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9-11 Conspiracies There are many conspiracy theories that attribute the planning and execution of the September 11 attacks against the United States to parties other than, or in addition to, al-Qaeda. 999 Phone Charging Myth Burt Reynolds was on The Tonight Show about 1981 when he told Johnny Carson that he had recently won a big settlement against the telephone company and would have free calls for a specified time (or on a specific date). He announced his telephone credit-card number on the air and invited viewers to make all the free calls they wished on the same number. 2012 Phenomenon It is the number of witnesses that makes this incident remarkable. As the phenomenon continued daily, Peter called tribal officials and many stayed investigating for more than a month without finding any cause. William Ndunda, the sub-chief, said: “As far as the government is concerned [..] it’s a complete mystery.” A Day With SpongeBob Squarepants, “Bozo the Clown’s Blooper”, The blooper in this story is an obscenity, or another impolite expression, blurted out during a live broadcast of the Bozo the Clown children’s TV program. Ankle Slicing Car Thief The Ankle slicing car thief (or the man under the car) is an urban legend that tells of a driver that keeps hearing noises under their car when they are driving. When they step out of the car to investigate, their ankles get sliced open with a knife. Annabelle The demonic doll in "The Conjoring" and "Annabelle" is inspired by a real-life Raggedy Ann doll supposedly inhabited by the spirit of dead girl, which was given to two demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren, after some extremely malicious paranormal activity. then in 2013 a freedom of information act request  forced the cia to finally acknowledge that area 51   2:28 is real the story of area 51 it exploded around  the world the reason you know about area 51   2:37 is because bob lazar and george knapp on the news  1989 made it a household name that's the reason 2:45 all of that came from bob lazar to many  researchers the government's acknowledgment   2:51 of area 51 established lazar as more than a ufo  pioneer his inside access made him a whistleblower AtlantisThe View Over Atlantis was such a groundbreaking work at the end of the 1960s.This was more or less at the end of the era of free love, drugs and psychedelia – not that I experienced the psychedelia, and the free love wasn’t very likely, as in 1969 I’d just got married! Avon Haunted Bridge in 1967 i started working road construction and  while we were on the way uh i i asked him i said   hey you ever heard the haunted bridge in avon so  we uh drove there this was must have been about   four in the morning we got there it was it was  a a brisk autumn evening we started climbing   up the outside we were going up we got right  to the top and got my friends in front of me Avril Lavigne Replacement, The Brain Drain, On a very hot day, on her way into a supermarket from the parking lot, a woman notices another woman bent over the steering wheel of her car holding one hand up to the back of her head. Baba Yaga Baby Train Baltic Sea Anomaly Bandage Man of Cannon Beach Barbara O'Brien's Operators Bear Lake Monster Black Annis Black Shuck, The Black Shuck is a ghostly looking creature that resembles a huge black dog except it has devilish red or green eyes. According to local reports, the black shuck is known to lurk in the countryside of East Anglia in England. Black Volga Black-Eyed Children, Blackout Babies, On November 9, 1965, a major power outage struck New York City, leaving most residents stranded without television, radio, or lights. Bloody Bones, The Blood Libel, As summarized by Alan Dundes, “According to this legend, which goes back to at least the twelfth century in Europe, Jews murder an innocent Christian infant or child for the ritual purpose of mixing the victim’s blood with their matzo around Easter time” Bloody Bucket Bridge Focusing on a group of versions from California college undergraduates that emphasize the “Bloody Mary” reference in a bathroom setting, Blue Star Tattoo Bodies Buried in the Hoover Dam Boogie Man, There are so many different legends of the boogie man out there, but this one is about one named Cropsey. This tale originated in Staten Island where kids believed that the boogeyman named cropsey would live in the woods and would attack and disembowel children. Other versions say he was an ax murderer, but no matter what version you heard they all say that he would hunt and attack children. Bunny Man, The Bunny Man is an urban legend originating from 2 events that happened in Fairfax County Virginia in the 70s. The first incident took place at night with a couple who had just parked their car across the road from the relatives they were intending to visit. Bunyip, Arguably the most globally recognized mythical creature from Australia is the bunyip, an important staple in Aboriginal folklore. This amphibious being poses a threat to all who travel near the inland waters. Lurking in lagoons, deep water-holes, swamps, and rivers, this predatory creature presents a clear danger to humans and animals alike, threatening to drown or eat them at a moment’s notice. Cadborosaurus, People in the coastal region of British Columbia which is the west coast of Canada has been spotting this creature right here. This is what people might have been calling the loch ness monster. The full name of this creature is Cadborosaurus but it’s nicknamed Caddy because that’s just way easy to say this is a folklore that has been passed down from generations. Candyman, The Candyman is an urban legend that has many different variations from around the world. But one thing that these stories all have in common, is that they will absolutely terrify you. Castilian Lisp Catawba River Runner Chain Letters, A businessman traveling by train on a sleeper car finds his berth infested with bedbugs. He writes to the railroad company to complain and receives a letter from the president of the company that is full of abject apologies and promises to fire the workers responsible and to clean and disinfect the sleeping cars. Champ Chupacabra, Literally called “Goat Sucker” in Spanish, this mythical beast appeared suddenly in the folklore of Puerto Rico in 1995, then for the next five years was reported or rumored to have spread to Mexico, Texas, Florida, Nicaragua, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, and other places. Clinton Road, Nor did it happen in Clinton, Iowa, where the same story was circulating. Nor in Rockford, Ill, where the crime was the hottest story on the streets. In every case, police say, the incident did not happen. Coca-Cola Dissolves Teeth, Traditions about the supposed corrosive and other chemical properties (some dangerous, some useful) of Coca-Cola. The nickname “Coke” is a registered trademark but also used as a folk generic for other cola drinks. Colonel Buck's Cursed Tomb Corpses in Water Tanks, The contamination of municipal water supplies is usually attributed to a corpse found in the main water tank. Cow Tipping Crabzilla Crop Circles, What doesn’t get covered here are things like stories of landed Martians, alien abductions, crop circles, cattle mutilations, ESP, faith healing, Big Foot, and the Loch Ness Monster. Cropsey Cry Baby Bridge Cul De Sac Curse of Bambino Cursed Kleenex Commercial, The Accidental Cannibals Cursed Pillar Dark Watchers, Santa Lucia Mountains, CA - Featureless dark silhouettes, often with brimmed hats or walking sticks, stare down, travelers during twilight and dawn in the Santa Lucia, Mountains. John Steinbeck briefly mentioned them in "Flight." They should not be addressed or acknowledged. Death of Gloria Ramirez Denver International Airport Devil's Tower Dog Boy Doll That Grows Human Hair - Okiku Doll E Okiku Doll is a doll wearing a kimono. It once belonged to a little girl, Okiku. Once she died of a cold, her spirit possessed the doll. and now its hair grows. The doll is now in the Mannenji temple. First its hair was short but it grew over time and it now has long hair. Nobody knows how the hair continues to grow but scientific researches concluded that its hair is that of a young child, maybe Okiku's. Don't Lick Envelopes Drugs in Halloween Candy, Rumors and stories grossly exaggerate the dangerous effects of drugs, particularly LSD and PCP. El Coco Elevator to Another Dimension, “The Eaten Ticket” shares with urban legends like “The Elevator Incident” and “The Packet of Biscuits” the theme of “Prejudice Rebuked” or “Tolerance Taught.” Endless Elevators, This is one of the most durable and popular urban legends of the late twentieth century. Evil Farming Game Eyeless Jack Fatal Fare Fiji Mermaid Flatwoods Monster Fresno Nightcrawler Friday the 13th Futakuchi-Onna Gashadokuro, The Gashadokuro are spiritual entities that take the form of giant skeletons, they are considered Yokais that wander at midnight, invisible and very aggressive that take the blood of their victims by biting their heads. Gateway of the Mind Ghost P-40 Ghouls Girl From the Gap Glitches in Reality Gloomy Sunday Goody Cole Gore Orphanage Gozu Green Clawed Beast Guangzhou's Suicide Shopping Plaza Hachishakusama Hanako-San Hanging Tree Happy Appy Hello Kitty Murder Herobrine Hippo Eats Dwarf Hitogata HIV Attacks Hodag Home Intruder Poses as a Clown Statue Hook Man Hound of Goshen Howling Village Huggin Molly The Crushed Dog Urban Legend, A young man is a houseguest of a prominent family, usually people who are important to his own future. In his bedroom, he accidentally spills an inkwell, spoiling a carpet or other furnishings. Hungry Snake In the Air Tonight Infected Needles Hidden in Gas Pumps JATO Powered Ercoupe Jeff the Killer Jersey Devil Kagome Kagome Kelly Hopskinsville Encounter Killer Clowns Killing Praying Mantises Is Illegal Killswitch Krampus Kuchisake-Onna The Bothered Bride, At a large, beautiful, and expensive society wedding, just before the final vows are taken, the bride turns to face her guests and makes a speech thanking everyone Lakhey Large Antarctic Sea Mammal Laughing Jack Le Loyon Lighthouse and Naval Vessel Lincoln-Kennedy Coincidences Little Green Men Loch Ness Monster Madam Koi Koi Mae Nak Phra Khanong Mandela Effect Markovian Parallax Denigrate McMinnville UFO Photos Melania Trump Replacement Melonheads Men in Black Mogollon Monster Momo Challenge Momo the Monster Mongolian Death Worm Monkey-Man of Delhi Monoliths in Utah, California and Romania Mothman Nain Rouge, In Scandinavian demonology lutins are a type of DUSES or goblinoid that were born the children of Adam and PIZNAI, a daughter of LILITH. Nanking Battalion Night Marchers Ningen Noppera Bo, In Japanese demonology nopperabo demons typically appear as women with a perfectly featureless and smooth faces. Ogopogo Body Parts Rumors and Legends, Claims are made internationally that poor lower-class people are victimized by wealthy upper-class people who employ thieves who steal their blood, eyes, kidneys, or other organs for use in healing procedures or as transplants. Paul McCartney Is Dead and Was Replaced by a Look-Alike Phantom Vehicles Philadelphia Experiment Polybius Puebla Tunnels Pukwudgies Rat Kings Ratman of Southend Raymond Robinson Red Room Redcaps, There is a French legend of a demon known as the Red Man. Dressed in red clothes, he is described as having a humped back, cloven feet, one eye, misshapen mouth, prodigious tongue, and small, piercing eyes. Reptilians Resurrection Mary Rods Rolling Calves Roswell Incident Rougarou San Antonio Haunted Railroad Tracks Sewer Alligators, “Alligators in the Sewers” is a prime example of an infestation legend, as are the stories of snakes infesting imported blankets, spiders or scorpions infesting potted cacti, and earwigs eating their way into a person’s brain. Shadow People Shanghai Dragon Pillar Film and Urban Legends, Because of their uncomplicated, fast-moving plots; bizarre subject matter; widespread appeal Sheepsquatch Shirokiya Department Store Fire Shotgun Man Skeleton in a Tree Skinwalkers Skunk Ape Slenderman Solar Plexus Clown Gliders Sony Timer Spiteful Mermaid of Pyramid Lake, They are described as looking like pale, lithe, startlingly beautiful women with loose and wild-looking green hair, or as ugly, large-breasted creatures. St. Simons Island Tree Spirits Stull Cemetery, Kansas Swallowing Gum Sydney Bridge Hidden Bodies Tails Doll Teke Teke Ten Percent of the Brain Texas Butthole Tickling Bandit The Alice Killings The Babysitter & the Man Upstairs The Devil's Chair The Expressionless The Grudge The Killer in the Back Seat The Kraken The Spider Bite, Ants or Termites Invade the Body, These burrowing insects are said to have entered either under a person’s plaster cast or into someone’s sinus cavities. The Vanishing Hitchhiker The Vanishing Lady Three Sacks of Truth Three-Legged Lady Toilet Seat Spider Tourist Guy Unfavorable Semicircle Urine-Indicator Dye Walking Sam Walt Disney's Body Is Frozen Water Babies, The extraordinarily high birthrate of a particular town, suburb, neighborhood, apartment building, or other dwelling area is explained by the daily passage of an early-morning train whose loud whistle awakens couples. Water Bomber Picking Up Scuba Diver Webdriver Torso Well to Hell Wendigo White Death Witch of Yazoo Wizard of Oz Hanging Munchkin Wood Island Light Yara-Ma-Yha-Who Yeti Yowie ZALGO

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