should be taken of the position of the back that is the most ideal and thus not lose balance. There is also another basic position to start the practice of tai chi, which is to do squats, which are ideal for accommodating the muscles of the hips. This exercise is performed as follows: the person stands with the legs open and the arms intertwined. fingers of the hands at chest level, and very slowly bend down and maintain the posture for a few minutes, then slowly get up.

There is also an exercise called the rabbit jump, to perform this tai chi movement, the person must stand with their legs apart and their hands clasped behind their back, then they must bend down in the same way as does the squat exercise, the difference is when the person is going to stand they must do it with one foot jumping.

Another of the elementary positions of the practice of tai chi is that the person who starts in this art, can start with what is known as the simple whip, to carry out this exercise the person must stand with the legs slightly open, raising the arms forward until you reach the level of the shoulders, while you bend your knees very discreetly, once you return to the original position, you must turn your torso to one side of the body that goes to the rhythm of the movement of the arms and legs You must do it slowly and safely, then you must do the same movement to the opposite side.


This prestigious tai chi art that provides physical and mental health to the individual with its restorative movements and breathing exercises. Here are some representative images of this wonderful art.


The art of tai chi has different styles and special characteristics that lead to the same goal that refers to restoring vital energy to an optimal degree. In this practice, the aspects that it has are softness, relaxation, granting the opponent and directing force, making use of internal force in substitution of muscular force, circular displacements, Qi, which means Chi to refer to the breathing that is as natural as possible and should not be elaborate, the yin yang, the act of rooting oneself to the ground, the modification of body posture, the Dan Tian that refers to the elixir field or where the spirit and intention of the Yi reside to govern the movements are part of the essence in any style of Tai Chi.


Chi Kung is a method of physical exercises, usually short movements, performed using the breath and paying attention to the mind. These exercises can be carried out with serene movements that regenerate health, control and teach breathing, calm the mind and regularize body energy, increasing vitality, preventing illnesses and mitigating emotional discomfort that allow improving the physiological and biochemical levels of the human body.

This technique has more than 3000 years of existence, its practice is considered one of the 5 elements where Traditional Chinese Medicine intervenes and that even accompanies Acupuncture with the collaboration of the work it exerts on the energetic Channels or Meridians that govern and are related with the organs of the human body. In such a way that performing this chi kung art helps to fortify the muscles, tendons and joints, provides energy balance in all key points through acupuncture.

There are many types of Chi Kung that fit people's lifestyles when it comes to working, meditating, dealing with stress, developing and expanding the mind. The chi kung are equal which means that there is not one that is better than the other, this practice allows us to relax the mind, breath and body and allows us to prepare ourselves so that the energy caresses both the organs, the mind and the body. body and are willing to perceive a life that we are likely to enjoy.

This style of exercise can be performed by any type of person and age, in such a way that a routine can be shared by people who already have experience in the art as well as those who are just starting out because the physical and mental preparation is different. This can be executed in open and natural spaces, currently they are practiced in closed places such as gyms and other places that have mirrors and good temperature and are also isolated from noise, which is very important for mental concentration.


The Yang style of tai chi chuan is one of the jewels in the world of Chinese martial arts. This style has been developed as elegant, which is carefully structured, calm, delicate and flowing, while retaining the martial aspects. Likewise, this is a technique that is used to recover health and heal diseases.

This Yang style was founded by Yang Lu Chan (1799 – 1872) and refers to the most practiced exercise in the world. Yang Lu Chan learned this style and also understood the benefits it brought to health once they practiced tai chi, and he set out to gradually start improving the form, changing the ground strikes and energy discharge displacements, making the movements were slow and with less intensity.

This style was put into practice by Yang Chenfu (1883 – 1936), and when the communist regime entered, this style spread as a burst of vitality that the population would enjoy, to which many practitioners joined to perform this style for the benefit of health.


This style of exercise owes its name to the Chen family, who were from Chenjiagou, in the Chinese province of Henan. It is thought that it is the oldest style within tai chi, and there are different theories about its birth, although the best known is its training Chen Wang Ting (1600 - 1680) who from 1641 was responsible for the Chenjiagou Garrison. Where he took on the task of creating this style based on sixteen other styles that had previously been about martial arts that were described by General Qi Jiguang of the Ming dynasty.

This heavy and strong Chen style has long been known for its martial techniques with an emphasis on spring-like strength, after they did extensive studies on energy that coils like silk. This style has transformations in its rhythms and some short stops that are necessary to deposit the chi that is later retransmitted. His poses are low and intense that come together in perfect harmony, movements are smooth and fast. In this style, various types of weapons are used, such as: saber, sword, spear, stick, among others.


The Sun style was created by the Master known as Sun Lu Tang (1861 – 1932), who was a popular master of two other internal martial arts: Xingyiquan and Baguazhang, who created the Sun style through the coherence between these two martial arts. and Tai Chi. Master Sun Lu Tang collaborated to make tai chi possible to reach people of all ages and sex with the sole intention of providing health benefits.

This style comes from the martial arts so its actions exert enough movement, among its main characteristics can be named: the position of the body must be higher because the center of gravity falls on a single foot and not with the same measure between the two feet. The two feet are positioned next to each other making an angle of 45º.

The practice of this style requires that the displacement of the feet must be flexible and fast, as one leg moves forward and backward, the other leg must make the same movement immediately. The center of gravity falls on one leg, one foot is supported by the weight of the body and the other foot is free. This Sun style is light, fluid and fleeting. Its displacement is very special when opening and closing in each exercise. Its objective is the efficiency in combat that is achieved with the intervention of the hands obtaining energy.


The Zen style is practiced in recent decades known as Christian Tai Chi Zen or simply Tai Chen Zen. This discipline practiced with dedication and enthusiasm, excellent results are obtained that reach aspects that are only corporeal, its purpose is to link the Taoist human condition with the Christian faith.

The Zen style is defined as a lifestyle that seeks to convey "Health and happiness for all human beings" that is achieved through a balance of physical well-being and mental capacity. It is recommended for learning this style that is made up of levels dl 1 to 3 where various forms of meditation are integrated through sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and awareness, this must be done daily. It is important that the initial learning lasts six months, then the participants will learn Tai chi styles to enrich their Qi, which is internal energy, and thus increase their energy, move from the center, conserve energy, be upright but without stress. , distinguish what can be empty or full, achieve the continuation of the displacements, and know how to breathe. 

tai chi vs chi kung

The art of tai chi is fully known as the outstanding art of the fist and its purpose is to achieve energy to be used in battle in a powerful way, restoring physical and mental health through coordinated movements and good breath control.

The exercises carried out through the Chi Kung technique lack any martial exercise, the movements and the work that is carried out is focused on offering physical and mental health, so it is an art that focuses on prevention and strengthening. In the event that the person wishes to work in an expanded way the state of physical, mental and emotional health, prevent ailments and maintain energy, deal with anxiety and anguish, it is recommended that they perform exercises with chi kung.

So we have that chi kung is the way to express in Chinese to name the set of exercises that are based on the theories of traditional Chinese medicine, which are aimed at optimizing health states. This art is over 5,000 years old. This chi kung art has four branches: the therapeutic one that is responsible for preventing diseases and ensuring that the body always stays healthy; the medicinal one that its exercises are based on to cure some illnesses; the martial one that is proposed to potential of the growth of this art; and the religious who is dedicated to achieving longevity and luminosity.

In this chi kun discipline they are exercised with a series of movements that depend on each particular case, the movements are associated with one or more meridians and the different energies that the body possesses such as yin-yang and five elements, and the main purpose is focused according to what is needed in each exercise. Likewise, static positions are performed, such as the embrace of the tree and breathing.

The characteristic of meditation in movement is what achieves the union between tai chi and chi kung, to the extent that it can be pointed out that tai chi is practiced more frequently and is more famous, and the truth is that it is a form of chi kung, which makes the differences not clearly appreciated.

However, although these two ways of exercising are similar, it must be taken into account that the practices are executed in different ways and each individual must keep in mind that they really want to practice, for which they must find a teacher who knows each of these arts, because it is understood that it could happen that a tai chi instructor does not necessarily know the chi kung techniques or vice versa.

use of animals

The beginning and evolution of the art of taichi of how the use of animals intervenes therapeutically, it is understood that at the time of the dynasty there was a doctor known as Hua Tuo, who at that time was excellent in surgery and connoisseur of medicinal plants . One of his concerns was knowing how to avoid the pain and suffering caused by surgery, because in these times there was no anesthesia.

In his research work he managed to discover the use of a medicinal herb as total anesthesia, which allowed him to perform surgeries with the use of this plant. His discovery and method reached Japan, Korea, Arabia and North Africa, becoming famous as the first doctor to perform surgical operations under anesthesia and began the spread of his knowledge.

This doctor was also popular for his research in preventive medicine creating therapeutic art in 5 animals, because he reasoned that man should perform exercises to move all parts of the body, taking into account breathing and mental concentration. It is probable that this is the cause of the therapeutic art in the five animals. 

Currently and in almost all the traditional exercises of Chi Kung and Tai Chi there are different versions, which come from other teachers than Hua Tuo. The style of the similarity of the displacements are simple and little strong, which are suitable and aimed at weak and elderly people. It is a mental practice that tries to emotionally imitate the following animals: the tiger, the bear, the monkey, the deer, the crane, exercising the body as little as possible. There is the practice of Yen Jai, which is considered as a good teaching of the therapeutic sport of the five animals to learn first the tai chi chuan, with which the participant effectively achieves the reproductions of the gestures of the five animals, in what is must be clear about the following concepts: 

absolute relationship status

Control and achieve normal breathing

Achieve states of concentration

Make slow and calm movements

Provide self-massage

The use of the five animals is related to five of our vital organs that the human body possesses and with the emotions and natural energy that are indicated below:


It is related to the energy of water and is associated with the kidney organ and the emotion of fear.

the deer

It is associated with the energy of fire and is linked with the organ of the heart and the small intestine and with the emotion of joy and laughter.

The Tiger

It is related to the energy of wood and is linked to the liver organ and the emotion of rage, anger


It is associated with the energy of the earth and is associated with the organ of the bao and with the emotion of obsession.

The crane

It is linked to the energy of metal and is associated with the organs of the lungs and the emotion of sadness and longing.

tai chi techniques

Tai chi has some ancient techniques that reside in the execution of slow and harmonic movements that are integrated with adequate breathing and with a state of absolute mental concentration, these techniques are currently in force with what the individual achieves the strength, energy and inner harmony. The techniques used in this art originate from the different styles that are based on principles that are the mixture of 13 definitions or techniques, which are called "Shisan Shi" or 13 forces that are the energy core of martial arts.

Top 100 Horror Story

1. "Humans can lick too"

Farmersburg, Indiana, 1987: Lisa is often alone in her large, isolated house in the heart of the cornfields. Her parents come home late every night and have therefore decided to buy her a dog, to reassure her. One night, she is awakened by the sound of dripping water. She gets up and goes to turn off the bathroom faucet. While lying down she slips her hand under her bed and her dog licks it. This reassures her. The noise continues and she decides to turn on the tap in the bathroom. She lies down again and slips her hand under her bed again, and her dog licks it again. But the noise continues and Lisa can't sleep. She makes a final tour of the house without finding anything, and therefore lies down again, sliding her hand under the bed. The dog licks her again. The noise is still there and Lisa decides to locate its origin: the sound comes from her closet. Opening it she discovers her slaughtered dog, suspended by the hind legs, slowly emptying his blood. On the door of the cupboard a message written in letter of blood: "HUMANS TOO CAN LICK"

2. "The killer in the back seat"

Lyon, France, 1994: Nathalie finishes her nursing service, it is 5am. She gets into her car and walks through the still deserted streets. Very quickly, she notices that a car is following her closely. When passing her, the car falls back violently behind Nathalie and begins to flash the headlights at her. The young nurse accelerates, anxious, while trying to see the driver of the vehicle in his rearview mirror. The calls of the headlights continue, frantic. She turns right, then left: the car follows her. Nathalie starts to panic, what does this person want from her? She arrives in the alley leading to her house. Her only hope is to do it all and run and lock herself in her house to call the police. As she gets out of the car, she hears her pursuer get out and yell "LOCK UP AND CALL THE POLICE QUICKLY!" " Not daring to turn around, she locks herself in her home and calls the gendarmes. She peeks out the window to see a tall figure armed with a butcher's knife, savagely attacking the man behind her. Terrified, Nathalie takes refuge in her bathroom, praying for help to arrive as soon as possible. It is only later that she will understand what really happened that day: the man in the car was trying to save her. He had seen a man slip into Nathalie's car and was trying to warn her. He paid for it with his life.

3. "The babysitter and the upstairs killer"

Windermere, UK, 1982: Helen is 16 and attends a babysitting service. Tonight she has to look after the 3 children of a young couple, absent for the evening. When she arrives, they inform her that the children are already in bed and that they will not be home late. Helen sits down on the sofa in the large house and opens a book. The phone rings, but when she picks up, no one is speaking on the other end of the line. A few minutes later, the phone rings again, and this time a chilling voice answers: "Did you go to see the children?" " then nothing. Thinking that it was the father calling her to find out if everything was going well, she told herself that he had been cut and that he would call back. Indeed, a few minutes later the telephone rang: "Did you go to see the children?" The voice repeats. "Mr. Stuart? She asks, worried, but no one answers. She decides to call the restaurant where her employers dine but is informed that they have been gone for 10 minutes. She then contacted the police, but they told her that they could do nothing against the telephone hoaxes. No sooner has she hung up than the stranger calls her again: "Why didn't you go see the children?" " Frightened, she contacts the police again, assuring them that this stranger is there, nearby, that she can feel him. The agent on the other end of the line decides to take her number and reassures her: "The next time he calls you, we'll trace the origin of the call, okay Helen?" Above all, stay calm. "

Helen turns off the living room and locks herself in the kitchen, the phone beside her. He rings and this time she picks up right away - "What do you want with me in the end?" "-" Why did you turn off the lights? "- " Who are you ? What do you want from me? "-" I see you you know. "-" Ok, very well, you scared me, it was successful. Are you happy is what you wanted? "- " No. What I want is to bathe in your blood. " Helen hangs up abruptly, terrified, but the bell rings again. "LEAVE ME" she yells into the receiver. - "Helen, it's me, we've traced the call, you need to get out right away." The call comes from one of the rooms in the house. Get out immediately! " She rushes to the door, and begins to unlock it, trembling. She panics, drops the key, picks it up, then gets up. She hears a noise behind her back and then sees a door open at the top of the stairs. A halo of light comes out of the children's room and she clearly distinguishes the silhouette of a man standing, turned towards her. She finally manages to open the door and throws herself outside, coming face to face with several policemen on the landing, weapon in hand. Immediately taken care of by the emergency services, she just has time to turn around and see the mad killer , handcuffed by the police. The man is covered in blood. That of the 3 children of the Stuart family.

4. "Bloody Mary"

This story happened to the sister of a friend of one of the Topito editors who preferred to remain anonymous. We are in 1997, the 9 year old girl, whom we will name Anna, organizes a "pajama" party with some friends. One of them then tells them the story of a certain Mary Worth, a beautiful young girl who would have lived many, many years ago. Following a very serious accident, Mary found herself horribly disfigured. Knowing how mad it would drive her to see her beautiful damaged face, her parents forbade her to see her reflection. They threw away all the mirrors in the house except one, the one in their personal bathroom. One night, Mary sneaked discreetly into the room. As soon as she bared his face, she collapsed. After hearing this story, Anna and her friends think it would be a good idea to give it a try, and see. They then lock themselves in the bathroom and repeat in front of a mirror: "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary". Suddenly, one of Anna's friends starts screaming, so loud that the mother bursts into the bathroom. She turns on the light and discovers a horrible scene: all the girls are sitting on the floor, panicked. Only one remains standing, clinging to the sink, frozen with terror. Deep, bloody gashes run down her cheek, long nail marks left by the ghost of Mary Worth. Anna has never forgotten this evening.

5. "The hook"

Amherst, Massachussetts, 1973: Tonight, Thomas D. has a date, and he knows exactly where to lead Melany: behind the woods on the outskirts of town is a secluded glade perfect for a little galling session. So he picks up his sweetheart in the car and parks quietly in the clearing, leaving the car radio running. Suddenly, the music stops and an urgent press release is broadcast on the radio: a murderer has escaped from the asylum located a few miles from Amherst. The presenter gives a somewhat vague description of it, but nevertheless specifies that this very dangerous man has a hook on his right arm. Frightened, Melany asks Thomas to take her home. Out of the question for the teenager who intends to show that he is not afraid of anything. As he leans in to kiss her, a cracking branch makes them jump. Melany immediately makes her "date" understand that this time it's time to go home. Reluctantly, he reverses and sets off quickly towards the city center. Arrived in front of Melany's house, the latter gets out of the car and starts screaming uncontrollably. Thomas rushes towards her and discovers what puts her in this state: hanging on the handle of the car, a bloody hook swings gently.

6. "The neighbor"

Paris region, 2015: after long months looking for an apartment, Lucien has just moved into his building. Freshly installed, Lucien takes his ease in his new home. One night, someone knocks on his door. He gets up and goes to open it. A woman stands there and asks her if she can spend the night at his place because her partner hits her. Lucien is somewhat surprised and dubious. The woman reassures him by telling him that she has called her family and that they will come and pick her up early in the morning. The young man gives her a blanket and offers to spend the night on the sofa. When she wakes up, the blanket is folded on the couch and the young woman is gone. He gets ready and goes to work. The following evening, we knock again on his door. The same woman is at her door, but this time she is punched in the face. She asks him for hospitality a second time. Unable to accept, Lucien offers to sleep in the same place as the day before. In the morning, she is no longer there. The same merry-go-round is repeated throughout the week. Worried, the young man goes to the police station to explain the situation. The agent shows him a photo in which he recognizes the woman. The police tell her that this woman was beaten to death in her apartment building by her husband and died of her injuries several months ago.

7. Goodbye

I found this story from the diary of a deceased old neighbor who has lived alone for years: “I rushed off to pick up my son from school. The traffic was rather fluid that day, nothing on my road except a few red lights. It had been quite a while since I was waiting at a red light when I noticed a woman. I had no idea how long she had been standing there staring at me, but once I couldn't look away. She looked at me like crazy and waved her hand towards me, stroking the hair of a little boy's head. Her little boy, her son I imagine, wore loose brown clothes and a black goat mask. Was it a weird costume and especially who wears a costume the day after Halloween? He too was waving his hand in my direction and staring at me through that disturbing mask, but his movement seemed uncomfortable and forced. The woman's eyes could see right through me and I could almost physically feel her gaze catching on me. She wasn't even blinking. I felt naked and very tense. And the boy's eyes, my god, the boy's eyes were pleading and begging for help. The woman started to get impatient, waving her hand harder every second. I looked away. For some reason I was terrified. I needed to run away. Once the light went green, which had seemed like an eternity, I drove off. I didn't even bother to look behind. I thought nothing would be more terrifying than this moment. Then I got to school and they told me my son was not there. They told me that my wife had already collected it. I don't have a wife. They handed me a note, telling me that she had asked for them to give it to me. There are no words to describe how I felt reading it. "Don't say I didn't give you a chance to say goodbye to him. "

8. The white lady

We start with one of the most famous urban legends. This one is great because it comes in 50 different versions and in lots of different places. In short, we can meet the white lady all over the place. According to the version we find most often, the white lady is a young woman dressed in white who hitchhikes on the side of the road. If you take her in your car, she will remain silent but will start to panic and finally disappear when approaching a bend (the one where she would have lost her life.) If you decide to ignore her and not take her in. stop, then it is death assured in this turn. Morality, take a taxi, or avoid the small country roads.

9. Bloody Mary

Legend has it that Mary was a young mother who committed suicide in her bathroom after losing her baby. Persuaded that someone is at the origin of the death of her child, she haunts the mirrors of the bathrooms today to kill the culprit. Anyone who would say “Bloody Mary” three times in front of their mirror and spin three times would then see Bloody Mary standing behind them. If the person adds "I killed your baby" , then they die when attacked by the ghost. Everyone who tried was found with their throat slit in front of their mirror. Well, that's what they say.

10. The old lady and her dog

An old lady who lived alone had decided to adopt a dog to keep her company. Every night at bedtime, after turning off the lights, she stretched out her arm to her dog lying under the bed to lick her hand and reassure her. Only one night, the old lady wakes up hearing the sound of drops of water in the bathroom. She gets up in the dark to turn off the tap properly and goes back to bed, not forgetting to extend her hand to the dog who is licking it, as usual. But the sound of drops persisting, the old lady must get up again to turn off the tap more firmly. Then she lies down and stretches her hand under the bed to receive the usual lick. On the third awakening because of the sound of drops, the old lady goes to the bathroom and turns on the light. The sound of drops came from his dog, his throat cut above the bathtub, which was emptying his blood. So who was lying under the bed? We do not have the answer and we do not want to have it, especially since it seems this story happened to the neighbor of our friend's cousin from college.

11. Kuchisake-Onna

This story is one of the most urban legends in Japan. A very beautiful and conceited young woman was married to an older samurai, and she was unfaithful to him. The day her husband found out, he slit her mouth open to her ears so that no one would ever find her beautiful again. Today, you can cross her when walking alone in a dark street. She walks up, the lower part of her face covered, and asks "do you find me beautiful?" " If the person in front answers yes, she discovers her slit mouth and asks the same question: " and now, do you find me beautiful? "If the answer is no, Kuchisake-Onna kills his victim on the spot. If the answer is yes, she follows her victim home to stab her in the back on her doorstep, or offers a blood red ruby to the lucky ones. In general, it is better to avoid crossing it.

12. The Russian sleep experiment

In 1940, Russian scientists locked five political prisoners in a wiretapped room to perform an experiment: the five men will be kept awake by gas and will no longer be able to sleep. During the first five days, the prisoners tell each other about their lives in great detail, but nothing special happens. Only, from the sixth day, it is total silence, apart from a few murmurs from time to time, which indicated that the subjects were still alive. After ten days, the scientists wanted to see what was going on and opened the door. There, they came across a horrific sight: the prisoners had self-mutilated and fed on their own flesh. Soldiers were called in to transport the men to the hospital, but the prisoners went into a mad rage and even killed several soldiers with superhuman force. Two of them were shot and the others taken to hospital begging for the gas that kept them awake. There, a Russian doctor, not knowing what he was dealing with, asked one of the prisoners who he was. And the man, with a gaunt smile, replied:“We are you. We are the madness that dwells in you and that you silence when you join the slumber where we cannot follow you. "

13. The neighbor

A man had just moved into a residence. On the first evening, he heard a knock on his door. It was a neighbor who asked him if he could put her up for a night because her husband had hit her and she was afraid. As he could not refuse, he offered to sleep on the sofa. The next morning, when she woke up, the neighbor had already left. The second evening, she knocked again on his door. She asked him the same thing as the day before, and since she had new bruises on her face, the man agreed. The next morning she was already gone when he woke up. And this scenario was repeated three more times. The man then wanted to go to the police station to denounce his neighbor's husband. There, a policeman, who didn't look surprised, showed him a photo of the young woman whom the man recognized as being his neighbor. The policeman then told her that she had been killed a year earlier by beatings by her husband.

14. Lavanville's music

In the first cartridges of the Pokémon game in Japan, the music of Lavanville, where pokemon ghosts reside, would have driven hundreds of children to suicide. Others would have behaved strangely or complained of headaches. It is also said that in the very first version, we could face a mysterious ghost named "731" in a fight where subliminal images of corpses were broadcast. Fortunately, we don't have that in our European versions, so we can continue to play quietly.

15. The Grifter

Likewise, this video is very well known on the internet for one simple reason: those who watched it complained of having nightmares and going crazy, and others even committed suicide. None wanted to tell what was in the video because its content had traumatized them. Versions have been posted on Youtube, but they are different from the real version which makes you crazy, hard to find on the web. If you still want to give it a try, search for “the grifter” online, but we'll have warned you.

16. The babysitter and the man at the top of the stairs

A young American student arrived at a family's home one evening to do some babysitting. The parents, before leaving, told him that the two children were already sleeping up there and that there was no need to wake them up. Shortly after they left, the phone rang. The student picked up the phone and heard a deep voice say, "Did you go to see if the kids are okay?" "Thinking it was a joke, the girl hung up, without going to check. An hour later the phone rang again and the girl heard the same. She asked who was on the phone, but the person hung up. Worried, she called the police, who told her it must have been a joke. But an hour later, the man called again to ask if she had been to see if the children were okay. She called the police again, who this time took her seriously and asked her to stay on the phone longer next time to locate the call. When the man called back, the young girl did not answer, to make the communication last. He then ends up hanging up. The phone rang again. It was the police who ordered him to leave immediately: the call came from inside the house. Once outside, the police arrived to stop the intruder. He was covered in blood. That of the children.

17. The doll

It is the story of a mother who takes her daughter to the flea market. While walking in the aisles, the girl notices a pretty porcelain doll, in good condition, and claims it from her mother. The mother asks the seller for the price and buys the little doll for her daughter. Back home, the girl begins to play with her new doll, a pretty doll in a pink dress, with blue eyes and blond hair. In one hand she holds a pretty parasol, and the other has two raised fingers. The mother, who has other errands to do, leaves her daughter alone at home for about an hour, while she goes to the local supermarket. The little one then remains alone in her room, playing with her doll. Suddenly, she hears the phone ringing and goes down to the dining room to answer. "Don't play with your doll after midnight!" »A voice orders him before hanging up. Frightened, the little girl returns to her room and puts her doll away at the bottom of her toy box. Her mother comes home a little later, and the little girl does not tell her about the phone call or about her doll. A week goes by without any problem, until the following Saturday. Indeed, the mother is invited to a party, and, as she has not found a babysitter, she decides to leave her little one alone at home. So she leaves by car, and spends the night at this famous evening. When she comes home at one in the morning, she decides to go and see her daughter's room to see if she is asleep. A week goes by without any problem, until the following Saturday. Indeed, the mother is invited to a party, and, as she has not found a babysitter, she decides to leave her little one alone at home. So she leaves by car, and spends the night at this famous evening. When she comes home at one in the morning, she decides to go and see her daughter's room to see if she is asleep. A week goes by without any problem, until the following Saturday. Indeed, the mother is invited to a party, and, as she has not found a babysitter, she decides to leave her little one alone at home. So she leaves by car, and spends the night at this famous evening. When she comes home at one in the morning, she decides to go and see her daughter's room to see if she is asleep. She opens the door and screams. Her daughter is lying on the ground, with her throat cut. The toy box is open, and next to it is the porcelain doll. Despite an investigation, the police did not find any traces of the break-in or the murderer. The mother, mad with pain, decided to sell her little girl's doll, which now had three fingers raised.

18. Corpses in mattresses

Come on, we end with a more fun one, because it's partly true. A man, after spending a night in his hotel room, goes to reception to complain: the room smells bad. The employees then assure him that they will do everything to rid the room of this smell. There, they start cleaning every corner, but the stench persists. It was only when one of them turned the heavy mattress over that they understood: a corpse was hidden in it. The man had slept all night with a dead man below him. In fact it has happened before, and on several occasions.

19. The cursed ring

The horror story of a woman who tries to prick a ring belonging to the corpse of an old woman. Problem: impossible to take it without cutting off your finger ... This story was a bit like our introduction to the concept of staging. Indeed, the secret to causing a good scare is to take advantage of the darkness to stroke someone's index finger when chanting "Give me back my ring! Give me back my ring!"

20. The Bloodstained Dress

The story of a woman who is injured while cooking and who gets blood all over her clothes. Already, it's not cool. But the worst part is that a voice at the end of the phone tells her that she has until midnight to remove the stain, otherwise ... Buy Mir express. There's no denying it, they know a thing or two about com 'at Unilever.

21. The Ghosts Of The Ancient Ram Inn

Remember how the hotel owners in The Shining built their holiday paradise over an ancient Indian burial ground, then acted surprised when it turned out haunted? Well, the owners of the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire went one step further. This hotel was built on a site allegedly once used for child sacrifice.As a result, the hotel is said to be one of the most haunted in England. Strange glowing lights appear in the corridors. A ghostly presence creeps up and down the staircase. People even say they’ve encountered a succubus while staying the night. But none of this has anything on the Bishop’s Room.A low-ceiling bedroom at the back of the inn, the room is said to infect anyone who steps inside with a sense of oppressive dread. Priests have been known to refuse to enter the room. Eight people who slept there have needed exorcisms, according to the current owner.

22. The dog

"It's not just dogs that can lick". The announcement of this simple fall is enough to awaken the memories of the history of our most chilling childhood, casually. Here, no ghost or supernatural, but just a psychopath dressed in dog skin. The little narration bonus: don't hesitate to say that it happened in the Yonne, you will gain credibility there.

23. The killer doll

In the 90s, we were treated to Chucky and ... Chucky 2, 3, 4. The dolls are a bit like the steak and chips of the freak. It is certainly not the top of the refinement, but it remains a sure value. A little girl receives for Christmas a doll which makes the sign of victory with her right hand, a toy with which she is not allowed to play after midnight. If you've read the title, it's easy to guess what's going to happen next. At the end of the story, the doll is back at the store, but this time with three fingers raised.

24. The ghost with the twisted cock

The standard bearer of the pee-poo period! Paragon of total humor, there are almost all the humorous springs of 4-7 year olds. A French, a Belgian and an American, the word "quéquette" and a more than slight fall. And yet, no need to lie, it made you smile just thinking about it.

25. When a kid takes a picture of the ghost of a WWI soldier

Mitch Glover, a 14 year old teenager, was taken by his school in France and on this occasion visited the cemeteries of Scottish soldiers who died during the First World War. He was probably messing around with his cool buddies while taking photos with his iPhone just to show his parents how he cultivated himself. And then in one of those photos, there was something weird, very, very weird even, very much like a ghost of a Scottish soldier in a kilt. Suffice to say that he freaked out.

26. Ah and if not how would you like to see Jim Morrison again?

Brett Meisner is a fairly famous rock historian. In 1997, he went to Père Lachaise to say hello to Jim Morrison, ex-singer of the Doors very, very dead and for a while. He has his picture taken in front of the grave, like everyone else. And then he has the clichés developed. And then there he has a surprise. Because in his picture, we simply see Jim Morrison swaying his hips. To date, we have not been able to prove the photomontage.

27. Another ghost story

Less known, this time around, and older. In 1946, a very good Australian woman goes to visit her daughter's grave (yes, she's dead, it's not that the mother is ultra far-sighted). Then she takes a souvenir photo, probably because it must have been heartwarming in Australia in the 1940s to watch the photo of her daughter's grave. The mother, Mrs. Andrews, was alone in front of the grave. However, in the photo, we can see a little girl very very clearly. Very very very clearly.

28. When a guy kills at Père Lachaise

On May 7, 2014, at Père Lachaise, Eric takes a walk. Eric did not have an easy life, beaten and raped by his father and the DDASS did not help him recover . But then, on May 7, 2014, he decided without ANY reason to beat to death a history buff who served as a volunteer guide for tourists. Finally, for no reason: the guide in question regularly went to a gay meeting place in the cemetery, as did Eric who did not accept his homosexuality but had a repulsive attraction for his repressed sexual orientation.

29. Kill in short circuit

In November 2011, passers-by found the body of a 23-year-old young woman slumped on a grave in the Val d'Oise. This grave is that of a friend of his, murdered with baseball bats two years earlier. The young woman also suffered enormous violence and her murder obviously took place in the cemetery.

30. When cemetery wardens discover a murder

A Reddit user says he worked in the 1970s alongside a friend of his in a cemetery to pay for his education. Among other voodoo statues, disturbing burnt dolls, stuffed animals and other strange things found near graves, he once discovered the naked corpse of a woman strangled near a grave and installed, arms folded, as if she was already standing there. in a coffin. The woman had been sexually abused and disfigured with fists. Her clothes were never found, nor her murderer. Suffice to say that the student quickly quit the job.

31. When you find the corpse of a seated woman

In the early hours of the morning, on his way to the cemetery where he worked, another Reddit user claims to have seen a car improperly parked in front of the main entrance. After going through the door, he saw the silhouette of a woman sitting against a tree: quickly, he realizes that this woman is wearing a scarf that has strangled him and that she is surrounded by blood; above all, his corpse is really perfectly seated, as if it had been placed in this position. After investigation, the police found a suicide note in the car: the woman had just lost her daughter. The position of his body cannot be explained.

32. The woman who dies at her friend's funeral

One day a woman dies. We organize ourselves. Among the organizers of the ceremony are two friends of the deceased, two very close sisters who have lived their whole lives together as in a good old Lucky Luke. Once the ceremony is over, the funeral director is surprised that the two sisters remain seated against each other even when everyone has returned to their car. He inquires about the situation: one of the sisters tells him that the other died during the ceremony and that she did not say anything so as not to ruin her friend's funeral.

33. Eternal flowers

One of the cemetery keeper's jobs is to reopen the vaults to allow the new dead to join their elders. In general, before the entrance is sealed, the vaults are garnished by relatives with flowers or personal items. However, recently, a Reddit user recounts having opened the crypt housing a couple who died in the 90s to make room for their children: however, flowers that had been placed there on this occasion were perfectly fresh. Not at all faded, not at all withered. And after examination, it turned out that they were indeed real flowers.

34. The Perron family claimed that the reality was much more frightening than the movie

The real business of the Perron family began in 1971, when Roger and Carolyn decided to move into a former farmhouse they had just purchased in the state of Rhode Island. They arrive in their new home with their five daughters: Andrea, Nancy, Christine, Cindy and Avril. More than 40 years later, the movie Conjuring hits theaters, and Andrea Perron told reporters that no family member was scared watching the movie because the reality was so much scary horror story. Carolyn Perron, the mother, also said that the hide-and-seek scene was well done in the movie but far more terrifying in real life. She also refused to come on the film set (while her husband and her daughters went there), fearing that the spirits would attack her again.

35. The neighbors tried to warn the family of the danger

While no strange event had yet occurred, Carolyn Perron received strange advice from her neighbors. In particular, he was advised to leave the lights on at night and even to flee this place with his family. Soon after, objects began to move for no good reason.

36. At first the spirits seemed harmless

According to their testimony, the children of the Perron family quickly felt a presence in the house but the girls were not frightened because this presence did not seem threatening. Apparently these ghosts spoke to them and kissed them on the forehead before they fell asleep. Frankly, I would have been terrified for much less than that.

37. Other spirits, less sympathetic, arrived later

As time went by, new spirits came to replace the gentle ghosts. According to the Perron children, that's when they started to get really scared. The spirits told them of the bodies of soldiers who would be walled up in the house. Some nights, always at the same time, a smell of burning flesh was felt in the house, waking the whole family. What seems to have traumatized the five little girls the most is the mind of a malicious man. They never wanted to give more details about what this presence did to them.

38. One of the children ended up locked in a trunk

One day, while the five girls are playing hide and seek, one of them decides to hide in a trunk that had no lock or particular closure (a simple trunk with the lid lifted). As no one finds her, the little girl decides to go out, but she realizes that it is impossible: the cover no longer lifts and the child is stuck inside the trunk. It was not until 20 minutes later that, alerted by the screams, one of the sisters arrived to rescue the little girl by simply lifting the lid. No one has ever solved this mystery.

39. The family stayed in the house for 9 years without being able to leave

In the movie Conjuring, the Warrens explain to the Perron family that it is useless to leave the house because the spirits have chosen to persecute them. In reality, the reason that forced the family to stay so long was simply financial. In the 1970s in the United States, between the government of Nixon and that of Carter, the economic crisis affected many families. In addition, the value of the Perron house is devalued every day because of the strange events that take place there. Result: nobody wants to buy this house and the Perrons do not have the means to live elsewhere with their five children. It was not until 1980 that they finally left this cursed place to go and live in Georgia.

40. Carolyn Perron actually saw a woman yelling at her in the middle of the night

One day, as she was going to bed, Carolyn saw a woman in a gray dress appear near her bed. The woman reportedly shouted at him "Go away or I will scare you away with death and darkness" (rough translation). After much research on the former inhabitants of the house, the Warrens and Perrons concluded that it was probably the ghost of a certain Bathsheba Thayer but it is obviously impossible to prove it.

41. Bathsheba Thayer was not a witch at all

In the movie Conjuring, the woman who appears in the house and ends up owning Carolyn Perron is portrayed as a witch who allegedly sacrificed her child to the devil before committing suicide. Actually, Bathsheba Thayer did exist but she never practiced witchcraft or anything close to it. She was a normal woman who lived in the 19th century with her husband. Three of her four children died very young but there is no mention of murder or suicide in the archives. Bathsheba Thayer died in 1885 of a heart attack.

42. Friends of the family contacted the Warrens

The Perrons never contacted Ed and Lorraine Warren, it was the Warrens who came to them. Friends of the Perron family actually attended a conference hosted by the Warrens in Connecticut and got to chat with the couple. They then talked about the strange events that had occurred in their friends' house and the Warrens replied: "We absolutely have to go and see."

43. The Warrens may have made it worse

Strangely, the Perron family's version of the facts and that of the Warren couple do not always coincide. Parts of the story are sometimes incomplete or slightly different. The movie Conjuring was primarily written based on the Warrens' version of events, the one where the couple manages to get rid of spirits. Unfortunately, that may not be the truth. According to the Perrons, the Warrens never really got rid of spirits, and the spirits remained in haunting them for years after they left home.

44. The real corpse in the fake haunted house

We all had this thought at 10 years old: “Can you imagine if the model, there, and well in fact, and well it would in fact be a real death? And bah in 1976, an American TV crew filming an episode in a haunted house in an amusement park in California had the answer. During the filming, a hanged man's mannequin lost an arm in which human bones were found. In reality, the body was that of a criminal, Elem McCurdy, murdered in 1911 after a train attack by a bounty hunter. The local undertaker had then embalmed it and kept it as a demonstration product because it was so well done. Until one day McCurdy's pseudo-brother came to claim the body. The pseudo-brother was actually a showman who had made the body a major part of his haunted house show.

45. The guy buried alive

"Can you imagine, in fact, you're not dead, but the doctor and well the doctor are wrong, and you find yourself buried alive?" Oh the seum! " It has happened many times. A guy called William Tebb recorded more than 200 such cases in recent history at the end of the 19th century. Recent history at the time, that is to say at the end of the 19th century. Afterwards, we sometimes found traces of scratches inside the coffins, which is never a good sign on the last moments offered to the world to the dead. A fashion developed in the early twentieth century: secure coffins, including some kind of horn or a powerful bell to signal that one was not dead (just in case).

46. The girl is stabbed in a discretionary library and nobody sees anything

You see it, eh, the American library with its green lamps, its endless passageways, its secluded places, its silence: a perfect place to fuck or to die stabbed by a maniac unleashed on campus. And bah in 1969, the student Betsy Aardsma was stabbed while she was consulting a book in one of the bays. Nobody saw anything, nobody heard anything. The killer was never discovered.

47. The killer who lived in hiding for several days in the house before killing the whole family

The house could well be haunted. We hear footsteps, we see things that disappear, we end up murdered by a maniac. In 1922, farmer Andreas Gruber and his family experienced exactly that. There were steps in the attic. Weird, did you say weird? Okay. The Grubers did not pick up. Then, on March 31, they were all killed with an ax: mother, father, children, grandchildren. But not the animals. We never found the murderer.

48. The manic surgeon

Under the guise of his long studies of medicine, the surgeon is in fact a maniac who operates on his victims with the sole and sole objective of collecting their organs. Yes it's possible. For example, that pretty much describes the surgeon Glen Tucker, who in the 1970s amused himself amputating arms for fun or doing square breast implants. One day a patient woke up in the middle of her nose job, which was broken, to see dear Doctor Tucker doing sadistic things with his nose in a deserted operating room. She complained and Tucker started following her down the street. Then Tucker had the good taste to die in a boating accident in 1982, or rather to pretend, since he was found in Florida a few years later. Rather than being tried, he committed suicide in 2011. After killing his wife and her cat.

49. Your ex cooks you a dog

"It would be horrible for a sadistic cook to make me eat Cookie Stew" (Cookie is the Gloden Retriever who shares your life). Yes. And bah Ryan Watenpaugh, after having freaked out his ex-girlfriend by forcing the door to his apartment, did something like that. When the girl in question escaped, he was left alone with the dog and later pretended that he had escaped. Then Cookie's mistress was stupid enough to accept an invitation to dinner and Wantenpaugh made her a nice little meal. Then he sent sadistic texts to the girl explaining that she had just eaten her dog. And also a plastic bag with the remains to prove that it was true.

50. Telephone. Midnight. "I see you"

We take the beginning of Scream . We transpose it into real life. A little English teenager from Chester in 2014 began to receive texts that she was being watched very closely by someone "in her house". The girl was not too careful, telling herself that she was dealing with a dingo, then lay down (anyway) in her mother's bed. Then she returned to her room in the middle of the night and, seeing that some stuff had been moved, looked under the bed. Where she found her stalker, an 18 year old kid. Fortunately, nothing happened to this poor little teenager.

51. The Legend of Charlie No-Face

It's a local story, but worth the detour. Charlie No Face was a character in popular culture around Pittsburgh, a sort of White Lady aimed at terrifying children. Except that in reality, Charlie existed. His real name was Raymond Robinson and he was disfigured by a maxi-shock in 1919 while playing near an electric conveyor. Then, Raymond Robinson lived a small life of patachon all alone by remaining cloistered in his home for fear of being judged. He would not allow himself to go out until nightfall. You kinda see how the guy became an urban legend.

52. Waking up with one missing kidney

1: take a load; 2: agree to get into a stranger's car; 3: wake up far from home, naked, with one kidney less and an extra scar. And bah know that it is a little possible: between 2000 and 2008, 500 Indians were the victims of illegal kidney trafficking. They were spotted in the street, not because they were drunk, but because they were looking for work and offered to them for bogus. Then chloroform, boom and more kidney.

53. The collector of human bodies

The super weird neighbor collects corpses, it is well known. Why else would he have so many papier mache dolls? Well done, Edvige. For example, the Moscow historian Anatoly Moskvin, who freaked out all the children in the neighborhood, was indeed responsible for the dead bodies in the Nizhny Novgorod cemetery. So Moskvin would collect the corpses, put on them girls' dresses and wigs, and arrange them in the apartment. There were 29 of them. With masks. And all. And all.

54. The murder of the Lawson family

We are in 1929, a time when, contrary to popular belief, people did not live in black and white. On Christmas Eve, Charlie Lawson, 43, a farmer from North Carolina, takes his family to town to take a picture and shop for clothes. The kind of activity that is quite unusual for a large family of farmers without a circle. There was his wife and their seven children there. The next day, December 25, Charlie waits for his two daughters to come out of the house to shoot them before hitting them badly. He then returns home and shoots another of his daughters who was on the steps. Then he walks into the house and kills everyone: his wife, his two boys and his little baby. He then heads for the woods and shoots himself in the head. The only survivor of the killing is the 16-year-old eldest, One of the theories that can explain the massacre is that the father allegedly got his daughter pregnant and found no other way out. Atmosphere atmosphere and Merry Christmas.

55. The Covina massacre

In 2008, the divorce between Bruce and Sylvia Pardo was confirmed. But as often during separations by mutual agreement, someone agrees more than the other: in this case, Bruce is not very satisfied with the situation. So he decides to hurt his ex-wife and his whole family. He takes the car and arrives at Sylvia's parents in Covina, California on Christmas Day. He rings the bell, disguised as Santa Claus, and Sylvia's niece lets him in. Especially since he has gifts in his hands! Except that the packaging actually contains a flamethrower and guns. Pardo begins by shooting everyone until the whole family is forced to hide. It was then that he poured gasoline all over the ground before using the flamethrower. He kills nine people including his ex-wife.

56. The corpse at the foot of the tree

In 2011, Michelle O'Dowd showed a beautiful Christmas spirit by offering her nephew's ex-girlfriend, Patty White, to come and live with her in exchange for a little cleaning. Except that a few days before Christmas, Michelle O'Dowd does not come to work without warning. Her twin brother is worried and goes to her house. His car is there, the house seems inhabited, but no trace of his sister. Ah yes in fact: his foot protrudes from the gifts piled up at the foot of the Christmas tree. Her protégé, Patty, hit and strangled her before leaving the body in place and fleeing the state. She was eventually arrested.

57. Christmas must go on

Justin Lee Klopp and his wife had the good idea of arguing on Christmas Day. Apparently, Klopp wasn't a guy it felt good to disagree with, compared to the fact that, to settle the brawl, he grabbed an ax and just smashed his wife, Stephanie. Before slitting his throat to be sure he had succeeded. Then he put the body in a plastic bag that he threw in the trash, before waking up his two children to go and celebrate Christmas with his parents. It was during the meal, which we imagine SUPER FRIENDLY, that Klopp decided to call the cops to confess his crime. Klopp hanged himself in prison.

58. The Ashland Tragedy

On December 23, 1881, three teenagers aged 14 to 17 were sleeping lazily, impatiently awaiting the next day's party. At that time, three people entered the Gibbon house to murder them using an ax and an iron bar. After the children died, the three people in question decided that the best thing was to burn the house to ashes. Neighbors were alarmed to see a fire and called the fire department. We found the kids, their heads shattered, among the debris. Ah, and among the teenagers there were two girls who were also raped. The three attackers were found, tried, and hanged.

59. The nice Christmas present

Alexis Valdez was living with his aunt in 2011 when he argued with her aunt's guy, Silvestre (who was called himself after Grosminet, let us note), who reproached him for not contributing to the rent. Alexis did not take reproaches. Suddenly, he took a hammer and smashed Silvestre's head, before turning on the music to be able to cuddle and in disorder: the enucleate, cut off his head and a few other things like the nose or the ears. Then he wrapped the head and left it on his aunt's pillow as a Christmas present. The police found him covered in blood. Valdez explained that, if his aunt had been present, she would have suffered the same fate.

60. The massacre of the Yazdanpanah family

Also in 2011, in Texas this time, we celebrated Christmas at the Yazdanpanah. It was time for the great unpacking of gifts. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door: it's the father, Aziz, disguised as Santa Claus. Of course, that annoys everyone; besides, her niece, Sahra, sends a text to her boyfriend: "There you go, he's trying to play the ideal father when he's never there." Error buzzer, Sahra, wrong answer. Aziz pulls out a gun and kills everyone: his ex-wife, Fatemeh, as well as his son and daughter, Fatehemeh's sister, her husband and therefore Sahra, their 22-year-old daughter. Then he kills himself. 7 dead, found among the gifts a few hours later.

61. The disappearance of JonBenet Ramsey

6-year-old Little Miss Sunshine, JonBenet Ramsay disappears at the end of December 1996 in Colorado. The mother of the little one indicates that a demand for ransom has been sent to the family. Except that, during the beatings, the father of the little one ends up discovering his corpse in the basement of the house. JonBenet was strangled and hit on the head. It is December 25th. The family was suspected for a time, then cleared of all suspicion. It is not known who committed the crime. Merry Christmas to everyone.

62. The Good Samaritan and the Good Samaritan

Young actress Tricia McCauley was supposed to spend Christmas 2016 with her pals. On the road, she meets a hitchhiker and stops. After all, it is the spirit of Christmas to help each other. Imagine Tricia as some kind of perfect, talented, vegan girl and all, eh, that's important for the future. Because Tricia never makes it to Christmas dinner. On the other hand, she uses her credit card a lot of times to make large withdrawals. On December 27, we find his body rolled up in a ball in his car. Tricia was raped, beaten and strangled. The hitchhiker, Duane Johnson, is found shortly after. And there, he explains that in reality he just helped Tricia kill herself because she really wanted to. And that he didn't rape her since she agreed. In short, a simple Christmas present, a service rendered in turn to a good Samaritan woman.

63. The date gone wrong

December 2015. Katie Locke, a 23-year-old teacher, has a date with Carld Langdell, a lawyer she knew on a dating site. The evening is going well. So much so that they decide to go together to a very nice hotel in London, the Theobalds Park Hotel. Except that Langdell strangles Katie in the bedroom, before raping her post mortem. Then he wraps his corpse in a quilt which he throws in the thickets. Katie's corpse is found on Christmas Day. Ah, Langdell had had a short stay in a mental hospital, during which he explained to a nurse that he fantasized about slitting a girl's throat. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

64. The haunted stone

This Inca legend tells the story of Túpac Yupanqui, son of the sun, who liked to party after winning a battle. One day when he was putting down a rebellion, he had a pretty little captive handed over to her to rape her in a cool way. Except that the prisoner already had a lover and did not have a mad desire to be raped. At night, she runs away with the guy she's in love with and the two get caught up. Tupac set them on fire. Since then, a stone has been found there, the shape of which is exactly similar to the girl's body. You should not go there at night, for fear of being tormented by the spirit of the haunted stone.

65. The mourner

The legend dates back to the 16th century. In Tenochtilan, Mexico, locals roamed their homes at night, so as not to be tormented by the spirit of a woman wandering the streets in tears. The mourning woman wandered around the city, before stopping in the central square to pray. Every night, the woman disappeared around Lake Texcoco. Those who dared to approach him disappeared in troubled circumstances. The legend has variations throughout the entire South American territory.

66. El chupacabra

Literally the goat sucker. A strange being from Puerto Rico who eats animals, or rather the blood of animals, vampire style. Apparently, there is evidence of a kind of biped that would attack at night and never leave a trail. The animal was supposedly seen all over South America: legend has it that it was of extraterrestrial origin or that it was the result of failed scientific experimentation.

67. La Tunda

This legend of the Colombian Pacific coast evokes a mysterious, semi-monstrous woman who would lure the locals into the jungle to keep them prisoners and kill them. She disguises herself as a loved one of her victim before making him swallow poisonous langoustines which force him to remain eternally in a state of trance. It mainly attacks children.

68. El Imbunche

A small Chilean child entrusted to wizards and become monstrous. His face is fixed to the back of his head, his fingers and ears are hooked. El Imbuche imitates animal sounds and practices black magic. It feeds on fresh meat.

69. The penitent

A little old woman who takes taxis in Mexico to get to church. She asks the taxi to wait for her, goes to the church, comes back and asks to go to another church. From church to church, the taxi driver finally brings the old woman home: as payment, she gives the driver a ring, asking him to come back the next day to get his money. The next day, when the driver returns, he is told that the old woman in question has been dead for several years.

70. La Cegua

A supernatural being who pursues and punishes unfaithful and / or picolos men. It would be the spirit of a young Costa Rican condemned to wander on deserted roads and seduce men: she gets caught hitchhiking, lets herself be flirted a little, then trades her pretty face for a dead horse's head with rotting skin hanging down all over the place. There, generally, the men shout.

71. The whistler

You have to be careful in the Venezuelan jungle at night. We might well come across the whistler, a 6-meter tall giant that moves as discreetly as an ant and chooses its victims from among the stray walkers. To find out he's around, it's simple: he whistles non-stop and his huge bag contains the clashing bones of his victims. He sucks the blood of drunkards and flirtatious people who return home after a good night's sleep.

72. El Pombero

This Paraguayan legend relates to a little elf, Pomberito, who is rather nice with the peasants to whom he agrees to render services by, in return, receiving offerings every night for 30 days. But if a peasant forgets to make the offering, he runs the risk of not very cool reprimands, such as death, for example.

73. The ramp house

In Mexico, an abandoned and half-built house borders the feet of a mountain. The house has ramps and is said to have been built for a little girl in a wheelchair. This little girl would have died falling from the second floor, paving the way for a long series of accidents and deaths of all kinds: two workers died during the construction of the house. At night, you would hear screams in the house and see silhouettes.

74. The family scammed for over twenty years

An American knew that her parents had been victims of identity theft twenty years before realizing she too. She figured out that the person who had done that at the time had probably recovered her identity at the same time, and either way she was right. After the death of her mother, she discovers with her father that in reality it was the late mother from the beginning. Indeed this one had made a credit card in the name of his daughter. Together they went back over twenty years of frauds and realized that she had also scammed the grandfather for $ 1,500. We obviously do not take everything to the grave.

75. The Lille student registered at the Banque de France

It all starts the day Maya, a 20-year-old student, has her wallet stolen in the metro. Some time later she realizes that three loans have been taken in her name and that a loss of 59,600 € means that she will become stuck in the Bank of France and banned from banking. The discovery of unpaid train fines as well as other debts in her name follows, which plunges her into a hell of administrative procedures to prove her innocence. And it's still very loaf to have to proclaim your innocence all the time because of a nice scam.

76. The woman who begins to suspect her husband of leading a double life

In 2008, a Franco-Turkish couple living in Orléans began to receive mortgage payments for purchases and loans they had not made. The wife even goes so far as to imagine a double life for her husband on the move. It is precisely the wife who will conduct an investigation which "would make the private detectives pale" as the representative of the public prosecutor pointed out during the hearing. She will trace all the information and find that her husband's identity has been sold on a network and bought by a Turkish national living quietly in the city of Caen. She now calls herself Sherlock Holmes. No that's wrong, but she could.

77. The man whose identity has been stolen for 17 years

In 2004, Loïc received a phone call from a bank branch in Toulouse (a city he did not live in) which informed him that his accounts had been transferred. Not being at the origin of the action, an investigation is opened and we find a total of five people who pretended to be him. For 17 years, he constantly dealt with bailiffs, administrations and banks. In total, 17 bank accounts, problems with CAF and social security, ten telephone lines, various consumer credits were reported. Today he has a psychiatric follow-up and is under medication. At the time, he was forced to stop studying law and political science.

78. The Australian woman who got involved in a murder

We arrive on the heavy. An Australian woman living in Israel who is 6 months pregnant learns over the radio that she is wanted for the murder of Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh. She realizes that three Australians (including her) had their identities usurped in this affair and that false passports (including one in her name) have been found. So she freaked out but in the end we quickly understand the scam and she is not worried.

79. The mother who had only guaranteed the rental of her son

When she sends the file for the rental of her son's apartment, this woman is far from suspecting the various scams that will follow. She first receives a file for the purchase of automobile insurance. She contacts the mentioned mechanic and realizes that someone has bought a used vehicle in her name. A few days later a credit organization tries to withdraw € 300 from his account. History repeats itself three times, three vehicles purchased, three different credit organizations. It's just the horror for the poor lady whose case is still pending.

80. The student who has been declared a child

Then 25 years old, a student of Congolese origin holding a master's degree learns that it is forbidden to issue checks following an incident on a new account. He goes to the agency and learns that a client has usurped his identity. He files three complaints without anything moving forward. A judge finally gives an order dismissing his complaints. He later learns that his usurper has been convicted of forgery and forgery in the Congo and returns to the police station where he is offered to "negotiate with his usurper" (nice). One day, he discovers that a little girl is declared dependent on him, even though he has no children. Finally confused with the con artist, he was even taken into custody before the court understood his mistake.

81. The employee of the fraud department who messed around a bit

An American IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has spent years helping people who are victims of fraud. In reality, she was stealing their identities in order to defraud herself. For over three years she used IRS computers to retrieve people's data (names / dates of birth / social security numbers) in order to defraud reimbursement services. In all, she raised nearly $ 400,000 before being arrested and sentenced to nine years in prison.

82. My parents' note that I forged not to go to class

I was in 4th and I'm not very proud of this anecdote. I had forged my father's signature so as not to go to sports class on a Friday afternoon. Everyone saw nothing but an old-fashioned old cop who didn't get it and checked every apology. He worked for years on the “4th D apology affair” in order to corner me and he finally got there over twelve years later. Today I write this top from my cell, consumed by remorse. DON'T FRAUD.

83. Lost, or prisoner

This feeling, in a dream, refers directly to the perception that we have of reality in relation to the path to take, in any field whatsoever. The feeling of being out of options or having too many options can create a stress that must be identified in order to get rid of these nightmares. Without a suitable response, this nightmare is often the first step before moving on to the next ones.

84. In free fall, or drowned

This sensation usually occurs in a context of overwork. The stress is then “internalized” and accumulated to take the form of this nightmare. It is precisely the reactions you will have during this fall that will translate your way of seeing the problems in reality.

85. A machine or a phone that does not work

Unless you have experienced these worries too often with technology, this type of nightmare can turn out to be symptomatic of a feeling of loss: the estrangement of a loved one, physical or emotional, or the feeling of having without the wanting to erect a barrier with his entourage. If this nightmare is recurring, ask yourself about the relationship you have with your "friends" and if you haven't let it all rot a bit.

86. Naked in a public place

Getting naked by accident is a fairly clear representation of secrets that we do not want to reveal. The difficulty of "getting naked" literally shows itself in nightmares, and the awkward feeling you experience in your dreams must be a little like the one you fear if more is learned about you. You may need to assume a little more who you are and to relativize the judgment of others, you will live the better.

87. Natural or man-made disaster

This type of nightmare is often fraught with meaning: a disaster dream would refer to an imminent "disaster" in reality. It is therefore important to identify what, in our dream, makes us helpless and to try to determine which event of our reality plunges us into this state and constitutes a source of stress sometimes unconscious.

88. A failed exam

The first relationship we have with a possible failure haunts us long after the end of our schooling. This fear of being evaluated illustrates the feeling of deserving or not what one has. If we did an objective review of what you have achieved in your life, would you be satisfied? If you dreamed of a copy of immaculate whiteness, it might not be.

89. The loss or destruction of his house

A house illustrates the dichotomy between the desire to preserve what we have inside and the image and solidity that we show on the outside. Your home is you. If your nightmare shows destruction or theft inside this house, in the privacy of your walls, this should be understood as a feeling of betrayal, or a fear of being manipulated.

90. Car breakdown

As with the house, the vehicle you are in symbolizes your own body. The car shows an impeccable exterior appearance when the mechanics stop, you have to understand this image as the difference in perception that we have on the outside and inside. Heading straight for a crash betrays a feeling of weakness or lack of control over one's own life.

91. Injury, illness or death

Beyond this belief which wants that "if one dies in a dream, one dies in reality", it is necessary to relativize the gravity of this kind of vision: certainly, this morbid appearance in dreams can be compared to the report that we have death, when it concerns a loved one for example. But sometimes it is lighter, and this death can illustrate a change in his own life, which implies a new era. New job, stop smoking, buy a hybrid car, you kill the old "you" to be reborn in a Prius.

92. Prosecuted or attacked

If it is universally shared, it is because this dream appeals to an instinct to flee from what, it seems, is stronger than us. According to Freud, this dream manifests the anxiety of the individual, whatever the seriousness of this concern. We think we can deal with these little worries, your nightmares show you not, and that you have to face them. Little more: if the pursuer has a knife or a long object, it is certainly a sexual representation, which you flee or to which you want to give in with guilt.

93. The Banshee

When we see a messenger from the other world disembark, we don't expect her to tell us a Belgian joke, in general, it is to announce an imminent death. It's a bit like the White Lady of the corner. Afterwards, depending on the region, she acts as a mourner, a crier or she washes the dead. Anyway, she doesn't have a very funky job.

94. The Merrow

Merrow is the Gaelic equivalent of a mermaid. There are female Merrows but also males. The former are beautiful, like the classic mermaids. The second on the other hand are simply disgusting (pointed teeth, green hair, and very ugly, in short the lookalikes of the singer of the Pogues ). Besides their beauty, the female Merrows are no less beautiful whores who hate humans and do not hesitate to do dirty things to them. Usually seeing one was not considered a good sign. In fact most of the time that meant that we were either going to clamor pretty quickly, or suffer a good little family curse.

95. The Puck

As if "The Puck" weren't ugly enough, this creature is also adorned with nicknames as ridiculous as the nickname itself: "Jack with the lantern", "Will with the twist", or "Robin Good friend ". The Puck is a leprechaun who has the power to transform into an animal and who likes to play pranks. One of his favorite valves, for example, is pushing old ladies, and it's true that it's really fun, you should give it a try. Most of the time he uses his ability to transform into a black horse with fiery yellow eyes, an appearance he uses to freak out the villagers. We're not sure that's how he'll be able to make friends, but that doesn't seem to bother him too much.

96. Fir Darrig

It looks like a Leprechaun, with one little more characteristic: it becomes encrusted. He arrives at your house, takes the best seat by the fire and starts to dry his filthy clothes in your living room. If you don't comply, he'll piss you off. A kind of Michel Blanc in "Come home, I live with a friend" , but super nasty.

97. The Dullahan

These headless horsemen are a curious bunch. Capable of beheading themselves to mess around and to play bowls with their skulls, the Dullahan fear gold more than anything. So keep a coin on you (next to the garlic for vampires) to keep them away. Because know it, you shouldn't piss them off too much: they have a human spine as a whip and when they stop their horse, they cry out a name, and the person passes the weapon to the left immediately.

98. The Grogoch

Yes, "The", because this human-looking creature wouldn't have a female. So they live between guys in tiny and precarious huts, a cave or a hole doing the trick, they are a little dirty, but apparently very nice. A bit like our computer science students. The Grogoch will not hesitate, from time to time, to give a little help, in return for a pot of cream as remuneration. Last tip: he is very afraid of priests and he can, if necessary, make himself invisible. It is a superpower like any other.

99. inn Mac Cumaill

Finn is a warrior with universal knowledge. Already said like that, it imposes it. On the other hand, the way he got it is pretty lame. To be honest, he spent 7 years trying to catch a salmon with universal knowledge, and once he got there, he cooked it to peck it, so far so good. Except that during this cooking the juice of the salmon sprinkled his thumb. So every time he sucks his thumb he has access to universal knowledge (it's really practical in interrogation ...). And yes, this legend is one of the most nazi in the history of legends. According to this same legend Finn is not dead, he is just sleeping and will wake up to protect Ireland when needed. For now the English and Thierry Henry sleep soundly, but you never know.

100. Les Cluricaunes

An umpteenth derivative of Leprechaun but in a drunken version. If you behave well they will protect your wine cellar, but if you mess around they will empty your barrels and let your wine rot. Most of the time they are old and overall they are known to be fat lazy. Their favorite hobby: riding sheep ... In short, they look pretty cool.

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